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Is longboard easier than skateboard – you need to know

Skating on skateboards might be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. They are difficult to roll and do not provide the best control. I’m always amazed at how difficult it is for beginners to learn to skateboard, and how many of them give up entirely.

A longboard is a wonderful choice if you want a board that will be ideal for cruising and easy to learn on.

With that in mind, I’ll be discussing topic about “Is longboard easier than skateboard”

Why are longboards easier to ride than skateboards?

Their larger wheels provide a smoother ride.

Longboards have significantly larger wheels than skateboards. Skateboards have wheels that are 50-59mm in diameter and have a durometer of 95-100a.

These little wheels are made to be lightweight, easy to push, and quick to roll. They’re intended for use in a skatepark. The pavement of a skatepark is smooth, allowing hard wheels to go quickly.

When these wheels are used outside of a skatepark and on the street, however, they do not function as well. They get stuck in cracks, shake on uneven pavement, and go slowly. Longboards have wheels that are specifically built to function in this type of environment.

Longboard wheels are larger, ranging in size from 66 to 72mm and hardness from 78 to 82a. They can roll over everything and provide a smooth ride because to their enormous size and gentle durometer.

Longboard wheels can glide over pebbles, fissures, and other flaws in the pavement with ease. Because of their bigger stature, they are able to do so with ease. They also roll for a significantly longer time due to their large size, which gives them greater momentum. Finally, because of their softness, they absorb a lot of road vibration, resulting in a nice and smooth ride.

They are, however, more difficult to get moving and do not accelerate as quickly as skateboard wheels.

Trucks that are larger and turn more smoothly

Skateboard trucks range in width from 4 to 5.5 inches. Longboards have wider trucks, ranging in width from 7 to 10 inches.

Longboard trucks have a smoother turn and are more stable since they are wider. This makes them simpler to balance on and makes the turn feel more fluid.

The trucks on a skateboard are narrower. Narrower vehicles turn considerably more quickly from side to side. This could result in a jittery ride that makes them feel unbalanced and out of control. It allows them to turn quickly in a park, but it makes cruising around uncomfortable.

Finally, certain longboard trucks have reverse kingpins (RKP). Skateboards’ conventional kingpin (TKP) trucks are less stable and turn more smoothly than RKP trucks. They are more stable at different speeds and have a more controllable turn.

They are longer and wider.

Longboards are typically larger and wider than skateboards. Skateboards are more compact. They are available in widths of 7.5 to 8 inches and lengths of 32 inches. This positions the deck’s rails beneath your toes and heels, making them ideal for tricks. When the board isn’t too wide, it’s easier to do flips and maintain control.

They are, however, difficult to balance on and uncomfortable to ride for lengthy periods of time.

Longboards are larger than skateboards. They range in size from 8.5 to 10 inches in width and 32 to 40 inches in length. It is simpler to balance on because of its enormous size.

A rider can be more calm and fully spread out their feet with more space available. Longboards are more comfortable and easy to ride because of this.

Finally, the greater width and length make them more stable and simpler to balance on. When the distance between the trucks is greater, the deck can turn more slowly. It is more stable at greater and slower speeds because of the slower turn. Because the longboard doesn’t turn too much, it’s easy to maintain good balance.

Some of them are flexible

Skateboards have a 7-ply maple deck that is sturdy and durable. A solid, responsive ride is provided by this sturdy deck. It allows riders to have better control over their trucks and makes tricks easier. However, it has a poor ride quality and reflects a lot of road vibration. They aren’t the most pleasant to ride in.

Longboards, on the other hand, have a lot of flex in their decks. Because of the various deck structures they have, they have a lot of flex. Flexibility is provided by bamboo, vertical lamination, and fiberglass in some cases.

When a rider steps on the board, the flex allows it to bounce and flex. This allows the deck to flex and act as suspension as you ride over uneven terrain. The flex smooths out road vibration and any roughness, resulting in a comfortable ride.

Different longboard and skateboard styles

Longboard and skateboard models come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They all have different styles of boards, each designed for a specific type of riding. Though some boards can be utilized for multiple styles, it’s best to choose the one that’s specifically designed for you.

Longboard styles

  • Cruising is essentially traveling from point A to point B in the most leisurely manner possible. For a comfortable ride, riders here use huge decks with large wheels.
  • Freestyle and dancing is a form of longboarding in which riders do stunts. Flips, cross-steps, and other difficult moves are performed by the riders. They employ decks that are larger, longer, and have smaller wheels.
  • Long-distance pushing simply means skating as far as you can. Low-to-the-ground decks are used by riders. Because of their momentum and fast speed, they also require enormous 85mm wheels.
  • Downhill — basically, going down a hill as quickly as possible. Riders wear equipment that is more specialized. Slide gloves, high-quality trucks, and specialized protective gear are all available.

Styles of skateboarding

  • Pool & Vert — These are two distinct but related styles. Riders ride up and down a ramp or a bowl. For stability, they like to employ slightly larger decks and tighten their trucks.
  • Riders do a variety of feats in the park and on the street. They prefer smaller wheels and narrower decks.


People frequently confuse the capabilities of a skateboard with those of a longboard. They believe that just like a skateboard gets caught by a pebble, so would a longboard. Longboards, on the other hand, are easier to ride and can handle a wider range of terrain. They have a smoother ride and may also roll for longer periods of time.

A longboard is a wonderful choice if you want an easy to ride skateboard. 

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