How wide is a longboard


How wide is a longboard – some information you need to know

Have you ever wonder How wide is a longboard ? The importance of size and measurement is unavoidable. Whether you’re shopping clothes, shoes, or anything else, measurement is crucial. The longboard follows the same rules. As a longboard enthusiast, you must know how to stand on a longboard that is comfortably sized. When learning to ride a longboard, the most common question is how to find the right size. Here you will find the answer to your most pressing question. The major goal of this post is to illustrate the argument and assist you in making an informed decision. 

What Does the Size of a Longboard Indicate?

The diameter of a deck where we used to keep our footing balance is referred to as longboard size. The length and width of a longboard are determined by its size. If you want to buy a longboard, you should bear this in mind. Keep an eye on the size of both sides.

Longboards are divided into four groups based on their length and width:

  • Longboard with a Micro Deck:

This longboard deck measures around 27.2-27.6 inches in length. The width is approximately 6.5-6.75 inches. Micro deck longboards are ideal for children under the age of five.

  • Longboard Mini Deck:

The length of a little deck longboard is around 28 inches, while the width is approximately 7.0 inches. It is appropriate for children who are less than 3 feet 5 inches tall.

  • Longboard with a Mid-Size Deck:

Teenagers that are shorter than 5 ft 3 inches should use a middle size longboard. The deck is 29 inches in length and 7.3 inches in width.

  • Longboard with a Full-Size Deck:

A huge variant is a full-size longboard. The deck can be as long as 29 inches and even longer. The width or breadth is around 7.5 inches or greater. This enormous version is suitable for both children and adults that are 5 ft 3 inches or taller.

To begin, there are primarily two things that you must examine. Numerous factors influence your height and preferred longboarding style. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Your height

When it comes to choosing and purchasing a longboard, height is critical. Because of the altitude, the length of the longboards for cruisers can vary. If you’re that tall, you’ll want to seek for a longboard that’s 38 inches or longer. Because taller people have longer and wider feet, they will require a lot of room to squeeze in. Because you choose a little longboard, you may experience some alarming events. As a result, you must select the most appropriate option. The average longboarder should have a length of 32-42 inches. If you’re a short cruiser, however, a 29-inch longboard will suffice. It should be roughly 7.3 inches wide. Your height is an excellent way to figure out what size longboard you need.

Your Favorite Longboarding Technique

Varied people have different preferences when it comes to longboarding. There are a variety of longboarding styles to choose from. These are some other factors to consider when determining the size of your longboard. The ambiguous style distinguishes you from the crowd. Downhill, freestyle, cruising, street style, and other well-known longboarding styles are only a few examples. Now it’s up to you to decide which style you like. If you enjoy freestyle, you’ll need a longer board to practice it on. A shorter longboard, on the other hand, will assist you in carving and cruising. So, in terms of your personal style, you are capable of providing exceptional longboard service. 

Other Important Considerations:

Apart from these two elements, there are several important aspects and components to be aware of. The longboard’s entire portion and construction can determine

Determine the length of your longboard:

Let’s figure out your longboard size based on your height and riding style.


The easiest way to get your adrenaline pumping is to go downhill. It has the ability to increase heart rate and provide a thrilling experience. You are a downhill rider if you are passionate about driving your longboard at a high speed. When cycling downhill in a mountainous location, you must use the downhill style. If you’re up to 6.3 feet tall, a 35-43 inch longboard is a good option. If you are taller than 6.3 feet, you can purchase a longboard with a width of 37 inches or more.


Cruising is a longboarding method that allows you to be more fluid and easygoing when riding. When it comes to cruising longboarding, the following measurements should be taken into consideration.

If you’re taller than 6.3 feet, you should choose a longboard that’s 32-42 inches long. If you’re taller than 6.3 feet, a longboard with a width of 38 inches or more is ideal.

Freestyle and Freeride:

Freeride and freestyle are two distinct styles that include a variety of useful techniques with a high rate of movement. Longboards of sufficient length are required for freeride and freestyle. When it comes to freestyle longboarding, you’ll need a lot of room. You should choose a 38-42 inch longboard if your height is up to or more than 6.3 feet.


  • What is the best longboard size for beginners?

When you’re a beginner, you might wonder what size longboard is best for you. For a novice, a medium-sized longboard is the finest choice. You can obtain the necessary facilities to maintain the necessary steadiness to continue your ride. For newbies, long and short ones are not ideal. As a beginner, you should choose a longboard with a length of 32-42 inches. This collection is ideal for providing you with superior service. This ride will provide you with a smooth and safe journey.

  • What is the length of a longboard?

A longboard’s length can vary for a variety of reasons, including brand, quality, and style. A longboard’s size ranges from 84 to 150 cm (33 to 59 inches). The width is between 22.8 and 25.4 centimeters (9.0-10.0 inches). Swallowtails, pintails, drop-through decks, flat-nose riders, and other longboard formates can be found in stores.

  • What is the ideal longboard length?

The optimum length for a longboard is determined by your requirements. The terms may apply to your age, height, weight, comfort, and other factors. The length should be in the range of 28 to 46 inches. Each longboarding method necessitates a specific size, which varies in various ways.


Choosing the most appropriate and nearly flawless longboard is a difficult process. You might receive an excellent recommendation for choosing your longboard after reading the depicted article. It can be beneficial for you to participate in the most gorgeous longboarding competition. You may also share this information with your friends and family so that they can make the best decisions for them. All of these things can differ from person to person, which is a notable fleck. It is unnecessary to be the right decision for others if a longboard is right for you. As a result, all of you will profit from possessing the appropriate longboard. Choose wisely, and you’ll get superior service! 

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