What Is Freeride Longboarding


What Is Freeride Longboarding?- The Secret Is Unveiled

Freeride longboarding can leverage your experiences to a whole new level. What is freeride longboarding? Check our post and discover it now.

Instead of staying at home and throwing your energy into surfing the internet or playing video games in a meaningless way, why don’t you try something new and something cool to lift up your mood?

“But what should I do? this world is too boring and only the internet can help”.

Hey guys, stop dwelling on that negative thought, you are still young and there are tons of fantastic things out there for you to discover. I know that here’s

one activity that many youngsters find it hard to resist and it’s called Freeride Longboarding.

Have you ever heard about it? If no, don’t hesitate to keep scrolling down as a myriad of wonderful things about this great sport are waiting for you to discover. Believe me, the question “ What is Freeride Longboarding” will no longer make you curious.

Wait no more!



What Is Freeride Longboarding?

Spectacular technical maneuvers, top slides, perfect spins- Have you ever gone Wow and found it really hard to take your eyes off those amazing performances, even just a moment? If you have your heart set on performing these amazing tricks yourself once in your lifetime, then freeride longboarding is for you. So what is freeride longboarding?

Put simply, freeride boarding is a general form of longboarding but focuses more on the low-speed downhill riding instead. “Riding downhill but at a low speed, is it a feasible task?” – You may doubt. In fact, Freeride longboarders can perfectly keep their velocity under control thanks to performing spectacular maneuvers during the ride.

Instead of putting speed itself to the top priority like downhill racing, freeride longboard trains the riders to be skillful artists who can creatively and freely perform every trick to show off the beauty of this sport.

What Is Necessary For Freeride Longboarding?

If freeride longboarding is still a new land to you then the question ” what should I prepare for a good ride?” may get you confused to some extent. Well, of course, you can not become an expert on freeride longboarding without a tool, no, a sidekick- to be more specific. Can you guess what it is? Yes, you got it, a freeride longboard.

First and foremost, it’s vital for you to differentiate between the two terms “longboard” and “skateboard”. Many people confuse them and end up getting nowhere. It is intelligible because actually, a longboard is a “younger brother” of the traditional skateboard, in a sense, a longboard is a longer and wider variant of the skateboard.

Besides, they do differ in terms of shape, longboards have no curving at both ends but they have narrow strips instead. Longboards are widely displaced on the market with diverse models and patterns. So you can easily pick one for your ride.

Besides, do prepare a good studious spirit. Though extremely suitable for beginners, freeride longboarding does require balancing skills and body control and the ability to express beautiful compositions.

As a rule of thumb, just throw your energy into practicing and you will master those skills one day, so try to learn. Moreover, this freestyling can do harm to your body such as ankles or ankles so it’s better if you are in good health condition.

See more:

Freeride Longboard Setup And Accessories

A meticulous setup is really of great importance for a newbie like you. To experience an out-of-the-world ride with freeride longboarding, a good insight into the structure and the things that come with it is a must.


The deck is the largest part of a longboard, so this is the most important part needed to take into consideration when making a buying decision. Don’t take it for granted that any deck is suitable for freeride purposes, there are types of decks that bring better effects to leverage your freeriding experiences to a whole new level.

As you are going to ride down steep roads so a thin board is not welcomed in this case. If you want to have fun in the park instead, then a thin deck may work the magic, but for downhill purposes then so sorry, it is excluded from the game.

So what kind of deck is perfect for freeride longboarding? A rigid deck will perfectly satisfy your freeride longboarding experience. We do recommend you use drop-platform decks or drop-through decks as they are praised by many freeride longboarders.

One of the most outstanding drop-through decks that wins the hearts of many users is VOLADOR 42inch Freeride longboard. It looks like an artwork that is made from natural materials (Hardrock maple-to be more specific) with the ability to reduce shock. This deck does promise to offer you flexibility and great maneuverability.

                                                                     VOLADOR 42inch Freeride longboard.

Also, you can refer to this longboard


Have you ever wondered which part of the longboard is responsible for the bearing effect of a longboard? Truck is absolutely the answer. Truck is the second most important factor you should consider when buying a freeride longboard.

So what is the truck? Put it simply, a truck is a T-shaped metal piece mounted below the two ends of the deck of a longboard. Trucks are usually made of aluminum, titanium, sometimes even gold.

When choosing a suitable truck, you should choose a truck with the length of 2 ends closest to the width of the deck. The difference in size between the truck and deck will greatly affect your freeriding experiences. As a rule of thumb, people often claim that to choose a perfect desk, you have to remember those “ magic words”: “The bigger the desk, the bigger the truck.”

It would be such a mistake when mentioning a good truck for a longboard without the appearance of Sector 9 gullwing sidewinder II trucks.

                                                              Sector 9 gullwing sidewinder II trucks

Double kingpin is a highlight of this product. This dual kingpin makes Sector 9 gullwing sidewinder II trucks stand out from other one-pin longboard trucks as it can make rooms for the handles to rotate more. So steering with a narrower curvature will no longer be a big deal


As a matter of fact, to be able to smoothly slide on the road, nothing can replace the role of the wheels. Notably, the wheels of longboards are a little different compared to those of skateboards as they are softer and larger.

To make your purchase count, you’d better focus on the size and hardness of the wheels. For longboards, a 60mm+ wheel size is appropriate.

In terms of hardness, the harder the wheels, the faster the trolling speed. The wheels of a board are often measured based on the “A” scale (from 1 to 100). Some other companies use the “B” scale for measuring purposes but this method is not widely popular. As a rule of thumb, the wheels from 78a – 87a are suitable for a longboard.

When it comes to choosing good wheels for a longboard, Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a Wheels would be an optimal choice. They are literally out of the box. Why?-You may ask. Well, they possess the “stone-ground” feature which means they are able to eliminate the mold-release effect. Sounds cool, right?

                                                                      Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a Wheels


The speed of your longboard will depend on a part called bearing. Skateboard bearings are rated on the ABEC scale (or Annular Bearing Engineers’ Committee scale- to be more specific). This scale is divided into numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and if the number is closer to 9, the faster your bearings are and the less friction there is

For speed enthusiasts, bearings with ABEC 9+ will perfectly satisfy them as they roll very fast.

When using the bearings, you should be careful when putting them in a dusty environment as it can cause the bearing to get dirty, reducing the quality as well as the smoothness.

Therefore, regular cleaning is very necessary, using special cleaning oil for those bearings is also a good idea that you can use.

For longboards, Yellow jacket premium skateboard bearings are, as far as I am concerned, a must-have. They are affordable but the quality they possess is no joke.

                                                       Yellow jacket premium skateboard bearings

Freeride longboarding Tricks

Stand up slide

This is one of the most basic slides. To perform this trick, free-riders often push out the longboard sideways and slide their body in a direction opposite. This trick can make you look very cool when meeting turns or stops.

Speed check

Scary as it might look, this trick can completely turn you into a pro in the eyes of other people. Speed check requires your skills as you have to push your board out across the road to make your wheels slide for a short distance before returning to a normal riding stand.

Speed check can completely turn you into a pro

Sitdown check

Sitting down while sliding a longboard, yep, that’s it. What you need to do is simply sit down, fix your body, and slightly push your back. Put your weight over the front leg. Then use momentum to push the back leg forward. If you are not good, then raising your hand can help in this case

180 slide

Once you’ve mastered the stand-up slide, then you can upgrade it to a new level with a 180º turn in the end. Of course, you will look cooler than ever.

Coleman slide

As the name suggests, Coleman slide was invented by the legendary professional skateboarder-Cliff Coleman. This trick is quite similar to sitdown slide but you will use your hands to touch the ground instead of keeping balance.

Don’t forget to wear a pair of slide gloves or you may end up with scratched hands! You don’t want that prospect to happen, do you?


If you want to control speed, drifting is a trick you must try! As a combination of normal riding and stand-up slides, drifting offers you the ability to keep sliding speed under control.

What Is The Difference Between Freeride And  Downhill Longboards

Maybe you are interested in different between cruiser vs longboard, read now

As mentioned above, between freeride and downhill longboards still exists a significant difference. However, there are many people who are still in trouble with these two terms.

If you are struggling to tell them apart and feel like you are really incompetent, then stop that thought now as thousands of people out there are on the same boat.

In fact. These two longboards do differ in styles.

Put both these types of longboards into a battle and evaluate by difficulty criteria, who will win? Can you guess? The winner is, without a doubt, freeride. While downhill only needs only about three techniques, freeride requires you more than that. A lot of tricks can be applied in freeride longboarding such as Stand-up slides, drifting, speed check, to name but a few.

Moreover, the difference coming from the way to choose the deck between the two types of longboards should also be taken into account. While the deck of a downhill longboard is from 37-43 ”,  38-41″ is an appropriate index for a freeride longboard.

Most riders prefer a top-through longboard for their downhill experiences. However, the drop-through deck is more welcomed when freeriding as it makes more room for the rider to perform great tricks.

Readmore about carving on a longboard


Now that you know freeride longboarding like the back of your hands, right? It’s hard to deny the benefits that this fantastic sport brings to us. Try playing freeride longboarding once in your life and you will see how cool it is when lots of eyes filled with admiration are on your slides.

So if someone asks you: “What is freeride longboarding?”, do not hesitate to help them unveil the truth and show them some spectacular tricks. They will fall head over heels with it for sure.






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