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Electric Skateboard Lights – See and be seen

Lights are required if you wish to ride your electric skateboard in the dark. Lights are the most critical piece of eskates equipment after an approved helmet and other protective clothing. I live in central Europe, and in the spring and autumn, I adore riding my board. Riding without lights is nearly impossible and certainly dangerous due to the late sunrises and early sunsets. I can ride my electric skateboard securely at night with the correct headlights and taillights. I conducted a lot of study on e-skateboarding lighting. Here are the outcomes.

So let’s all attempt to ride more safely and raise driver awareness by using Electric Skateboard Lights

So you want to ride your electric skateboard all night long? Let’s look at things you should think about before purchasing lighting for your electric skateboard. On the market, there are numerous lighting solutions for skateboards.

Is it more important to see or to be seen?

Both, hopefully! If you are an e-boarder and want to have safety lights installed on your electric skateboard, you must first decide whether you want to be seen or be able to see. There’s a distinction to be made between the two.

If you wish to see the pavement in the dark, make sure you have a bright white headlight installed on your board. That way, you can see what’s ahead of your board and illuminate your route. Keep in mind, however, that these headlights must be quite powerful and dazzling. Otherwise, Jon Snow, you don’t see anything.

A red tail light is required if you wish to be spotted while e-skating. You’ll avoid being hit from behind by a car or even a bicycle this way. Aside from taillights, there are a variety of other ways to guarantee that you are spotted. All of them are listed in this article.

What kind of lighting should you guys use?

Electric skateboards are a newer product on the market. As a result, there aren’t many companies committed to producing lighting alternatives specifically for e-boarders. However, we can learn from comparable activity by looking at them.

  • Lights for bicycles
  • Lights for scooters
  • Lights for runners

There are numerous solutions available to us on the market. Bike lights have been around for decades and have continued to evolve. Unfortunately, most bike lights lack the essential mounting and shockproofing capabilities required for eboards. However, in this essay, I’ve included the most inventive mounting solution. Continue reading to learn about the most important characteristic of eboard lights.

Fortunately, some firms have created lights specifically for longboards, skateboards, and eboards! “Shred Lights” is the most popular. Eboard lights are also made by “ILLume” and “Koowheel.”

  • Brightness

Headlights, other lights for visibility, and their brightness are the most crucial considerations for any vehicle operating at night.

Headlights are necessary for the rider to see the road ahead of the board, but other road users must also see you. As a result, headlights are vital not only for our eyesight but also for our visibility!

Even a small stone might be a deadly hurdle for an electric skateboard. We want to make sure that the pavement in front of us is safe to ride on to avoid the risks that lie ahead.

  • Lightweight

We also want to make sure our electric skateboard’s lights aren’t too hefty. We’re looking for something compact and light.

  • Waterproof | resistant to water

You’ll almost certainly ride your electric skateboard on a wet road at some point. Perhaps you opted to ride your bike to work and it started raining during the day. It’s very likely that you’ll have to ride your electric skateboard in the rain. Wet roads do not have to be an insurmountable barrier. Your electric skateboard, as well as your lights, particularly your headlights, should be water resistant, if not waterproof. The IP standard can be used to determine whether your lights are waterproof or water resistant.

  • Vibration-proof

Your lights should also be shock and vibration resistant. This may not be noticeable at first, but we bike a lot on bumpy streets. Vibrations can be caused by small cracks and holes in the pavement. The electronic components of electric skateboards are designed to be vibration and shock resistant. Lights and headlights should also be shockproof when we look for them.

  • Installation and removal are simple.

Another important factor to consider is the ease with which your lights can be installed and removed. It’s incredibly convenient to lock up your electric skateboard if you don’t want to carry it around all the time. It is conceivable, though, to forget to turn off the lights. People are usually courteous and won’t take from your board, but it does happen. My bicycle lights have been stolen twice already. So now I use lights that are simple to install and remove, and I remove them as soon as I secure my bicycle. I have not required to purchase new lights since purchasing easy to install and remove lights.

  • Battery

Will the lights have their own battery or will your electric skateboard’s battery be drained? It is much more convenient, in my opinion, if the headlights have their own batteries. When you want to kick push or ride an electric skateboard in the dark, you won’t have to rely on your board’s batteries to see something. A light battery should usually last a long time, at least for a few night journeys. Furthermore, the majority of the lights may be charged using a typical USB cord.

  • Brand reputation – quality

It is critical to choose head and tail lights from a reputable manufacturer. You don’t want to go cheap if you want to protect yourself. There are several reputable companies with a decent reputation out there.

  • Price

Electric skateboard lights come in a wide price range. There are inexpensive removable bicycle lights on the market, as well as lights that cost more than $100. However, within your budget, you can obtain decent quality, high-brightness, water-resistant, and shockproof lights. Going cheap on headlights, in my opinion, is not worth it. Good headlights that are weather resistant, shockproof, well-built, and brilliant are well worth the money.


There are numerous Electric Skateboard Lights options available today. Do not be concerned about the lack of a lighting system on most e-skates. You can choose from a variety of low-cost alternatives that secure your safety and visibility. Backpack lights, LED armbands, and strap-on helmets are among the alternatives. LED helmets and other industry-standard e-skateboard lights are also available.

The most important thing is to ride your e-skateboard safely on the road at night. Yes, ride your Longboard in locations with little natural light to keep yourself safe.


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