Skateboard pressure crack


Skateboard pressure crack and how to fix it best

Skateboarding is a sport that everyone loves, especially today’s young people. Many people consider owning different types of skateboards to be a long-term hobby and playing different boards will make them happier. However, skateboard pressure crack will become a bad spot on each board as well as bring a danger to the skaters. What are skateboard pressure cracks? How can I fix them?

What are the pressure cracks?

Surely many people will be curious about pressure cracks and want to understand what it really is. In fact, when an object is subjected to too much pressure by another object it causes the cracking. Cracks appear because the product cannot withstand strong pressure suddenly or for a period of time. Pressure cracks can occur when a heavy object is dropped on the product, stepped on, or violently jumped on the product…

What are pressure cracks on a skateboard?

Pressure cracks can appear in many places, on many different objects. But skateboarders will be more familiar with the word. Pressure cracks in skateboarding can be understood as cracks commonly found around trucks/bolts caused by landing numerous times on your board mainly from a hard stomping fashion.

Certainly during skateboarding you will show jumps and at the moment you step on the skateboard again, a skateboard pressure crack may appear. It is worth noting that pressure cracks will appear mainly on the pegs of the skateboard, not the middle part of the board. So when playing skateboard you should land a lot on the area between the skis to reduce pressure cracks.

Skateboarding is very fun when you show off many difficult skills like rotating the skis in the air, jumping on the skateboard… In the course of implementation it will be unavoidable skateboard pressure crack appearance but you can correct and reduce its appearance.

What causes pressure cracks on a skateboard?

If you are a fan of skateboarding games, your skateboard will be active continuously. For pros, the skateboard will have to perform at a much higher efficiency than normal, as pro players will perform a variety of difficult skateboarding techniques that put the skateboard under great pressure. This is also the main cause of skateboard pressure crack.

In fact, there are many causes of pressure cracks on skateboards and the main one is due to the great impact on the two ends of the skateboard. We can see that cracks usually appear around the pin points of the skateboard and not the middle part of the board. During the use of the skateboard it is possible that the player’s body weight is too heavy, creating a lot of pressure on the ground, causing cracks to appear on the surface of the skateboard.

In addition, if a heavy object falls on the skateboard, someone accidentally steps on it will also be the source of the cracks. In other cases, if the bolts are tightened too tightly, pressure cracks will appear during the use of the skateboard. Or if someone or sharp object accidentally scratches on the skateboard, the appearance of cracks is inevitable.

It is especially difficult to imagine in a special case that the moisture will also create the skateboard pressure crack. Right! You haven’t read it wrong, this may sound absurd, but it has good evidence. When the humidity in the air increases or decreases it will also contribute to your skis creating cracks.

It can be seen that skateboard pressure crack occurs due to many different reasons. But is it a good or bad thing?

Are pressure cracks bad?

This is definitely a question that anyone who plays skateboarding wants to have an answer to. My answer to you is: skateboard pressure crack is not bad if it appears a little. The pressure cracks that appear will somehow weaken your skateboard. If you are someone who is very focused on the look of the skateboard then cracks will make you feel uncomfortable and bad. Due to the appearance of cracks, the aesthetics of the skateboard will be affected.

On the contrary, only when the skateboard pressure crack appears more will affect the quality, safety and accuracy of the skateboard control. Some players reported that they were still able to control the skis smoothly when there were some pressure cracks.

How to best prevent pressure cracks?

The appearance of skateboard pressure crack is inevitable but you can still follow some caveats or rules when using skateboards to avoid these cracks. You can refer to the notes below.

Bolts are an important part of the skateboard, it determines the stability and precise control of the skateboard. Therefore, you cannot let the bolts be too loose or tight. Adjusting the bolts too tightly will make it easier for your skateboard to experience more pressure cracks due to the inability to distribute the pressure. But if the bolt adjustment is too loose, the control of the skateboard will be more difficult, you should look for a fit.

Choose for your surfboard a few properly positioned gaskets. Perfectly landing at the pinpoint will keep your skateboard from cracks.

Especially you have to choose the type of skateboard that is right for you, above all it is suitable for your body weight. Do not allow the skateboard to bear excessive weight, pay attention to the weight limit that the skateboard can carry so that the skis will not appear.

How to fix a cracked skateboard?

Cracks in your skateboard are something you can fix on your own. Notice the following easy-to-do-yourself approach:

First you need to observe and check your skateboard to find pressure cracks. Please remove the wheels, bolts, and clean the skateboard, placing it on a clean, flat surface. A knife to cut around the location of the crack.

Use a putty scraper to remove any ice or hard stains on the skis. Remove all dust or debris in the crack until it is clean.

We will use epoxy to close the cracks. Use a dough scraper to push the epoxy into the crack. Make sure you perform this process gently without putting too much pressure on the skateboard.

Next we have to dry and cover the cracks. After the epoxy is appropriately applied and the crack is closed, let the board dry for 24 hours. After the board dries, check for cracks and smooth it with sandpaper. Stick a piece of tape where the crack is.

This completes the repair process. Try it out to make sure the board moves smoothly. If there is any problem with balance on the skateboard, make adjustments on the king peg located at the bottom of the deck. To begin with repairs, remove bushing and tighten the kingpin with an outlet wrench. If you still feel balance problems, loosen the kingpin until you have an ideal and comfortable balance.

Now rotate the skateboard as you go. See if you face any difficulties in turning it on.  If you cannot rotate the board easily, make sure the kingpin is not too tight.

The final step involves completely soaking the skateboard in the water overnight. In the morning, take it out and place a flat, heavy object (like a block of cement) on top of it for about 24 hours. This will flatten the skis and return to the original state. Allow the skis to dry completely before you use them again. So you can fix the skateboard pressure crack yourself.

Skateboard pressure cracks can make skateboarders feel uncomfortable. But I believe through this article everyone can handle it simply and effectively.  Have fun because you can now repair skateboard pressure cracks yourself.



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