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How fast is onewheel you need to know

Have you ever wondered How fast is onewheel? Onewheel is becoming a more common mode of transportation for commuters all around the world. Onewheel replicas are popping up all over the place on the streets… downtown, schools, office buildings, and so on. These electric skateboards in the shape of a unicycle are attracting a lot of interest. That poses the issue of us reviewers…

How quickly do they move?

Even if you’re not overly concerned about speed and performance, it’s crucial to request safety. You don’t want to go off any board at fast speeds, after all…

How fast do Onewheel’s boards claim to be?

On their website, they state:

  • The highest speed of the Onewheel XR is 19 mph.
  • The Onewheel Pint can reach a peak speed of 16 miles per hour.

However, this is what Onewheel promises their boards can accomplish, not what you could encounter on your own.

How Fast Did The Ownboards Respond During Our Tests?

We discovered that Ownboard underestimated the peak speed capabilities after riding both versions for nearly a month.

Because I’m about 80kg, I expected the highest speed to be a little lower than the XR’s manufacturer rated speed.

But…On the XR, I was able to get 21 mph, but in most riding modes, I was receiving pushback between 16 and 18 mph depending on the ride mode.

On the Pint, I was able to hit the reported 15 mph (below the advertised speed), with pushback averaging about 13 mph at times.

Is it possible that I could have gone faster? 

Possibly… On the XR, I’m guessing I might have achieved 23 mph and approximately 17 mph on the Pint.

Regardless, regardless of how ridiculous the ride setting was, the boards aren’t actually built to go any faster at such speeds. For my own sake, I didn’t want to push it any farther.

What Factors Influence Speed?

Nobody will have the same peak speed on their Onewheel, or any electric skateboard for that matter, regardless of what anyone says.

Speed is influenced by a variety of factors, including:

  • Weight of the rider
  • Terrain
  • Incline

The board must battle more against the force of gravity when the rider is heavier. A heavier individual exerts a greater downward pull on the ground, resulting in more friction between the board’s wheel(s) and the ground and a slower peak speed. This is why, before purchasing any board, it’s critical to check its maximum load/weight capability (both Onewheel models are 275lbs). If you’re a heavier person, buying a board with a low maximum load may result in a bad ride with poor performance.

Terrain is also important, especially for boards that can ride ‘all-terrain’ such as the woods, gravel, dirt baths, mud, and so on… On a lumpy dirt road, rather than fresh new street pavement, you’ll be travelling much more slowly. If you’re truly looking for a rush, you’ll have to keep your Ownboard on the road, because the rougher the terrain, the slower you’ll be.

Finally, there is the inclination. Guys, use your common sense and physics… The steeper the hill, the more your board will have to defy gravity’s downward force. And as the mound grows larger, the worse it becomes.

What Is The Difference Between Onewheel Pushback And Ride Modes?

Let me clarify what I’m talking about for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. Both Onewheel versions have a ‘pushback’ mechanism, which is a safety precaution that prevents riders from overspeeding and collapsing flat on their faces. Even though Onewheel is a self-balancing board with only one wheel, it may nonetheless nose dive forward and send you tumbling face first onto the earth.

When you start leaning forward too far or your pace is too high, the pushback feature will activate. The pushback will warn you to slow down, but if you don’t, you may end up face down on the pavement.

Although pushback prevents you from reaching faster speeds, it is also highly important. If you want to go faster but the pushback is preventing you from doing so, my recommendation is to switch to a more aggressive ride mode…

Onewheel’s boards are unusual in that they are coupled with software that allows you to ride in several modes. Depending on the ride mode you select, you will get a distinct experience. You may select rides that are best suited for cruising, all-terrain, speed, battery economy, and a variety of other factors.

The Onewheel app, which connects to your board wirelessly, allows you to change ride modes. If you’re just interested in becoming a speed demon, you may take advantage of this!

You’ll be more at risk of injury if you switch to a quicker and more aggressive technique.

Check out the list below for a better understanding of the various ride modes and their associated speeds:

  • Classic – Maximum Speed 12 mph
  • Extreme – Maximum Speed 15 mph
  • Elevated – Maximum Speed 15 mph
  • Sequoia – Maximum Speed 12 mph
  • Cruz – Maximum Speed 15 MP
  • Mission – Maximum Speed 19 mph
  • Delirium – Maximum Speed 20 mph
  • Elevated – Maximum Speed 19 mph

What Are the Opinions of Other Onewheel Owners?

I’ve seen some riders claim insanely high speeds on Reddit and Onewheel forums…

The fastest speed I’ve heard is that one Redditor claimed he went nearly 28 mph on his Onewheel XR, forcing him to crash and suffer scratches and bruises as a result. Of course, this is not at all suggested, since pushing your board to its limits might have disastrous effects and result in serious injuries.

Others claimed to have reached speeds of about 26 mph, resulting in serious injuries.

Another Redditor stated on a forum that he can get 21 mph, but anyone who claims to be able to drive faster is simply overconfident. “You might as well wear safety gear in case you nosedive,” he adds, if you’re going to drive your board to unsafe speeds.

In terms of the Pint, I heard someone claim a high speed of 19 mph, with pushback at roughly 15 mph. Keep in mind that these are severe speeds; don’t expect to be able to maintain them all of the time. 

When compared to the competition, how fast is it?

In reality, there isn’t much competition for Onewheel… It’s a vehicle that’s so one-of-a-kind that it’s in a class by itself! Onewheel reminds me of the Can-am three-wheeled’motorcycles’ that are popular nowadays. Many people don’t even think of them when they think of motorbikes

Although many people mistakenly identify the XR and Pint with electric skateboards, they are not. But let’s pretend it’s an electric skateboard for the sake of argument. In terms of speed, how do the Oenwheel models compare to others?

They’re a touch sluggish, to be honest… Top speeds on the XR and Pint are approximately 19 and 16 mph, respectively, which isn’t even close to some other manufacturers’ boards, which can reach speeds of around 30 mph.

  • Meepo V3 – top speed of 28 mph
  • WowGo Mini – maximum speed of 24 mph
  • Boosted Plus – 22 miles per hour
  • Evolve Carbon GTR – top speed of 24 mph
  • 24 mph Backfire G2


These are only a handful of the possibilities… I could construct an entire excel spreadsheet of quicker boards. So, what does all of this mean?

Depending on how you want to describe it, the Onewheel was not meant for speed and/or it already has enough speed! The case is now closed.

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