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Important things to know about electric skateboard laws

Young people and skateboard lovers are getting excited about electric skateboards lately. The 4 Wheel Electric Skateboard is greatly improved from the traditional skateboard, thanks to the power mechanism from battery power or charging.

Sapo: Unlike a Balancer or Electric Scooter the 4 Wheel Electric Skateboard is much more compact. Its appearance and top surface are no different from regular mechanical skis compact size, flat surface with additional anti-slip coating for the user, 4 wheels depending on the manufacturer will be changed on quality, reinforcement with less vibration… In this article, let’s learn about electric skateboard laws in different countries!

Why are electric skateboards not street legal?

Electric skateboards are a new means of transportation. They are relatively new on the market and therefore, in some cases, are an exotic transport device. There are currently no (or very few) laws governing the use of electric skateboards. Electronic boards have become more and more popular in recent years. Before that, hardly anyone had been riding electric skateboards through the streets. Currently electric skateboards are legally owned in all countries. We need to wait for the law to be finalized. That may take several years to do. Segways and e-bikes are at first illegal in the US and most other countries. But successful lobbying and acceptance eventually gave them the legal right to use public property in various locations. Most laws are enacted within 5 years. Therefore, there is a process for new types of personal traffic to be legally accepted. We just need to be patient and wait for the law to be enacted.

Only in the last few years have we seen some electric skateboards in major cities or capitals. As a result, the police and the law are slowly beginning to pay attention to these electrically transported equipment.

How can I ride them without getting in trouble?

If you live in capitals, big cities and in the inner city, there is a lot more police around. So if you use these electric skateboards on the outskirts of the big city, you might be safer. Whether or not you get fined for riding electric skateboards depends on the seriousness of the police where you live. However, if you ride in a considerate and polite manner, the police will not make you too difficult. You can ride as long as you ride safely and take care of those around you.

Some tips for you to use the electric skateboard without any trouble:

Ride in a considerate and polite manner

Always wear a helmet

Ride within speed limits

If you drive to the curb, make sure not to disturb and obstruct pedestrians

When riding at night, be sure to have lights, reflectors, and possibly a hand bell

Bring your skateboard if you are in a crowded area..

Electric skateboard laws in US

Electric skateboard laws in Texas

Now in Texas they regulate the electric skateboard law the same way it regulates bicycles and motorcycles. It is the same law; they are officially classified as “Motor-assisted scooters”, although they may also fall under the definitions of “neighborhood electric vehicles” and “electric personal assistive mobility devices”, depending on depends on how you interpret the definition of each category. In general, “powered scooters” will be the definition you want to focus on.

Under these regulations in Texas, electric skateboards can only be operated on streets or highways where the speed limit is 35 mph or less. You can cross the road at an intersection with a higher speed limit, just don’t go down. This means you cannot ride on most streets, but you are allowed to ride in a bike lane on any street regardless of the speed limit. You can also ride on any sidewalk.

Electric skateboard laws in California

The relevant law in California for you to find in more detail is Prop 604 of Congress. In California, as of January 1, 2016 the ‘electromechanical panel’ can be used by people over the age of 16 at speeds up to 15 mph (24 km / h) on streets where speed is limited. is less than 35 miles per hour (56 km / h) as long as they wear a helmet and obey the driving / drug laws. The board must have a speed limit of 20 miles per hour (32 km / h), designed for transporting a person and has a power of less than 1000 watts. To ride at night, you must have a white light that illuminates the road ahead and is visible from a distance of 300 feet. You will also need a red top reflector visible from 500 feet away, and the white or yellow reflectors on the sides visible from 200 feet away.

Electric skateboard laws in Florida

Florida’s laws are stricter. Technically, in Florida, it is illegal to use electric skateboards on public property. All motor vehicles in Florida must be registered in order to operate legally, and there is no way to register a skateboard. So you cannot ride electric skateboard on the road. You also cannot ride on the sidewalk, in a bike lane, or bike lane. The only place you can legally ride an electric skateboard in Florida is privately owned, i.e. your own driveway or a supervised community.

Electric skateboard laws in Michigan

In Michigan, the Michigan House of Representatives recently passed a law that allows electric skateboards to travel on the roads like bicycles and cars. The bill provides that the speed of electric skateboards will be limited to 25 mph. The measure still needs to get Senate approval before it can be passed into law.

Electric skateboard laws in Newyork

In fact, there are no laws pertaining to electric skateboards in New York.

However, to use electric bicycles in New York you should follow all the rules that apply to non-motorized skis as well as electric bicycles and e-scooters.

Do not ride on sidewalks because the sidewalk is for pedestrians. It’s insecure and you’re asking for an accident / injury to happen. Electric bicycles and e-scooters do it against the law, so you should avoid doing it on electronic boards.

Travel in bicycle lane (If applicable)

As you know, New York City has a plethora of bike lanes on most boulevards, streets, and roads. Designed to keep cyclists safe from vehicle and pedestrian accidents, the bike lane is a great place to go!

Don’t assume you have the right of the road. New York law requires electronic scooters to give way to pedestrians. You on electric skateboards must do the same.

Slow down and give power to others.

Electric skateboard laws in UK

There is some confusion among the public about whether electric skateboards regulated as hoverboards or bundled with electric bicycles are legal. However, according to the legal definition of electric bikes it is very clear that electric skateboards are different. In the UK, an electric bicycle by definition has a pedal. The skateboard has no pedals and is therefore not an electric bike. Electric skateboards are regulated just like hoverboards and Segways. That is, they are illegal on public property in England.

The good news for electronic board enthusiasts in the UK is that many places do not seem to enforce these regulations strictly, and even in London it is not uncommon to see people walking down the sidewalk on their electronic boards. surname. As in Florida, you are at your own risk. Electric skateboards are illegal and riders will be fined and have their boards forfeited if caught.

The UK government is currently looking at different ways to regulate the use of electric skateboards, so it is likely that in the near future they will have more specific regulations such as California and Texas.

Electric skateboard laws in Canada

As in the United States, there doesn’t seem to be any nationwide law in Canada that allows or restricts the use of electric skateboards. Each province is free to adjust the electronic board as desired. Furthermore, just as in the US and UK, each municipality is also allowed to add additional rules regarding their use.

Currently most provinces in Canada do not have specific regulations regarding electric skateboards. If you’re worried about the legality of riding an electric skateboard then it’s a good idea to check local law on hoverboards or Solowheels. These are very different devices, but often in places where there is no specific regulation on electronic boards, they are lumped together because they work in the same way and they are used for similar purposes. .

Each municipality is free to decide if they allow electric skateboards to be placed on its sidewalks. Toronto doesn’t, but other places might be fine with it. That information isn’t always easily accessible online, so you may need to contact your local government directly.

Electric skateboard laws in Australia

Australian Road Law classifies electric skateboards as “recreational equipment with wheels”. Like legal codes in Canada and the UK, there is practically no specific mention of electronic boards in the law. Australia treats electronic boards a little differently from everyone else, because they don’t consider them the same type as other motor vehicles.

Wheeled recreational devices are prohibited on any road with a median or median strip, any road with a speed limit greater than 50 km per hour, or one-way street with more than one lane the road is not marked. It is also forbidden to use them on any roads at night.

If you can find a road where you can legally use your electronic board or even while you are walking on the sidewalk, you have to go as far left of the road as possible and you cannot go next to together with many other pedestrians. You must wear a helmet whenever using an electronic board on a road or road related area.

Electric skateboard laws in Europe

There is no EU regulation for electric skateboards, so the member states have different policies. Most classify them as Light EVs, along with electric scooters and bicycles. Finland requires riders to register and ensure their board is light moped based on their top speed. Denmark, Belgium and Germany allow them provided you don’t exceed a certain speed. Norway sees them like bicycles, and they are also legal in Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland, Greece, and Spain. France is working on legislation to allow them. In the rest of Europe they are a gray area. Outside of Austria and Turkey, there are no specific laws banning them, but they tend to be bundled with hoverboards and Segways and regulated that way. This means that for much of Europe, electric skateboards are still not legal on the streets.

Cautions when using electric skateboards

Electric skateboards are often considered as a recreational toy. Yes, it may be a toy, but it is a toy for responsible, mature and self-conscious people because if not properly used and handled the electric skateboard can be very dangerous. It can completely cause serious injury or even death.

So make sure you, your kids, or your loved ones make sure of the following when using electric skateboards:

Never ride without a helmet.

Additional protective gear, like knee and elbow pads, can protect you from nasty injuries.

Make sure you are seen at night using light.

Be careful when animals pass by. Beware of dogs. Try to get over them slowly.

Above are my devotion to you about electric skateboard laws and related things. Because it is my passion, please read and learn carefully! Wish you have a smooth trip with electric skateboard laws.


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