Is magneto a good longboard brand


Is magneto a good longboard brand – you should to know

Can a newer brand maintain up with the more established and well-known skateboard companies? Is magneto a good longboard brand? Being older does not always imply superiority and being new to the sector does not always imply inferiority.

But, aside from the fact that Magneto longboards are very new, what do we know about them? So, in this Magneto longboard review, let’s take a closer look and see what they have to offer. 

Magneto Longboards: A Quick Overview

Despite being a new name in the skateboarding business, the brand’s longboard line had garnered a lot of excellent feedback. The Magneto longboard impresses many experienced riders with its quality and cost. It’s really rare to find a high-quality board at an affordable price.

Longboards from the brand are available in a variety of styles. Bamboo longboards, the glider collection, the Hana collection, the cruiser longboard, and the downhill board are all available. Every rider can enjoy a distinct riding experience thanks to their products. There are a variety of sizes available, ranging from 35′′ to 46′′, so there’s something for everyone.

Bamboo, maple wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber are among the components used in their board, which you won’t find in most budget-friendly boards. Every longboard skateboard’s trucks are composed of gravity cast aluminum, and the wheels are built of SHR-high rebound urethane.

You can get a whole longboard or just the deck if you want to modify and assemble your own longboard. The board designs are simple and plain, but they are nevertheless attractive. The simplicity of their longboard skateboard, as well as the natural wood finish, are endearing.

How about the dimensions and features of the Magneto Longboard?

  • Deck

The majority of the decks are composed of bamboo, with some maple wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber thrown in for good measure. The bamboo deck’s natural cellular structure and long fibers make it one of the ideal materials for a high-efficiency longboard. Bamboo’s cellular structure makes it both flexible and robust. The number of layers is normally between 5 and 8 ply.

The size of a deck varies based on the type and style. Although they do have a 27.5′′ long mini-cruiser, the shortest size is 35′′ and the longest is 46′′. The breadth of the board spans from 9′′ to 10′′ broad, with the exception of the tiny cruiser, which has a 7.5′′ width.

  • Concave

Magneto recognizes the importance of concave on boards, which is why they provide a choice of concaves on their longboard. Shallow concave, subtle W concave, subtle radial with slight reverse camber, subtle progressive concave, and deep radial concave are the different types of concave.

  • Trucks

Every Magneto truck is built of gravity cast aluminum with a 7-inch diameter and medium-strength bushings. The trucks that come with Magneto’s longboard are far superior to standard aluminum alloy trucks. Depending on how you want to ride, these high-quality trucks provide every board the stability and responsiveness it requires.

  • Wheels

The wheels are composed of SHR-high rebound urethane, which makes for a smooth ride. The durometer changes depending on the nature and purpose of the board, and the measurement varies depending on the deck size.

  • Bearings

The bearings that come with the completed longboard are very ordinary; however, for an extra cost, you can upgrade them. Although the longboard’s precision bearings are normal bearings, they are nevertheless pretty good and perform admirably.

  • Capacity for weight

Most longboards have a weight capacity of 250 to 300 pounds, depending on whatever longboard you choose. This merely goes to show how durable Magneto boards are.

  • Flex

The board’s elasticity allows you to experiment with your longboard depending on how you want to ride it. The flex on Magneto longboards varies according on the rider’s desired riding style and needs. Soft, medium soft, medium firm, and extra stiff are all options.

  • Graphics

Magneto’s longboard has a sleek and elegant aesthetic thanks to its basic styling. Even though they have a simple design, they are elegant and appealing.

  • Riding Techniques

Downhill, carving, cruising, and freestyle riding are all available on the Magneto longboard.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Magneto Longboard Compared to Other Boards?

Magneto simply goes to show that just because a brand is new to the longboarding business doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the more established names. They’ve even surpassed the expectations of many longboard fans, competitors, and riders, including myself.

They know what they’re doing and are informed about their profession, as seen by the brainpower they employed to design and create not just a sturdy but also a versatile longboard. Carbon fiber and fiberglass were used to compensate for the bamboo’s fragility, resulting in an even stronger deck.

The feeling that most longboard riders receive when they ride it is what they enjoy most about it. It’s smooth, quick, and easy to turn, and it can handle most terrains, even bumpy and steep slopes.

Longboards come in a broad variety of styles, so there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned skater. The shapes are also unusual, like as the downhill and freestyle riders’ harsh noses.

The pricing is very fair when considering the materials used in each board as well as the included components. Each longboard features high-quality wheels, bearings, grip, and trucks. Providing you with the best longboard they can make at a reasonable price. When you order, they even throw in a free skating tool.

When it comes to graphics, they’re simple and simplistic, showcasing the bamboo’s natural beauty and color. There’s nothing wrong with that, but most skaters take into account the longboard’s entire appearance as well as its performance.

Another flaw is that some of their longboards are gripped with sandblast grit instead of grip tape. They provide adequate board grip but are not as sticky as grip tape. However, other people’s reviews found the sandblast coating to be elegant and functional.

The trucks appear to be a touch sloppy as well. Even so, they are easily tightened by hand. So double-check those once you get your longboard and before you use it.


  1. Is it true that Magneto longboards are good?

Yes, Magneto longboards has a good selection of high-quality decks and a wide range of boards to suit users of all skill levels.

  1. What is the finest longboard brand?

There have been a number of good longboard brands on the market in the last decade, and Magneto is undoubtedly one of them.

  1. What is the best beginner longboard?

The Cruiser longboard line is, in our opinion, the ideal option for novices. They have large, squishy wheels and a strong deck. You may also customize the color of your wheel, which comes in black, red, and blue. A beginner board made of Hana pintail is also a good option.


Magneto is a promising brand capable of producing a longboard that is durable, useful, and versatile. Their boards’ ingenuity has demonstrated that they have a bright future ahead of them. Magneto’s longboards provide a smooth ride ideal for drifting, carving, cruising, and even downhill riding. Definitely a board for riders of all skill levels.

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