How to Waterproofing your Electric Skateboard


How to Waterproofing your Electric Skateboard – Water Resistant Tips

We are in a golden age of reusable technology, thus it is only natural that today will bring about another invention. Every day, improvements are made to transportation options for the benefit of people. Skateboards that have been converted into electric skateboards are included in these categories. People have become interested in the electric skateboard to the point that they decide to buy it.

However, a lot of people are curious about the pertinent issue, which is how to waterproof electric skateboards so you can use them in puddles. You need not worry, though, if you bought an electric skateboard that is only water-resistant or not waterproof since I will teach you how to waterproof the electric skateboard in this post. Electric skateboards include characteristics including computing, increased speed, brakes, and easy uphill riding compared to traditional skating.

  • Waterproofing An Electric Skateboard

Both traditional and electric skateboards come in a variety of styles and hues, but the latter has LED lights that help it stand out more. Other than that, youngsters using electric skateboards for trips to the market, the grocery store, parks, or school or for racing with friends are better suited to using them for shorter road lengths.

Electric skateboards that are water-resistant vs. waterproof

The phrases “waterproof” and “water-resistant” are distinct. These two words, though, can be deceptive. When an electric skateboard makes the claim that it is water-resistant, it protects delicate sections like the batteries or ESC compartments from water infiltration. So you can skateboard on slightly damp areas and light rain using water-resistant boards.

The word “waterproof” refers to the fact that electric skateboards are completely impervious to water and allow you to navigate puddles and shallow water without causing any electrical damage. Electric skateboards that are both waterproof and water-resistant share a hub motor. To protect it from damage from water seeping into the wheels, the hub motor is mounted between the hubs of the wheels and is sealed with rubber.

Most electric skateboards are water-resistant, however they are not entirely waterproof. Before you decide to purchase an electric skateboard, you should review its features and specs. You must pay attention to several qualities of an e-board in order to get the finest waterproof electric skateboard. The deck, trucks, and tires of such an electric board must be covered with fiberglass, and the battery lid must be made of metal to prevent water from penetrating the battery.

Components Needed to Waterproof the Electric Skateboard

Even if your electric skateboard isn’t waterproof or water-resistant, you can still ride it. Your electric skateboard is safe since it has a waterproof or water-resistant function. If you ride in mild rain or across puddles, you run a considerable chance of harming your skateboard’s electric components. You can choose whether or not a waterproof electronic device.

It is a transient procedure. You must make significant changes in order to waterproof anything permanently. For waterproofing the electric board, you will need the following supplies: grip tape, heat shrink wrap, stronger shrink plastic, waterproof sealer, and spray paint. These products are widely accessible on the market.


You can easily make your electric skateboard waterproof at home with some heat-shrink wrapping cover, which in the winter doubles as a window covering. a grip adhesive that allows impenetrable water to pass through. Then there’s spray paint. The procedures for waterproofing an electric skateboard are listed below. Follow these guidelines to get good results. Wrap each board battery with heat-shrinkable wrapping sheets.

Next, turn the entire deck upside down and cover it with a thicker shrink sheet. Make sure to tighten the sheet to close off any potential gaps where water might enter and harm the board or battery. Tape the edges of your electric skateboard with grip adhesive for increased coverage and dependability.

The next step is to spray paint the entire board with a water-resistant metallic black color to cover it completely. Your skateboard will be protected twice, from the rain and puddles. The battery and the board can be lined with waterproof sealant as an additional method of waterproofing an electric skateboard. This approach, meanwhile, is pricey.

You can stop water from moving toward the battery by lining the board and the battery. Only owners of fiberglass covering boards may use this method of waterproofing an electric skateboard. A wooden deck board can also be sealed with a waterproof substance. The decks of some electric skateboards are constructed from maple or Canadian wood.

These deck designs are difficult to utilize while it is raining. Boards with additional fiberglass coating often have water resistance. The above-mentioned actions must be taken to waterproof your electric skateboard in the absence of extra fiberglass protection for the electric components. Your electric skateboard may be waterproofed using a variety of techniques. However, it is the simplest and most practical one.

How and Why You Should Dry Your Wet Electric Skateboard

After a rainy ride, drying your electric skateboard is a crucial step that is typically skipped. Repeatedly exposing your skateboard to moisture can harm its electronic components, including the hub motor, batteries, bearings, and other parts. You may use a hairdryer or a towel to dry your skateboard. Your wet skateboard may also be dried by setting it out in the sun. Before reinstalling the electronic components, make sure they are fully dry. Similar to this, bearing maintenance is crucial. Dry the bearings when they become wet and avoid exposing the bearings to moisture as this can cause rusting. Every time the bearings are dried out, grease them.


This article provided a thorough analysis on how to waterproof an electric skateboard. Simply follow the above-mentioned straightforward instructions for waterproofing to get great results and protect your electric skateboard from water exposure to increase its lifespan. Avoid riding in the rain if you can since it might cause accidents and injuries.

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