How much does a boosted board cost


How much does a boosted board cost – ultimate guide

While electric skateboards are becoming the new popular mode of transportation, there is one very important issue to keep in mind…

How much does it set you back?

Electric skateboards can be as inexpensive as $150 to as expensive as the upper $2,000s, or even more for customized models.

The very popular and powerful Boosted brand can be found somewhere in that range.

Let’s take a look at each Boosted model and its price to see if we can buy them for a lower price…

Enhanced Plus

Every few years, Boosted’s initial electric skateboard (actually a longboard) is updated. The model remains unchanged, but the performance improves.

The current version of the Plus costs $1,399. It has a top speed of 22 mph and a 14-mile extended range. It’s quite costly…

You can finance it over a few months if you’re up for it. The many possibilities are listed below.

  • Total price is $1,440.81 after 6 months of financing at $240.14 per month.
  • Total price is $1,477.27 after 12 months of financing at $123.11/month.
  • Total price is $1,512.25 after 18 months of finance at $84.12/month.

The financing choices are wonderful because you just end up spending a few dollars more in pricing over time. If you can’t get $1,399 out of your bank account, I highly recommend the 12-month payment option.

Boosted Stealth

Stealth has been improved.

The Stealth is the most powerful Boosted board, with a top speed of 24 mph and a range of 14 miles.

It’s not awful, but it’s also the most expensive of the Boosted’s models, at $1,599.

The following are the available financing options:

  • $140.70 each month for 12 months = $1,688.47 total price
  • $96.15 each month for 18 months = $1,730.73 total price
  • $73.90 per month for 24 months = $1,773.66 total price

Obviously, since the Stealth’s pricing is higher than the plus, there are better financing possibilities.

Boosted Mini S 

The Mini S is a smaller, more compact version of the Boosted skateboard.

The Mini S was created because Boosted was urged to create a less expensive choice. The demand was so high that Boosted had to make a mistake… As a result, the Mini S was born.

It is now the cheapest product in their collection.

The Boosted Plus and Stealth have a total length of 38 inches, while the Boosted and Stealth have a total length of 29.5 inches.

The Mini S will set you back $749.

The following are the available financing options:

  • Total pricing is $761.80 after 3 months of financing at $253.93/month.
  • Total pricing is $771.40 after 6 months of financing at $128.56 per month.
  • Total cost is $790.90 if you finance for 12 months at $65.19 per month.

All of these financing alternatives are excellent possibilities for paying off the board.

Consider the board costs $749, and you just have to pay an extra $12.80 for three months, $22.40 for six months, and $41.90 for twelve months with each financing option… That’s insignificant!

You should be able to pay off this board without difficulty.

  • Mini X has been boosted.
  • The Boosted Mini X is the Mini S’s exact twin.
  • The same board and frame were used, but the performance was improved.
  • The Mini X has a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 14 miles, putting it in the Boosted Plus category.
  • It will set you back $999.

Is it a good to buy? 

It could be, but it all depends on how far you need to go. Take the Mini X if you want more range. Save $250 and take the Mini S if you simply need to travel a short distance.

There are a variety of financing options available, including:

  • 6 months at $171.48 per month = $1028.85 total price
  • 6 months at $87.91 per month = $1054.87 total price

Total price is $1080.28 after 12 months of financing at $60.07 per month.

These financing choices, like the Mini S, are incredibly affordable, and you should seriously consider them if you can’t come up with $999 up front.

On EBay, look for bargains…I used to have a lot of fun selling on eBay ,before Amazon blew it out of the water, there was the Amazon,eBay is currently experiencing a downward trend. The good news is that because of the downward tendency, you may get things for a lot less money than you would on other sites or retailers.

For example, I just searched for “Boosted Mini S” on eBay and selected the “new” criteria to find only brand new, never used boards.

I looked through the sold listings and was blown away by the results. One brand new Boosted Mini S had sold for $447.38 in total with shipping as a ‘buy it now’ format… This is incredible. That’s more than $300 off the price of the Mini S on Boosted’s website ($749)!

After that, I performed the same research for the $999 Boosted Mini X. I discovered boards that sold for $775 with free shipping while searching through sold ads. I even found one auction-style bidding that sold for $721.11 plus delivery of $13.78. That’s a savings of $264.22!

Finally, the Boosted Stealth (retails for $1,599) was the greatest value I discovered. I discovered two auction-style listings that sold for $1,026 and $1,243, respectively. $573 and $356, respectively, are the total savings.

Don’t be scared to take your time and browse eBay. Even if you only save $30-$80, that’s a significant save!

A word of caution: While eBay is a terrific location to shop for bargains, there is one thing to keep in mind. The law of supply and demand. If the board you want is’sold out’ on Boosted’s website and other stores, eBay sellers are likely to take advantage of this and raise the price dramatically. You’ll have to wait for the model to be restocked by Boosted (s). 

Is there a way to get a discount or a coupon code?

One more tip is to search the internet for coupon codes and discounts.

For example, on, I discovered the discount code ‘BANGBANG,’ which got me $75 off any Boosted board!

If you’re reading this too late, the discount code may have expired, so you’ll have to do your own research to locate other deals.

Simply Google “boosted board discount codes” and you’ll find a slew of websites and deals. You’ll have to perform your own investigation because many of the codes won’t work.

You’re good to go if the price dropped, but if you receive a message that says, “Enter a valid discount code or gift card,” seek for a new code and try again!

As previously indicated, different codes will appear from time to time, so keep an eye out for them, especially during the holiday shopping season.


Electric skateboards are ideal for both skateboarders and anyone searching for a convenient mode of transportation. If you’re seeking for high-quality boards, Boosted is without a doubt one of the finest.

With so many amazing models to pick from, we’re certain you’ll discover the ideal board.

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