Is arbor a good longboard brand


Is arbor a good longboard brand – answer to your question

Longboarding and skateboarding are excellent sports for both beginners and experienced riders. Arbor longboards have something for everyone, regardless of ability level.

You want a well-built longboard as a skater, whether you’re new to the sport or have been doing it for years. A board with tough wheels, a sturdy deck, and the right amount of flexibility. Whatever riding or cruising style you like, the correct longboard will get you where you want to go — quickly!

Is arbor a good longboard brand? All skaters expect top-notch workmanship and smooth deck agility. Lace up, board up, and enjoy the greatest riding experience possible on a longboard designed just for your boarding needs.

Arbor Longboards Brand Information

Arbor started making skateboards in 1998. The company is dedicated to the “Returning Roots” initiative. All earnings from product sales are also donated to help protect and restore forests.

The brand is an industry leader, with a history in snowboarding and skating equipment reaching back to 1995. Quality, performance, and selection are all areas where the organization excels. This is evident in the wide range of Arbor longboards and skateboards available today.

What to Look for in an Arbor Longboard?

Skaters must evaluate various criteria before deciding which Arbor longboards they want to buy. Skaters can choose the right longboard design based on their riding style, materials, budget, design, and other factors.

Styles of longboarding

Each longboarder has his or her own riding style. As a result, there are a variety of longboards available for purchase. There are four different riding styles to choose from. Cruising, freestyle, freeriding, and downhill riding are the four types of riding.

Beginner to intermediate skaters will benefit from cruising boards. Arbor longboards in this series are designed for general cruising. They’re ideal for transportation, smooth skating, and mild journeys from point A to point B.

For surfers who desire to perform tricks on their board, freestyle boards are excellent. These skateboards have a wider base, which helps to steady skaters who need to maintain a high level of balance.

Longboards for freeriding are designed to be used on hills and city streets. These boards make performing complex maneuvers like cutting downhill or tight angle turns a breeze.

Longboards designed for downhill riding are known as downhill longboards. The boards are perfectly straight, making them ideal for racing.

Material for longboard decks

Longboards come in a variety of materials and finishes. Bamboo, maple, and carbon fiber are just a few of the amazing finish options available on the Arbor longboards. Bamboo is slightly more malleable than the other materials. The board is lightweight, making it easy to skate on and tote. This material is ideal for longboarding styles like as cruising and carving.

The most expensive type is carbon fiber. It includes a foam core, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the board. These boards are popular among professional skaters and racers. They’re simple to push off of at first. Skaters can also need less energy to achieve maximum speed thanks to the boards.

When it comes to longboard deck materials, maple is a third option. The wood is strong and can withstand a lot of abuse. This is a good material to consider when buying a new longboard for commuting and daily use.

Flexibility on Longboards

The flex levels of Arbor longboards are also important to consider. Soft flex ratings provide great landing shock absorption. However, they are insecure at medium to high speeds. A medium flex improves speed stability and gives the board a springy feel. It provides great shock absorption over bumps. These boards are ideal for commuting or carving on a daily basis. For moderate to rapid speeds, stiff flex is desirable. These boards are great for bombing or racing at high speeds, but they don’t provide much in the way of landing absorption.

Features of a Longboard

Arbor longboards have a variety of design aspects that contribute to their overall appearance and structure. These are a some of the characteristics skaters should consider while comparing longboards to help them choose the best board.


Skaters must decide whether they want a board with or without a kicktail when looking for the best Arbor longboards. The kicktail makes it easier to perform turns and stunts for those who intend to do so. The following are some of the advantages of choosing a board with a kicktail:


  • Riding is more enjoyable and engaged.
  • Skaters can effortlessly spin their boards and do tricks thanks to this feature.
  • They are suitable for both novice and intermediate skaters.
  • When performing tricks on the board, kicktails can help distribute weight evenly.


  • The wheelbase of boards without kickstands is maximized.
  • The board is really stable.
  • Intermediate and beginner skaters will love it.
  • Produces a uniform/smooth finish

Skaters considering Arbor longboards with or without a kickstand should also consider the disadvantages. These are some of them:


The longboard is connected to the wheels by the truck. This item is available in two sizes: 150mm and 180mm. The most frequent length for longboards is 180mm. Trucks with a shorter axle are for boards with an axle of 8.5 inches or less. They’re designed for cruiser-style boards with small decks. Typically, 180mm trucks are used for boards that are longer than 8.5 inches.

Breadth of the board

Arbor longboards are available in a variety of widths. The standard board size is from 7.5 to 8.25 inches. The skateboarder’s style, shoe choice, height, and weight are all elements that influence the deck he or she selects. It will also influence whether skaters want to do tricks or want to cruise.

How We Comparing Arbor Longboards?

When comparing Arbor longboards, we took into account a number of aspects. We looked at the board’s material, finishing, design, and weight, among other things. We also believe that owner ratings and the costs of these longboards are important factors to consider when ranking them. We can provide the best variety to readers using this information, for both beginners and experienced skaters.

Arbor Longboards: How Much Do They Cost and Where Can You Get Them?

Arbor longboards can be purchased on the Arbor website. Additionally, Amazon and Evo both sell the company’s longboards in a variety of styles. Because of the type of board and skill/experience level, prices vary significantly. Arbor longboards can be purchased for anything between $70 to $300.


To summarize, we can see that the popularity of longboarding has grown over time, prompting several manufacturers to enter the market. However, currently, riders are more concerned with appearance than with weight, size, and performance, which is not the best method to choose a longboard. Though appearances are crucial, shape and specs are equally vital.

Arbor Longboard’s specifications will never be matched by new market entrants, indicating that their longboards are considerably superior to those of other brands. However, if you’re looking for a longboard with a modern aesthetic, Arbor’s premium collection includes a number of models to choose from. All of the models listed above are the best of the best and provide a smooth ride.

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