How much does good skateboard’s equipment cost


How much does good skateboard’s equipment cost you need to know

Usually a nice skateboard will set you back $170. However, there are alternatives that are half the price. Decks, trucks, wheels, and bearings vary in price depending on manufacturer and material. There are numerous viable solutions and significant elements to consider. Are you still utterly lost? Have you spent the last hour scrolling for answers? So, I’m delighted I wrote this! I’m going to tell you all you need to know about how much does good skateboard’s equipment costs. I’ll also give real-life examples and recommendations for your best selections

How much does good skateboard’s equipment cost

Breaking Down the Cost of Skateboarding

Purchasing a skateboard is only the beginning. The extra fees are sometimes underestimated, and they can mount up depending on the style you like. Street skaters frequently have to replace their shoes as the grip tape wears away at the suede.

Buying cheap implies you’ll have to replace parts sooner; premium wheels will last longer, but inexpensive wheels will flat spot easily. The same is true for vehicles; inexpensive trucks deteriorate far faster than luxury trucks.

It’s all about investing in the proper parts within your budget; buying a used skateboard is a smart option if you don’t have much to spend.

To be honest, every activity or sport will cost you money. Running, for example, appears to be inexpensive, but clothing and shoes add up. And, like with skateboarding, you must replace your equipment on a regular basis. It all depends on how you look at it: cheap or expensive. The following is a summary of the overall expenditures for assembling your own skateboard:

Skateboard parts One time cost
Skateboard deck $35 to $65
Skateboard wheels $15 to $50
Skateboard trucks $20 to $80
Bearings $10 to $80
Spacer and hardware $5
Grip tape $6 to $20
Total $91 to $301

Now consider the costs of one-time expenses such as protective gear:

Option gear Costs
Skate tool $6 to $30
Helmet $30 to $50
Knee pads $40 to $80
Total $76 to $160

Finally, consider the typical monthly cost of shoes, jeans, skate park fees, and so on. This is a rough estimate because repairing parts and purchasing replacement gear is dependent on how frequently you skate.

Some skaters must replace their skateboard shoes every two months, while others must replace their skateboard deck every six weeks. This table is far from precise, but it provides a general notion of what to expect.

Gear Average Monthly Costs
Pants $10 to $15
Shoes $20 to $50
Skate park fees $10
Replacing parts (decks, bearings, wheels,…) $10
Total $50 to $85
  • Cost of skateboard decks

A deck can sometimes be purchased for less than $30 during a sale, but the usual cost of a deck is around $50. Not all decks are created equal; choose one from a recognized woodshop or manufacturer.

Then there are blank decks, which are less expensive than those with graphics. Purchasing in quantity lowers the price, but you face the danger of purchasing decks that have been pressed a dozen at a time, resulting in warped decks.

However, you should be safe spending around $50, as some decks can cost up to $200. Powell Peralta flight decks cost over $100 but have specific structures and materials that make them endure longer. Dwindle impact, Santa Cruz VX, and Lithe skateboards all cost more because of their innovative build:

  • Blank skateboard decks: $35.
  • Branded skateboard decks: $50 – $65.
  • Durable skateboard decks: $90 – $200.
  • Branded Decks (Pro Models)

Branded decks are the most expensive, and the price varies based on whatever brand you choose to support. With the exception of a few brands, the quality is nearly the same. It is determined by where they are manufactured.

The graphics contribute to the skateboarding industry (contests, sponsoring, etc). Purchasing a branded deck also helps the industry produce better equipment.

When compared to shop and blank decks, more expensive decks frequently have a better shape. For stunts, for example, make it more concave.

  • Blank Decks – $35 to $40

There isn’t much of a difference between the pro models depending on where you buy your blank deck. They sometimes even come from the same factory. Blank decks have a softer, more basic shape and are ideal for starting to ride. If you buy a blank deck from a substandard batch, it may not last as long. This could be a reasonable choice if you frequently break decks because it costs half the price of a branded deck.

  • Shop Decks – $30 to $40

Some stores sell their own decks. They may have their own skateboard deck press at times, but more often than not, they simply buy them in bulk and put their brand on them. Many skaters I know only buy their gear from their preferred shop. Purchasing a shop deck is an excellent way to support your neighborhood skate shop!

  • Skateboard Truck Prices ($20-$80)

Trucks are also very expensive. For $20, you can acquire CCS or Mini Logo trucks that aren’t very long-lasting but will suffice for a season or two. Independent Titaniums cost roughly $75, which is a significant difference.

Most of the time, costly trucks outperform their less expensive counterparts. Beginners will see little difference, but as you improve, you will notice a difference.

A good quality set of trucks will cost you roughly $40 and will last for years. I wouldn’t skimp on trucks; it takes time to adjust to new trucks, so why not spend a little more? It will be less expensive in the long run.

  • CCS (basic skateboard trucks): $20
  • $25 for decent skateboard trucks (Tensor Alloys).
  • Quality skateboard trucks (Thunder, Independent) cost between $40 and $60.
  • $80 for the most expensive skateboard trucks (Indy titaniums).
  • Cost of Skateboard Wheels ($15 – $60)

There are so many wheels to choose from, and the costs vary so widely that it’s easy to become lost. Mini Logo street skateboard wheels cost roughly $20, whereas Spitfires can cost up to $40. Mini Logo wheels will wear out faster than Spitfires, which are almost impossible to flat spot.

Why is there such a significant pricing difference? Mostly due to the poor quality of the plastic mix (or polyurethane). Mini Logo most likely employs lower-quality plastics, whereas Spitfire and Bones use high-quality materials. This results in wheels that are either average and wear out in one or two seasons, or wheels that can survive for years.

  • Grip Tape Price

Grip tape doesn’t differ much; some are more gritty than others, and others come with prints, which raises the price. Typically, the cheapest grip tape that comes with a deck is sufficient. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. A roll is generally a wise investment if you need to replace or grip tape decks frequently. A single sheet can cost anywhere from $6 to $20.


  • How much Does it Cost to Produce a Skateboard?

The cost of producing a full skateboard is determined by the quality of the material used and where it is created. The complete production process should cost between $30 and $35. After So that’s right from the factory, but you’ll pay between $75 and $150.

Take these figures with a grain of salt; the costs are estimations, and I looked it up, but the information comes from a 2014 comment from a Chinese manufacturer. It should give you an understanding of what goes into making a skateboard and why you spend significantly more than the actual manufacturing costs.

Decks are only $8 to $10 to build and are then supplied to skateboard companies, usually on a contract basis. Skateboard firms sell them to wholesalers, who charge the full retail price.

Wheels are inexpensive to build, but the greatest brands invest heavily in R&D to create the best wheels possible. The same is true for trucks; constructing trucks with high-quality materials is more expensive, yet they only cost $10 to make (estimated).

Why is this the case? Brands must fund their skaters, create events, sell their products, and constantly look for ways to improve their products.

  • How Long Do Skateboards Last?

Reflecting on how hard you skate, how you land on your board, and how well you maintain your equipment are all important considerations. Trucks, bearings, and wheels had lasted me years before I had to replace them. Grinding a lot, especially on rough curbs or ledges, will quickly eat away at trucks. Riding through water rusts the bearings. Skating on rough surfaces or power sliding quickly wears out wheels.

  • Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy Your Skateboard?

Buying a whole skateboard is almost always less expensive. And if you’re a beginner, I strongly advise you to buy a professional-grade complete. Pre-assembled boards are less expensive and usually the preferable option for beginning skaters.

It is much better to build your own board as you progress in the sport and find what you enjoy and dislike. You’ll discover various components that you enjoy, and as pieces break, you’ll just need to spend on the broken ones.


Final thoughts:

How much does good skateboard’s equipments cost ? Choosing the perfect skateboard may be the most difficult aspect of skateboarding, but not for you. A whole skateboard costs between $75 to $150, depending on the quality of the pieces you choose. That is only the beginning; there are several expenditures involved that you may not have considered.

Being wise with your equipment investments and purchasing items on sale (or even used) can save you a lot of money. Taking appropriate care of your equipment, such as mending your shoes and switching the wheels, will help it last longer.


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