Electric Skateboards Waterproof


Electric Skateboards Waterproof – some information you need to know

On a bright or rainy day, an electric skateboard is only as good as it is useful, so be sure yours is waterproof.

Why buying the best Electric Skateboards Waterproof that will sit in your garage collecting dust when you could be out in the rain enjoying the time of your life like other riders? Don’t allow rain or damp weather keep you from riding outside; check out our guide to waterproof electric skateboards.

But, as we’ll see below, there’s a catch.

In conclusion, if you live in a wet region, you should invest in an electric skateboard that is at the very least water resistant, if not completely waterproof.

What Is the Waterproof/IP Rating System on an Electric Skateboard?

The beauty of having an e-skateboard is that you can find boards that can be used in any weather, but you must ensure that every component is secured from water damage.

Some electric skateboards are neither waterproof or water resistant because their electronic components are not adequately protected from water contact.

If water comes into contact with metallic or electronic components, you will surely have movement problems and unnecessary friction, resulting in rusted bearings and nuts.

Water will easily harm the battery if it is not protected.

When shopping, look for the IP rating system to see if the e-skateboard is waterproof before using it in the rain or through puddles.

IP stands for ingress progression, and it assigns a level of protection against outside elements including dust, water, and other foreign agents.

Keep in mind that, although being water resistant, electric skateboards lack IP certifications for their boards.

The results are:

  • IP 54 (protected from dust and spraying water)
  • IP 55 (protected from dust and splashing water)
  • IP 65 (dust tight and splashing water protection)

We’ve put together a table that compares the most popular electric skateboard brands and whether or not they’re IP rated.

The IP ratings listed above are just for spraying or splashing water; therefore, be sure the board isn’t completely drenched or immersed.

  • What Decking Materials are Waterproof?

Your e-decks skateboard’s may or may not be waterproof, depending on the materials used in its manufacturing.

Because most traditional decks are made of wood and are treated with paint, honey wax, and other varnishes, they are usually water-resistant. They do, however, become weaker over time as water seeps into the mounting holes. It can also cause splintering and fractures in timber boards.

Waterproof decks, on the other hand, are built of composite materials like plastic, carbon fiber, or fiberglass.

These sorts of decks are perfect since they are waterproof, so you can get wet or ride for hours in the rain without worries.

Wiping down your board after riding in the rain, regardless of the time of season, is recommended to prevent mud and residue from drying on it.

  • Which parts are waterproof and which are not?

Before deciding on an e-skateboard, you should undertake a thorough review of the parts to determine which are waterproof and which are not.

If you’re taking the DIY way, doing so will help you save money and avoid wasting resources.

The parts that are watertight are:

  • Fiberglass, acrylic, and carbon fiber decks are the best options.
  • Batteries are protected from water by being sealed in a plastic casing.
  • Bluetooth receivers and remote controls with suitable rain protection, such that the materials enclosed are waterproof.
  • Hub motors are embedded in the wheels and are sealed with rubber to prevent water from entering the electric motor.
  • Steel vehicles are also resistant to rust.

Although the following components are not waterproof, you can work on them to keep them safe and functional for as long as you want:

  • Bearings: 

Because they are readily damaged when they come into touch with water, you must routinely grease them to prevent rust. Ceramic models or sealed grease-filled versions with a protective shield on both sides can alternatively be used in their stead.

To avoid rusting, wipe the bolts and nuts dry twice or more per week, depending on usage.

  • Wheels: 

Buying and installing wheel protectors is a preferable alternative because wheels are not watertight.

A waterproof e-skateboard may be submerged completely in water for an extended period of time without a single drop of water entering the inside components. In the electric skateboard industry, a totally waterproof electric skateboard is not currently widespread, but as technology advances, this should become more frequent in the near future.

When riding on damp ground after rain, however, a water-resistant e-skateboard ensures that water does not easily get into the parts.

Is it possible for me to waterproof my existing electric skateboard?

Yes, you can waterproof your existing electric skateboard without seeking professional assistance.

A waterproof sealer can also be used in the crack between the board’s underside and the battery carriage.

Waterproofing glue can also be used for the same reason.

Closed-cell neoprene foam can also be utilized to replace the battery’s stock foam underside. It will prevent water from leaking into the battery because it is completely waterproof.

  • Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Skateboard

After Riding in the Rain, Dry Your Board

After riding in rainy weather, it’s critical to dry your board. When you reach home, we recommend removing the battery (if it is easily removable), holding it up so it stands upright, and towel drying any moist parts.

Make sure to completely dry the battery socket and electronic parts. Allow the board to dry for a few hours or check that it is completely dry before replacing the battery.

  • Keep the Bearings Safe

Bearings are the components of an electric skateboard that allow the wheels to spin freely. When riding in the rain, ensure sure the vehicles are completely dry to avoid corrosion. Regularly oiling the bearings is also a good idea.

Water has damaged my electric skateboard. What am I supposed to do?

Your board may have water damage if it has been exposed to water and you have noticed one or more of the following indicators.

The electric skateboard will not turn on.

The board turns on but does not move.

The battery isn’t charging.


The main purpose to acquire a waterproof electric skateboard is not to ride in the rain or through pools of water for lengthy periods of time, but for those rare occasions when the weather is unpredictable and you end up stuck.

When electric skateboarding in rainy weather, you are taking a danger, but obtaining a waterproof electric skateboard can reduce the risks. When a non-waterproof board comes into touch with water, it can soon get ruined.

Take the required precautions, though, as the roads will become slick if it rains. As a result, for your own safety, always ride your e-skateboard on a rainy day when you are fully clothed from head to knee.

To avoid voiding the manufacturer’s warranty, keep in mind that best Electric Skateboards Waterproof are more water-resistant than waterproof.

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