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If you want to find some information about landyachtz longboard review, this my article is referring to you some things which I like about this brand

Landyachtz was started in the basement of the Blackcomb Ski Club cabin by two friends, Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand. Their mission was to make skateboards that would turn better and ride faster. Twenty years later, Landyachtz has over 60 employees, with spaces in East Vancouver and LA county, a manufacturing facility in Kimberly BC, and our recently opened flagship store in the Strathcona neighbourhood of Vancouver.

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Why landyachtz?

Because, the people who create them are also skate players

They love skateboarding. They understand skateboarding. They make the highest quality skateboards. They ride them. They scrutinize them.

Anyhoo, Landyachtz is celebrating 20th anniversary and is still handled like a lifestyle business with the focus on passion first. However, they have some crazy stats:

Present in 30+ countries

Make 2000 longboards/week (all made in Canada)

Sell their boards in 500+ stores

Able to dominate the niche market Penny Boards have the lead for years


Onother reason which I like this brand is their “one board one tree” campaign

Maple is a material used a lot when making skateboard. Unfortunately that means removing maple trees from the environment. To give back to the environment they have decided that for every skateboard they sell, they plant a tree. One tree produces at least 60 boards. So with their program, one tree will turn into at least 60 new trees planted. That great. Right?

Here are some reviews of landyachtz items which I like

Landyachtz Dinghy 28″

one of the best longboard for kids

About this item

  • LIGHT AND PORTABLE – At just 28.5″, the Landyachtz Dinghy is the perfect size for stashing in small areas. It can be easily carried around town or campus.
  • TOP NOTCH COMPONENTS – Landyachtz is one of the most respected names in skateboarding. They use top notch products to build a complete designed to last.
  • MAPLE DECK – Maple has been the go to choice for skateboards for decades. The Dinghy is made from 7 ply maple, making it far superior to plastics.
  • NOSE AND TAIL – The tail on the Dinghy has a ton of pop. Great for all the flip tricks in the book and for getting up-and-over obstacles. While not as pronounced, the nose offers plenty of room for nose-manuals and shuvits.
  • MINI WHEEL FLARES – The Dinghy not only has cut out wheel wells to help avoid wheel bite, but also slight wheel flares. This allows for a locked in feel and maximum wheel clearance.
  • Material: Maple
  • Deck length: 28 inches

Landyachtz Wolf Shark

  • Landyachtz Wolf Shark Mini 2016 Hollowtech Longboard Deck Measures 9.5″ X 32.5″
  • Comes Gripped With Landyachtz Grip Tape

Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton

  • Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Complete Skateboard
  • Measures 28.5″ x8″
  • Comes factory assembled with all Landyachtz components
  • Bear Trucks, Hawgs Wheels, Spaceball Bearings
  • Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Rie.

Landyachtz Drop-Through

About this item

  • BEST CRUISER – Landyachtz drop-through cruisers are some of the most popular in the world.
  • BOARD – A light, stiff and highly carvable setup
  • PERFECT FOR anyone looking to spice up their commute, carve down a mellow hill, get rad on their way to class or just get out for an afternoon ride with friends
  • SPEC – 100% Canadian Maple, Drop Thru, Low Concave, Rocker, Symmetrical Shape

Landyachtz Drop Carve Longboard

About this item

  • SPECS: Length – 37″ or 40″ | Width – 8.6″ or 9.3″ | Wheelbase – 23.9″ or 27.4″
  • CONSTRUCTION: Bamboo and Fiberglass, Drop-Through Mounting
  • GIANT KICKTAILS: Great for making quick maneuvers and learning new tricks.
  • GREAT FOR RIDERS OF ALL LEVELS: Stable and easy to push. Low to the ground with moderate flex.

Landyachtz Dinghy

About this item


Landyachtz Drop Cat

  • Landyachtz Drop Cat 38 Measures 9.9″ X 38.6″
  • Bear Grizzly 180mm Black Longboard Trucks
  • Hawgs Plow Kings 72mm 78a Ocean Teal Longboard Wheels
  • Landyachtz Signature Grip Tape, Abec 7 Bearings
  • Comes Completely Assembled and Ready to Ride!

Landyachtz Dinghy 28″

  • Brand: Landyachtz
  • Material: Maple
  • Deck length: 28 Inches
  • Color: Coffin Cocktail
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A

Landyachtz Tugboat

About this item

  • Landyachtz
  • White
  • 30
  • Unisex
  • Adult
  • Material: Maple
  • Color: white
  • Durometer Hardness: 78A

Landyachtz Tugboat Meowijuana

About this item

  • Made with 100% Canadian Maple
  • Low Concave for comfortable foot work
  • Sanded Wheel Wells to minimize bite
  • Perfectly paired components

Landyachtz Battle Axe

  • Landyachtz Battle Axe BengalLongboard Measures 38.2″ X 9.4″
  • Bear Grizzly 180mm Black Longboard Trucks
  • Hawgs Supremes Black 70mm Longboard Wheels
  • Landyachtz Signature Grip Tape, Spaceball Bearings
  • Comes Completely Assembled With All Landyachtz Factory Parts!

Landyachtz Dinghy 28″ (Blunt Garden)

  • Brand: Landyachtz
  • Deck length: 28 Inches
  • Color: Blunt garden

Landyachtz Super Chief Watercolor

About this item

  • 100% Canadian Maple
  • Medium Concave
  • Rocker
  • Sanded Wheel Wells
  • L: 36″ | W: 8.65″ | WB: 24.29″

Landyachtz Revival Schooner Complete Longboard

  • Features 100% Canadian Maple construction and a low concave.
  • Perfect size to comfortably cruise, yet still easy to transport!
  • Complete With Polar Bear Trucks, Easy Hawgs Wheels, Landyachtz Grip Tape, Spaceball Bearings
  • Length: 30.75″ Width: 8.6″ Wheellbase 17.5″
  • Comes Fully Assembled and Ready To Rip Right Out of the Box!

Landyachtz McKenski 131cm Snowskate Complete with Leash

  • INCREDIBLE SKI SUBDECK: Bamboo, sintered core with triaxial fiberglass for flex, strength and durability
  • SKI PROFILE: Cambered base, early rise tip and tail
  • TURNING RADIUS: 750 centimeters
  • SUB DECK (SKI DEMENSIONS): Length: 131 cm (51 inches); Width: 13 cm (center), 16.2 cm (widest point)
  • DECK DIMENSIONS: Length: 94 cm (37 inches); Width: 9.7 inches; Truck Base: 16 inches (3 mounting postitions)


Wish you have your best choice soon.

Have fun.

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