How to make your Longboard Faster


How to make your Longboard Faster – 4 quickly method

Do you want to experience adrenaline rush brought on by the high speed of your longboard? Consult the following ways to make your longboard faster here.

Longboards are enhanced versions of the conventional skateboards, and therefore feature better stability and durability. Because of these upsides, a multitude of sports enthusiasts take a fancy to them, but not many know how to speed up theirs. If you are in the same boat, continue scrolling down, and you will find a definitive answer.

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How to make your longboard faster?

Method 1: Make adjustments to the bearings

Bearings may prevent you from reaching a thrilling climax because of the accumulated dirt and mud during your ride. At this point, mere lubrication and thorough cleaning help make your longboard faster.

Step 1: Extract the bearings

First up, remove the nut that joins the first wheel and the axle. After that, pull out the wheel using sufficient force so that it will not separate from the axle completely. At this point, wriggle the wheel until you feel the inside bearing come loose, and remove the entire wheel.

Now, flip the wheel over and embed the tip of the axle rod in the second bearing. Repeat the above wriggling process, and you should see the bearings there.

Step 2: Clean the bearings

Use a clean piece of cloth to eliminate the and dirt on the surface of the bearings. Then, put them in a jar and fill it with bearing solvent, which helps bring out the best result. Swirl the fluid for one minute, and you will see more debris coming out of the bearings. On finishing this step, take the bearings out and let them dry on their own.

Step 3: Lubricate the bearings

You can either spray or pour the lubricant directly on the bearings. You only need a few drops whatever kind of lubricant you use. However, WD40 is counterproductive because it will only render the bearings crack.

Method 2: Change your longboard wheels

Another important factor that determines the speed of your longboard is the wheels. When your wheels do not meet some requirements as regards size and quality, they may have negative impacts on your experience. And here are two feasible solutions that may help with making your longboard faster.

●      Try wheels with larger diameter

Smaller wheels pick up momentum better than larger ones, but the latter is faster on the whole, thus being able to speed up your longboard. The physics behind this phenomenon is that smaller wheels have to overcome less inertia while spinning, and larger wheels have a higher speed, which facilitates achieving the same rotational speed.

●      Replace the existing wheels with high-end products

If you spend a little amount of money on your longboard wheels, you will receive products that are typically made of low-quality urethane. This compound makes your wheels subject to reduced resilience over time, not to mention such minuses as poor rebound and weak cores.

At the other end of the spectrum, high-quality wheels have decent bound as well as strong cores, and most importantly, they are able to roll fast.

Method 3: Improve your riding

Here comes another method which does not involve modifying your longboard, but still bring about the thrilling experience. You yourself have to improve your riding skills, and we have shortlisted several ways below to make your longboard faster.

●      Be confident

Your fear of being unable to control your speed poses a mental threat to longboarders. For this reason, belief in your ability to brake is of vital importance which helps you make progress along the way.

●      Equip yourself with protective gear

Protective gear is indispensable in most activities because it minimizes potential injuries during the ride. Standard gear includes a helmet, gloves, elbow pads and knee pads.

●      Tame speed wobbles

Speed wobbles can come between you and the hair-raising experience of record speed. All you need to do is to pull yourself together, and put more pressure on the front truck.

Method 4: Change your routes

Last but not least, road quality can be another stumbling block to your longboarding experience. Roads that are bumpy and teeming with pebbles can easily throw you off the board. Therefore, you had better switch to smooth and uncrowded roads, which facilitate your maneuvering and accelerate your ride, thus giving you a sense of adventure.

However, if you want to make your longboard faster on smooth tracks, you should use wheels with high durometer (the standard measurement of plastic, rubber and most nonmetallic materials). Why? Because wheels with durometer lower than 80A absorb more energy and reduce your speed)..


Bottom Line

Above are four easy ways to make your longboard faster (except for the third one which requires some mental and physical efforts). On reading this comprehensive guide, we hope you gather some invaluable know-how to speed up yours. Press ahead with your hobby, overcome your invisible fears and get the best experience out of it!

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