Is landyachtz a good longboard brand


Is landyachtz a good longboard brand – answer to your question

Many people have asked me if the Landyachtz is a decent longboard for a specific riding style and rider. So, rather of answering each question individually, I decided to write and publish this Landyachtz review. I’ve ridden a a few times because a friend of mine has one and generously loaned it to me. This review is based on my personal experience as well as input from riders who have tried it out.

Is landyachtz a good longboard brand

Yes, it is a good longboard from a reputable manufacturer that is a lot of fun to ride. Even more amazing considering the inexpensive cost (check the current price on Amazon). The board’s components are of the highest quality, and the board itself is quite adaptable. It’s the ideal board for navigating the city’s streets. However, if you’re interested in different types such as dancing, pumping, or downhill, there are more acceptable options accessible.

With the Landyachtz there’s a lot going on. I’ve seen people cruising, downhilling, sliding, riding ramps, doing kick flips, ollies, and other insane things with it. In this piece, I’ll go over the most important elements to consider while considering whether or not this is the board for you. 

What does the Landyachtz brand stand for?

So, first and foremost, let’s talk about the brand. Landyachtz is probably one of my favorite longboard businesses out there, as I’ve previously stated on my blog. From downhill to cruising and dance, they make a wide range of boards.

Landyachtz is a Canadian corporation that has been in operation for a long time. It has also established itself as one of the top longboard brands. Their boards typically receive rave reviews and high scores from both pros and novice riders.

Monster Hawgs wheels are fitted on Landyachtz Bear trucks.

They also make longboard trucks, wheels, and even bearings without the boards. Bear Grizzlies are the trucks, Hawgs are the wheels, and Spaceballs are the bearings. While their trucks and wheels are fantastic (I am a fan and own a set of both, see image), the bearings have received varied reviews. They aren’t the most popular, thus it’s possible that they’ve been taken over by market competitors. I suppose you can’t be great at everything, right?

Landyachtz has an environmental initiative in addition to all of the products they produce. They promise to plant one maple tree for every longboard sold. Guys, you get a thumbs up for that!

Is the Landyachtz a decent cruising boat?

Yes, it certainly is! Cruising is the board’s primary strength and function. As you can see from the full assessment, the majority of the components of the board were designed specifically for city driving.

The board can speed quickly due to the size of the wheels, turn quickly due to the length of the board, and you can use the kick tail to hop on and off pavements, among other things. While you think about it, that’s exactly what you need a board for when cruising about town or on campus — you stop at red lights, accelerate again, make rapid maneuvers to avoid people, and jump on and off sidewalks whenever possible.

Is it true Landyachtz suitable for downhill ?

Before riding downward, I sat next to a longboard on the road.

But what about going downhill? To be honest, there are better longboarding boards available for this kind of longboarding. Why? Because the characteristics that make this board fantastic for cruising also limit its downhill performance.

Don’t get me wrong: you’re perfectly capable of riding down some gentle hills. You might also be able to locate videos on the internet showing people reaching really high speeds while traveling downward. However, because these are usually pro riders doing it, I wouldn’t advocate it for an average rider.

The board is short and extremely agile, but it lacks the stability required for downhill riding. You also wouldn’t be able to fully tuck in for the ride due to the board’s short length.

Is it possible that Landyachtz suitable for freeriding?

When it comes to freeride, your longboard could help you out. Although the board is short and a longer one would be required for freeride, it is achievable.

The board’s deck is concave, allowing you to lock your feet in for the slide. Also, the wheels have a durometer and core positioning that will allow you to slide. Of course, there are better options for freeride, but if all you want to do is push into a few slides, this board will suffice.

How can Landyachtz  suitable for pumping?

Landyachtz may theoretically be converted into a pumping board by purchasing new trucks and personalizing your configuration. However, if we consider the board as it comes out of the box, it is not suitable for pumping.

Is it possible to dance on the Landyachtz longboard?

Landyachtz is fantastic for a lot of things, but dancing is not one of them. The majority of longboards designed for dancing are substantially longer. The length should be between 40 and 48 inches (check out my post about longboards for dancing to see some examples). The Landyachtz  is simply too short and narrow for dancing.

Check out my thorough guide on choosing the best board for dancing if you’re looking for a dancing longboard.

Is the Landyachtz suitable for everyone?

When it comes to the board’s suitability for novices, it all depends on how experienced you are with longboarding. If you’re the type of novice who has ridden skateboards previously but has never attempted longboarding, will suit you perfectly.

However, unless your balance is excellent and you are not frightened of crashing, I would not recommend starting with this one if you are completely new to longboarding and have never ridden a board before. The longboard is a fantastic board, but it lacks the kind of stability that a beginner requires. You’ll need a board that allows you to stand comfortably, as well as trucks that are bigger and closer to the ground. And that’s not at all.

If you’re considering about getting your first skateboard, check out my advice on how to choose one for beginners (click here). It highlights the most important factors to consider before purchasing one, as well as some fairly priced options.

Is the Landyachtz so small/tiny for everybody?

I imagine the size of the board is a worry for many of you. Although Landyachtz appears small in comparison to other boards when reading specifications, it appears to be very large in person. I’m 6’2″ and have no problem riding this board.

If you are considerably taller, it may be an issue, but if you are between the ages of 6.2 and 6.3, you should be alright. 


To summarize, Landyachtz is a wonderful all-around cruiser that is an excellent value for the money (see price on Amazon). It isn’t suitable for all longboarding techniques, but you don’t want a board that can do everything. You want one that is the finest fit for your requirements. And if you’re searchingfor cruising, commuting, or simply having fun, Landyachtz is the way to go.


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