How to hang electric longboard on the wall


How to hang electric longboard on the wall – tips for you

Skateboard deck hanging and displaying is becoming quite popular worldwide, but notably in America.

You should designate a special area for your skateboards, whether they are new or historic models from the past, so that others may appreciate them without damaging or scratching them. Some individuals do it because they just enjoy showing off their old boards that they no longer use, while others prefer to hang their boards on a wall rather than place them somewhere where there is a higher danger of damage.

Only the issue of how to mount a skateboard on the wall remains. How do I hang my skateboard on the wall? is the most common query. There are a few various ways to achieve so, such as utilizing a pre-made wall mount or suspending the object from a rope or thread. 

These are all straightforward procedures with clear instructions. I’ll go through each of these approaches in depth in this post so you can find the solution and get ready to try it yourself. The rope’s quality is also very important because it will subsequently come into touch with the truck and wheels of your board several times; therefore, there shouldn’t be any chance of it deteriorating and eventually breaking.

  • Tighten the rope:

On each ends of the rope, tie two knots as the following step. However, it’s crucial to melt both ends of the matchstick or lighter before you make the knots.

When the rope is made of nylon, this step is crucial. After some time, the melting will stop the rope from fraying. To prevent the sides from slipping out when you screw both sides together at the end, make the knots as tight as you can.

  • Identify the wall:

The next step is to decide where you’re going to screw the knots after the rope is prepared. Take two vertical lines on the wall that are at least 14.5 inches apart, a pencil, and a scale for that.

Make sure the lines are parallel to one another; if required, use a masking tape for accuracy.

  • Make the screw placement marks:

Having drawn two vertical lines on the wall, you now need to draw two horizontal lines to create two intersecting places where you may subsequently insert screws.

Making ensuring the lines are level will prevent your skateboard from being skewed or uneven later on. This step is quite similar to step 3. To make the points visible, mark them with a pencil.

  • The knots into the wall with screws:

All that is left to do is screw the rope knots into the wall once you have completed the other tasks. There is no need to drill the holes if the wall you plan to screw into is made of wood. Simply drive screws into it at both locations using a hammer.

However, if the wall is made of masonry, you will need to use an electric drill to create the holes before plugging them in on both sides. After that, just use a screwdriver to drive a screw firmly into the wall after passing it through one of the knots. Repeat the process with the second knot and screw.

You now have a skateboard hanging rope at your disposal. Your skateboard will hang itself on the wall by sliding the rope from over the wheels and truck.

  • Use fishing line to hang a skateboard:

Another fast trick is to use a fishing line or any other colorless string to hang your skateboard upright on the wall.

To give it a respectable and tidy appearance, fishing lines or colorless threads are employed to make it appear as though the board is levitating in the air. Before attempting to attach the deck, you must remove the truck, though.

Important Actions

  • pounding a nail:

The first step is to drive a nail into the wall. Once you are certain of the location where you want to hang your skateboard, just take a nail or a wall hanger and hammer it into the wall.

  • Remove the string:

The string should then be cut to the appropriate length. To get a clean appearance, you want the fishing line to be as short as possible in contrast to a rope. When you hang your board, if the string or fishing line is too long, it will be visible from the top, which just looks messy.

Therefore, make sure the string or fishing line is no longer than 9 or 10 inches. When you hang your board, the line will be concealed below the deck in this manner.

  • Put in the fishing line or the string:

The only thing left to do is to thread the fishing line or string through the deck’s holes and fasten it there because the nail is already in the wall. Start by passing the line through the deck’s highest holes.

It should be inserted into one of the front face’s uppermost screw holes and removed from the other. When you hang it in this fashion, the front face will be facing the wall, creating a neat and tidy appearance.

Create a knot

The final and most crucial step is to tie a knot. While tying a fishing line might be a bit chaotic, it is important to ensure that the knot is strong and tight to prevent it from coming undone.

Deck should be nailed to the wall.

About all there is to this approach. You only need to hang the deck onto the nail after tying it. Once more, confirm that the deck’s front face is towards the wall.

Hanging a Skateboard Wall mount use

The next option is a more upscale way to mount your skateboard deck. This skateboard hanger may be somewhat more sophisticated, but it is unquestionably a reliable and long-lasting option.

A stylish and sturdy wall mount will not only keep your board safe from harm, but it will also improve the appearance of your board decks.

Note: For this procedure as well, the trucks must be removed.


In conclusion, there are a variety of reasons why you would wish to hang your skateboard. While some individuals just enjoy keeping their decks organized, others wish to display their vintage cards.

Whatever the case, there are several options for doing that, including using ropes, fishing lines, or even a simple permanent wall mount.

In order for you to join your pals in the never-ending competition of possessing and flaunting the finest skateboard collection, I’ve outlined it above in the clearest possible terms.

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