How to buy a Used Onewheel


How to buy a Used Onewheel – you need to know

If you’re looking onewheel and wondering “How to buy a used Onewheel? “Used market is a great place to start. In this article, I’ll describe my research, preparation, and purchase of my used Onewheels.

I’ve learned some strategies to help you get a great deal on the amazing Onewheel based on my own experiences. It is undeniable that the Onewheel is pricey. The used Onewheel market is a great option for anyone looking for a good deal on a Onewheel, as these highly sought after boards don’t come up for sale very often.

Why should you buy a used Onewheel?

If you have the patience and know-how, you can save a lot of money on a lightly used Onewheel with low mileage. Onewheels are fantastic devices, and if you’ve ever ridden one, you’ll know that they’re sturdy, well-built machines.

These things can take a beating because they’re built like tanks. Future Motion has put together a high-quality product, which is reflected in the price.

If you know where to look and are patient, you should be able to find lightly used Onewheels if you do it correctly. You can save a lot of money on a used Onewheel compared to the original sticker price. I’ve seen Onewheels with over 30% off and only 7 miles on them!

People who buy the Onewheel with the expectation of being able to jump on the board and ride like a pro right out of the box are mistaken, as are those who become overconfident early on and injure themselves.

Because some new owners are dissatisfied with their Onewheel’s initial lack of progress, they may decide to throw in the towel, give up, and sell it. Their indifference is an opportunity for you to save money.

Then there’s the second group of novices who are willing to sell their board for a low price. They’re the newbies who feel at ease on the board right away, but their arrogance gets them into trouble.

Where Should You Begin When Purchasing a Onewheel?

You’ve made the decision to purchase a Onewheel at this point. You’re looking at the used market because you don’t want to pay full price for a Onewheel, and you understand that if you know where to look, you can find used Onewheels in excellent condition. So, where should you begin?

  • Craigslist:

When looking for used goods, this is a no-brainer. Because this site has been around for so long, there are numerous websites and videos available to teach you how to use it.

Making an account and setting alerts/notifications for Onewheels is a Rad Tip I picked up during my search for one. I’ve used Craigslist before, but this was my first time setting alerts, which proved to be very useful in catching a good deal.

For your iPhone or Android, there is an app called Cplus for Craigslist that you might want to try. It’s highly customizable, and it can send notifications to your phone much faster than the website.

  • Marketplace on Facebook:

When compared to Craigslist, this is a newer site, but it has quickly won me over. Set your search criteria and alerts in the Facebook Marketplace by going to the Facebook website or app.

The Facebook Marketplace has an advantage over Craigslist in that you can see and communicate directly with the seller via Facebook Messenger.

You’ll be able to see how long they’ve been a Facebook member and, depending on their privacy settings, you’ll be able to learn a lot about them. This ability to learn more about your seller reduces the chances of falling victim to a con.

How about a search on eBay?

Sites like eBay and online discussion forums can help you search for used Onewheels and get an idea of their market value. Use this data to estimate how much a specific board with a specific number of miles should cost.

Depending on your market, there may be a large or small number of used Onewheels for sale. I live in the Denver area, and I spent over a month watching the used Onewheel market through my notifications before contacting sellers.

During this time, I noticed that every two weeks or so, a used Onewheel would become available. This is highly dependent on your location and season.

Make sure to create an account on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, and set up notifications and alerts for the Onewheel on each website. You’ll be able to take advantage of great deals as they arise. 

What Questions Should You Ask Before Purchasing a Used Onewheel?

Once you’ve found a used Onewheel that you like, the next step is to contact the seller as soon as possible.

As soon as a used Onewheel in good or excellent condition became available, I contacted the seller for more information. You should obviously inquire if basic information such as the condition or mileage is not readily available.

How Should I Examine a Used Onewheel Before Purchasing?

When you meet, double-check that everything you agreed on is still in place. Then go over the Onewheel with a visual inspection.

Examine the device’s overall condition. Examine the foot pads for grip tape sliding, especially the front foot pad. Examine the tire for proper inflation pressure and wear and tear, as well as any visible external damage.

After you’ve double-checked everything, pick up the Onewheel and shake it vigorously to check for any loose parts or rattling.

After that, you should turn on the device and connect it to your app. If this is your first time using Onewheel, make sure you’ve downloaded the app ahead of time.

Connect to the Onewheel via Bluetooth with the app and confirm the mileage. Then, using the app, turn on the Onewheel lights to make sure they’re working.

  • Checklist for Inspecting Used Onewheels

Test the Onewheel in each riding mode if you are an experienced rider. Wear your safety equipment at all times. Consider riding an unfamiliar Onewheel like riding an unfamiliar horse: there’s no point in taking unnecessary risks until you’re familiar with its tendencies.

There is a lot of trust that the machine that keeps you upright inside that device is fully functional. Take it easy and always wear the appropriate safety gear until you’ve gained that faith and trust in this machine.

Verify that everything is charging properly using the app. This is an optional step that depends on whether you have access to an outlet when testing the device.

Onewheelers adore their accoutrements. Fenders, stands, carrybags, floatplates, grip tape, bumpers, handles, helmets, and pads are just a few of the accessories available. Motivated sellers will frequently throw in all of that stuff for next to nothing. I know I was able to find a lot of gently used equipment this way.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if everything meets your expectations, you should have set a price before meeting. Some people may try to haggle and negotiate a lower price at this point, but I believe this is unfair to the seller. If they have taken the time to bring a device that you are interested in and has not been misrepresented in previous communications, then buy it for the agreed price.

Enjoy your used-but-new-to-you Onewheel after you’ve made your payment, and welcome to the family!

You’ll have a better chance of finding a good used Onewheel if you prepare well. Similarly, proper planning will keep you riding safely for a long time.

Make sure to avoid the common blunders that new riders seem to make, and read these articles to ensure a long, happy, and healthy riding career!

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