Is a boosted board worth it


Is a boosted board worth it – you need to know

You’ve definitely heard about Boosted Boards and how popular they’ve become in the world of electric skating. You’ve probably heard how expensive it is, and we don’t want you to waste your money on something you won’t use or enjoy in the long run. As a result, our experts are ready to assist you in determining whether the enhanced board is a good investment.

About Boosted board

Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen, and Matthew Tran created Boosted Boards (now Boosted USA) in mid-2012 with financial backing from StartX. They began as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $100,000 to supply luxury electric skateboards. It started with $467,000 in funding and went on to be a huge success until its demise in 2020.

What Gives Their Electric Skateboards Their Unique Characteristics? Popular

Despite the fact that there are several alternatives, Boosted Board skateboards are still considered one of the best on the market. Other firms have developed their own versions that are, in some ways, superior than any of Boosted’s machines. They can’t, however, continue to lag behind in terms of market share.

The basic and modular approach to Boosted boards is the aspect that most users appreciate the most. The design is so simple to put together that if you know how to put things together, you can easily change and update the parts.

The smoothness, stability, and dependability of their electric skateboards are also well-known. That is why people prefer to buy Boosted skateboards instead of getting one from a competition.

Experience with Customers

Even though Boosted boards are no longer manufactured, residual stock can be purchased through Boosted USA, and customer-related questions can still be submitted to

It’s also worth noting that, since the company’s goods were discontinued, Boosted board users all around the world have stepped up to help one another by sharing building, maintenance, and usage advice, tempting additional potential e-skaters in the present.


Many skaters prefer boosted boards because they feature a sleek appearance that is adaptable and speaks of reliability and durability.

Boosted boards are quick and easy to control. These boards come with a handheld remote and regenerative brakes that can move forward or backward, making them a safer and more environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

It’s not only light and portable, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Sanjay Dastoor, the founder of Boosted, argues that riding these skateboards uses 20 times less energy per mile than driving a car. As a result, the energy footprint of transportation is reduced.

Features of Safety

Is it safe to use enhanced boards?

New skaters, in particular, have asked if Boosted pulled out of the market due to safety concerns, and the answer is emphatically no.

The Motor and the Speed

Boosted boards may reach speeds of 20-24 mph and have a hill-climbing range of 15% to 25% thanks to their cutting-edge motors and range capacity. One of the primary selling features of the Boosted boards is their motors, which have a competitive build that can outlast and endure most brands.

Loyal Boosted users, including those from our team of experts, can attest to the fact that with the proper upgrade and care, Boosted boards can soar higher and reach faster lengths.

Here is a dedicated website on how fast a Boosted board can go if you want to learn more about the motor and speed of Boosted boards.


Boosted has prided itself on producing electric skateboards of vehicle-like quality since its inception in 2012. Boosted users claim that, depending on how well and regularly it is maintained, the board can last for three years or more. Some well-known e-skaters claim that their boards have covered 3000 kilometers and are still in like-new condition. Our specialists discovered that Boosted did not cut down on their products if it meant producing substandard results.

You should also see if the enhanced board is water resistant to test the board’s durability.


Boosted boards range in price from $749 to $1,599, with the lowest being the Boosted Mini S and the most expensive being the Boosted V3 plus.

So, considering that Boosted boards is one of the more expensive brands of electric skateboards, are they worth it?

Yes, as compared to other automobiles, its price is really reasonable. The amenities that come with these skateboards more than make up for their high price.

Models that are the best on the market

  • Stealth has been improved.

The Boosted Stealth is Boosted’s quickest, most compact, and most powerful e-board. It is the epitome of performance and e-board experience, with a top speed of 24mph, super flex composite deck, and increased range of 14 miles.

  • Mini X has been boosted.

The Boosted Mini X is the board of choice for old-school riders and those on a budget. It has a deep dish composite deck, a 14-mile range, and a top speed of 20 mph.

  • Boosted Plus V3 is a new version of the Boosted Plus formula.

The Boosted Plus is a longboard that is carved from the original boosted board. Its appearance remains unchanged, but its performance improves with each version. It boasts a top speed of 22 mph, a 14-mile extended range, a super composite flex deck, regenerative brakes, and 85mm wheels, as well as a super composite flex deck and regenerative brakes.


  • Is it true that the boosted board is the best?

Yes, the boosted board is the most effective. Among its competition, it delivers some of the quickest and most durable electric skateboards. It also has a 25% faster inclination speed than the top five electric skateboards on the market.

  • What is the reason behind the high cost of a boosted board?

The cost of a boosted board is high because it is designed to be used not only for fun but also for transportation. They’re known for their high-quality performance, and they’re designed with safety in mind.

  • What is the most affordable boosted board?

The Boosted Mini S is the most affordable Boosted board. It is a smaller, more compact skateboard that was created in response to market demand for a more economical option.


To this day, Boosted’s exceptional reputation for power and speed has remained unblemished. Their skateboards have excellent control, making them the ideal companion for any type of skateboarding activity.

Is it worthwhile to invest in enhanced boards? Yes, they are still the gold standard when it comes to the safest and most dependable electric skateboards on the market.

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