How to tighten up your trucks


How to tighten up your trucks best – some things you need to know

Skateboarding is a favorite sport of many people, it both shows off the personality and further trains the player with many great skateboarding techniques. One of the most important parts of the skateboard is the skateboard truck. Every skateboarder should know how to tighten up your truck, it will help you adjust the best state of the skateboard to match your style and playing technique. Do you often leave your skateboard truck loose or tight? Do you already know how to tighten up your truck yet? Join us to find out soon!

What is skateboard trucks?

In order to know how to tighten your trucks, you first need to understand what skateboard trucks are. When you understand it, you can easily adjust it as you like, thereby adjusting the truck will also be more accurate.

Skateboard trucks are T-shaped metal pieces, which are attached to the underside of the skateboard to keep the wheels and bearings of the skis firmly attached to the table. They are the most important ingredient to making a difference for each skateboard. It has a huge impact on the movement of the skateboard, if you flexibly customize the truck then the skateboard technique will be easier to apply.

If you prefer to use a tightening truck then you must tighten them on a regular basis, which can be understood that they will loosen over time due to the movement of the axles and the skateboard. Tightening the truck will help your skis balance better.

Features of skateboard trucks

The trucks have a fairly simple structure including axles, hanger, kingpin base and bushing. They are all components that have a direct influence on the performance of trucks and skis. You need to understand these parts to know how to tighten your trucks. Regular maintenance is essential for better stability of your skateboard, keeping the wheels from biting, and simpler performing many of the skid techniques.


The shaft is a long pin that goes through the hook and attaches to the wheel. For best effect, the shaft ends should be aligned with the edges of the skateboard. Each type of skateboard will have its own type of shaft, they differ in shaft diameter, shaft width, and shaft length. However, all shaft nuts have a wrench socket at 3/8 inch.


The hanger is the triangular metal plate, it is considered the largest part of the skateboard. Its mission is to provide a fixed support for the axle that runs straight through it.


This is a large pin assembly installed inside the bushing and helps to hold and link the truck components together. There are 2 main types of kingpin, which are solid kingpin and hollow kingpin. Hollow kingpin This is a large pin on the inside of the bushing and helps to hold the truck parts together. Currently, there are two types of kingpin: solid kingpin and hollow kingpin, and empty kingpin has just become popular recently. Both types of soles are good, depending on your intended use you should choose for yourself the right type of soles. Use the pressure the bushing is subjected to and the skateboarding motion you use to choose.

All kingpin nuts require a 9/16 inch wrench socket.


The bushings are soft urethane rings mounted around the kingpin to allow for easy shaft movement and smooth shaft.

Why do you have to tighten your truck?

Skateboard truck tightening is something any skateboard player should know. The tightening of the truck will make it easier to control the skateboard, especially for those who are just starting to skateboard. When the truck is tightened, the wheels will perform more stably, not touching the floor will reduce your chances of falling.

For those with a large weight, truck tightening is essential. It would be difficult to slide if the truck loosely results in the skis shaking, easily deviating from the slide. Plus, letting a person of high weight balance on the wobble board is very difficult.

However, some people prefer to have loose trucks, as it suits their gameplay as well as technique.

How to tighten your trucks?

Needless to say, truck tightening will be very important to your skateboard. Fortunately, loosening or tightening a truck is easy, and you can easily adjust it to your liking.

First you need a truck tuning kit such as a screwdriver or a spanner to screw the kingpin nut on the underside of the truck.

The kingpin is the screw to which your bushing and washers are connected by turning the nut. You can rotate the nut to create more pressure, limiting the movement of the truck (squeeze the skateboard truck)..

To be able to tighten your truck, turn the nut clockwise. Note that you should make little adjustments, make small turns, and test to get the truck that works best for you. If you want the truck to be really tight, apply force until the nut cannot move. But we strongly discourage you from doing so. In fact, when tightening too tight, it will make the truck lose its inherent flexibility and thus create difficulty in moving.

If you’re someone who can ride the free-swing and the lax of the truck makes you feel more at ease. You can rotate the nut counterclockwise to loosen the truck. You can play more liberal gameplay. But the vibration and difficulty will increase, you should prepare good technique.

Note that you should regularly check your skateboard trucks so that they do not become loose. Having a sturdy truck will help you perform the maneuvering and turning techniques more conveniently and accurately.

Checking and tightening a skateboard truck is not difficult. You can customize the rigidity of your skateboard truck at home with simple assistive kits and a little time. Checking and tightening a skateboard truck is not difficult. Over time you should check your truck for better truck improvement. If you are using a skateboard check the truck and tighten it for better. Hopefully, the article has helped you know how to tighten your trucks.

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