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Fastest Electric Skateboards Reviews and Guide

Because we live in a society where time is a valuable commodity, we thrive on finding ways to save time wherever feasible. We enjoy traveling quickly, and we enjoy fast automobiles, fast bikes, fast flights, and now fast electric skateboards. Over the last few years, e-boards have grown in popularity. They are ideal for commuting since they are tiny, mobile, convenient, and, most importantly, enjoyable to ride.

When we show individuals who have never seen an electric skateboard before, one of the first questions they will ask is how fast they can go. We are all fascinated by high speeds. The thrill of driving and riding fast, as well as the adrenaline rush and power that comes with it, are all highly appealing. So, which is the fastest electric skateboards?

Weight of the rider: 

While electric skateboards have a powerful power-to-weight ratio comparable to the fastest Tesla, an e-board with a rider only has a modest power-to-weight ratio comparable to a Toyota Prius. The slower an e-board is, the bigger and heavier the rider is. Large and heavy riders will not be able to achieve the promised maximum speeds shown in the tables above and below.

The electric speed controller (ESC) is an electronic component and mechanism that controls the motor’s drive and speed. Fast e-boards require an ESC capable of and optimized for top speed, as it delivers the motor with the optimal quantity of electric power.

  • Wheel size:

Larger wheels result in a faster top speed but slower acceleration and torque. Smaller wheels give a slower top speed but better torque and acceleration. Because of the friction and drag, off-road or all-terrain wheels provide a lot of riding comfort, but they also have a reduced top speed and range.

Battery charge: The quantity of charge in the battery has an impact on how quickly an e-board moves. The battery’s ability to reach and maintain high speed decreases as the battery’s charge depletes. When the battery level drops below a certain percentage, many e-board riders notice a drop in performance.

Because electric motors are high-revving, they only require one gear ratio (20.000 RPM are still fine). It is efficient over a wide RPM range and delivers excellent torque at low RPM. An electric motor can simply be geared for maximum speed while maintaining enough torque and acceleration. E-boards built to move fast require a specific gear ratio (just belt motors). Hub motors are “direct driven,” meaning they have a one-to-one drive ratio.

  • Manufacturers of electric skateboards face numerous challenges.

Manufacturing a quick electric skateboard is difficult. On an electric skateboard, reaching faster speeds necessitates specific engineering. To achieve reliable and efficient high speeds, the motors, battery pack, brakes, deck, trucks, wheel size, and electric speed controller should all be properly optimized. As a result, the vast majority of mass-produced electric skateboards are slow. That is, of course, acceptable; the bulk of clients lack the necessary experience and skill to make an informed decision when purchasing such fast boards.

The most difficult challenge for electric skateboard manufacturers is to develop and build an e-board that not only achieves high speeds but also lasts long enough to be a viable buy for its customers. Keep in mind that the motor, battery pack, and braking system (particularly the regenerative brakes) all have to withstand higher temperatures at high speeds. Additionally, the deck, wheels, trucks, and every other component on the e-board are subjected to vibrations and other physical stress that they must withstand.

These factors make it difficult for electric skateboard manufacturers to create e-boards with high maximum speeds. This does not, however, imply that they are not attempting. Faster boards are being introduced to the market with each passing year.

  • Fast Electric Skateboards’ Benefits

You are simply faster with fast electric skateboards. You will travel through towns and cities more quickly. The main benefit is that you have more power. Even if you don’t use these high peak speeds, boards with high maximum speeds have more power and so accelerate faster. You usually have higher torque and acceleration, making it easier to travel up slopes.

Advantages of Fast Electric Skateboards:

  • Overall, a fast electric vehicle
  • More strength
  • Toques and better acceleration
  • Ability to climb hills better
  • Fast E-boards Have Drawbacks

Disadvantages of Fast E-boards:

Electric skateboards are fast, but they have drawbacks. A powerful motor and battery are required for an e-board to be fast, and these components add weight to the board. You should be aware that a quick electric skateboard will also be a heavy one. The board will be bigger overall due to the heavier pieces and construction structure. Furthermore, if you frequently employ the available high speeds, your board will most likely not last long. High speeds generate a lot of heat and put a lot of physical stress on the parts of your boards, making them more susceptible to damage over time. Another thing to keep in mind is that the faster your board is, the less likely it is to be legal in the future. Electric skateboards are prohibited to ride on the street in most nations and states. Many countries and states have yet to pass rules governing electronic bulletin boards. As a result, there’s a good chance that our e-boards will be legal to ride at some point. Future rules, on the other hand, will almost certainly limit speed in some ways.

  • Heavier
  • Bulkier
  • There’s a slim chance they’re legal.
  • For more experienced bikers
  • When ridden quickly frequently, the boards will not last long.

What Else Should You Think About When Purchasing a Fast Electric Skateboard?

  • Riding Techniques

The majority of the boards on my list are not suitable for beginners. Some businesses even claim that their boards are not suitable for amateurs. I don’t want to spoil the fun, but if you want to ride quickly, you’ll need significant riding abilities. You don’t have to ride fast if you don’t want to because almost all of the boards have different speeds and riding settings.

  • Concerns about safety

A moving object’s kinetic energy grows in direct proportion to its speed squared. In other words, if you move at 20 mph (32 km/h), you will get four times the damage (and will therefore do four times the harm) as someone moving at 10 mph (16 km/h). At 40 mph (64 km/h) (and yes, there are e-boards that can achieve this speed), the impact energy is 16 times higher!

Furthermore, driving at higher speeds gives you less time to react and increases your stopping distance! Your stopping distance will be double if you double your speed.

  • Protective Equipment

We don’t have the same heavy metal shielding layer as cars when we crash. All we have to protect ourselves is our protective gear (helmets, gloves, knee and elbow pads), clothing, and eventually our skin. Check out my article here if you want to learn more about the best e-skating helmets. Please ride at a safe speed and always wear your safety equipment!


If you have the Fastest Electric Skateboards, it can be a fun way to travel around town or ride around the block. As you can see, selecting an Electric Skateboard requires some thought, especially when purchasing high-end things.

We hope you found this information useful and that it has answered all of your questions regarding purchasing an electric skateboard. You may acquire the quickest electric skateboard that suits your needs and your budget by following the above instructions.

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