What is a good longboard bearing


What is a good longboard bearing – ultimate guide

Longboard bearings of superior quality can drastically improve the smoothness, speed, and quietness with which you ride your longboard.

Longboard bearings aren’t all made equal. You’ll notice about what is a good longboard bearing and the difference between a good set of bearings and a bad set of bearings, and it’ll change the way you ride for the rest of your life.

This article will help you choose the ideal longboard bearing for whatever you’re looking for, whether you’re a novice or a pro who values speed and acceleration. 

What are the differences between skateboard and longboard bearings?

Longboard and skateboard bearings are microscopic steel or ceramic balls that fit between an outer and inner race and let the wheel to spin on your board. They work with the top longboard trucks, decks, and wheels.

To ride with precision, speed, and lengthy spin duration, and to genuinely enjoy your ride, you’ll need high-quality longboard bearings.

Longboards and skateboards use the same bearings, but larger longboard wheels require a larger spacer. Check out the best skateboard bearings site for more information on the finest skateboard bearings for particular riding styles.

Always double-check the dimensions of your bearing spacer. Choose 8x8mm spacers if you’re using smaller wheels, and 8x10mm spacers if you’re using larger wheels.

Add the greatest skateboard grip tape and the best skateboard deck to your collection! If you want to know what the finest skateboard companies are, check out this post to assist you in making your decision!

What about Bearings Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes?

There are a variety of bearings available for various longboarding styles. What is required for cruising and commuting may not be required for downhill racing.

The Best Cruising and Commuting Bearings

If you intend to use your longboard for cruising and commuting, you should search for bearings with a high roll speed, longevity, and stability, as well as bearings that keep clean, making maintenance a joy.

Any bearing with a double shield to keep dirt out is one I recommend.

Zealous Bearings, Neal Precision Bearings, Heady Shake Pro Bearings, and KVENI Ceramic Bearings are the best longboard bearings for cruising.

The Best Speed Bearings

Whether you’re cruising, slalom skating, or longboarding downhill, you’ll need a bearing that can keep up with you.

Bronson Speed Bearings, Oust MOC 9, Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings, and KVENI Ceramic Bearings are the fastest.

What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Longboard Bearings?

  • Before deciding on the ideal longboard bearing, consider the following factors.
  • Balls, inner and outer races, retainer cages, and shields are used to make bearings.
  • Other factors to consider when purchasing longboard bearings are listed below.
  • When choosing the best longboard bearing, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the bearing balls. When longboarding, you’ll want a high-quality bearing to ensure you have plenty of spin, speed, and precision.

There are pros and cons to both ball materials, and it is wise to choose what works for you – whether you are cruising, downhill racing or riding through heaps of muck and dirt:

  • Steel

Steel balls are the greatest option if you are on a budget or are a novice. Steel bearings warm up while you ride, which aids their suppleness under severe loads. Steel bearings are also crack-resistant.

  • Ceramic

If you’re a downhill racer or want a bearing that will outlast your board, get one with ceramic balls. Because ceramic ball bearings are heat resistant, they are safer to utilize during downhill racing. The only disadvantage is that ceramic bearings are more expensive than steel bearings.

Bearing Dimensions

Bearings for longboards and skateboards have a standard 608 Bearing Size. These bearings have an exterior diameter of 22mm, a breadth of 7mm, and an interior diameter of 8mm (axle).

This is the most common bearing size, and it will fit on the axles of your longboards and skateboards.

  • Spacers

On the longboard axle and truck, clearance is provided by spacers and washers (speed rings). They’re an important aspect of bearing installation since they keep bearings from relying on wheel hubs for placement.

Washers and spacers will improve the spin of your bearings and maintain them tight, preventing crooked bearings.

Which spacer size should you choose? I recommend obtaining a 12 inch space because that will accommodate most longboard and skateboard axles.

  • Pre-Lubrication

Most bearings are pre-lubricated and ready to install right out of the box, allowing them to spin faster right away.

There is no need to lubricate brand new bearings before installation, but if they aren’t, there are a variety of lubricant choices available to assure smooth bearing operation.

  • Lubrication

You may lubricate your bearings using a variety of lubricants to make them run smoothly.

Bearings are lubricated using a thin lubricant. I recommend using a lubricant that won’t generate too much friction, causing your wheel to slow down.

Many bearings are pre-lubricated when they are purchased. I recommend using the same type of oil that was used on your bearing set when you first got it.

A skate tool is required if you wish to adjust or service your bearings. You’ll be able to pick the perfect skate tool for you here.

What is the most effective lubricant?

Speed Cream and nano-ceramic grease are the most popular bearing lubricants.

Bones Speed Cream, Liberty Oil, or Oust Metol Speed Oil are three products I recommend.

Shields are carried.

The rubber or metal wall of a bearing that keeps debris and dirt from entering the bearing is known as a bearing shield. To ensure that the entire bearing is protected from the elements, I prefer bearings with a double shield.

Another point to keep in mind is that rubber shielded bearings can be disassembled and completely cleaned, whereas metal shields stay in place, making maintenance more difficult.

What are built-in bearings and how do they work?

Built-in bearings, such as those made by Zealous Bearings or Heady Shake Bearings, come with spacers and speed rings already installed.

If you’re a newbie and don’t want to bother with spacers and speed rings, or if you’re afraid about dropping the small little bits, built-in bearings are a good option.

What Is the Best Way to Install Bearings?

It may appear difficult to install bearings, spacers, and washers, but it is actually pretty simple.

Because each wheel requires two bearings, acquire a pack of eight.

The little parts that put on the axle with the bearings are called spacers and washers.

The clearance required for a rapidly spinning bearing is provided by the spacers and washers.

Otherwise, the bearings are positioned by the wheel hubs, and the axle nut cannot be fully tightened, resulting in misaligned bearings.

Washers, also known as speed rings, provide more clearance between the bearings and the truck hanger and axle nut, allowing them to spin freely.

From the truck hanger to the axle nut, everything should be placed in this order on the axle.


  • Spacer
  • Bearing
  • ring of speed
  • nut for the axle


The greatest longboard bearing is entirely based on your riding style and the amount of money you want to invest. Whether you’re looking for the best longboard bearing for cruising or downhill racing, there are three that stand out above the rest.

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