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What are the best ways to choose a good electric skateboard kit?


The development of technology has led to the modernized versions of so many vehicles and skateboard is not an exception. Nowadays, there are a huge number of electric skateboard kits created to bring a more healthy and fun transportation method for people. If you are still considering which is the best option for you, just follow our advices below.

What are the differences between regular skateboards and electric skateboards?

It is not hard to figure out the differences between a regular and an electric board. If riding on a regular skateboard always needs you to concentrate on the street and incoming traffic, riding on an electric one is much easier. Of course you still have to pay attention to things around you. But you will have more chances to look around for some breathtaking sightseeings or even smell the flowers. Thanks to the advanced technology of the e-board, the power, motor, braking system and speed are much better than a normal one. As a result, you can have a much safer ride while still being able to enjoy yourself.

What are the advantages of electric skateboard kit?

  • Customization

An electric skateboard kit often offers more customization options for riders than a regular one. It allows its customers to make infinite variations by utilizing a hefty battery (which is paired to a VESC) along with powerful belt motors. Thanks to the perfect specs, USA based customer support, customization, BKB and extra options, riders can achieve an incredible kit for themselves. Thus, they can create more amazing experience with their favorite skateboards. Learning some tricks with e-boards is now not a difficult task for anyone.

An electric skateboard kit often offers more customization options for riders than a regular one


  • Value and prize

A lot of people make a decision based on the cost of a product. That is totally normal. With an electric skateboard kit, the price may be a little bit higher than a regular skateboard kit; and with different brands, the numbers will be different. At the moment, the affordable price for an electric skateboard kit starts at $300. However, the higher the price is, the better quality and more modernized it may be. You don’t need to worry too much about this problem. Just need to check out everything about the product as carefully as possible.

  • Fun!

Riding on an electric skateboard is really fun, of course. Thanks to the amazing electric engine which can help the board to accelerate up to more than 20 miles per hours and brake with just a touch of button, skateboarders can create tricks or commute around much easily. If you are a beginner, you can use the leaerner mode with slow acceleration and minimal power. Gradually, you can train yourself to control the system without the help of anyone. It can be said that steering an e-board is simple and is appropriate with everyone. Then, what’s more fun and exciting?

What are the disadvantages of electric skateboard kit?

  • Time-wasting

If you are going to buy an electric skateboard kit, you may have to do a lot of research in order to find the best fit for you. Because this kind of products cost a lot of money, of course, you need more time to make a decision. It is also necessary to avoid choosing the false components which may result in danger. So even thought it is a little bit time-wasting, you will be able to know clearly about all the technical and mechanical information about this product. Therefore, you can have safer and more exciting experience.

  • Safety risks

The modern technology included in the e-boards enables you to ride faster with more tricky techniques than the normal ones. You can reach the speed of 25 miles per hour. Therefore, one small mistake along the way can lead to a very bad result. The damage from accidents may be more serious so you have to really be careful when riding with this smart device. Even though it has protection parts and predictability, especially for the first learners, you still have to be careful on the streets. Investing in the right safety equipments is truly an intelligent idea.

  • High-end parts

The high-end parts require the owners to always take care of them if they want to keep these equipments for a long period of time. Because they are electric devices, you should not keep them in wet places. When putting in your bag or backpack, do not throw carelessly somewhere as this may make them fall apart and break into small pieces easily. Usually pay attention to the advanced version and see whether your device needs to upgrade to get better quality. Last but not least, when it comes to combination, you should look for the compatible parts to work well with your current ones.

Buying guide for an ideal electric skateboard kit

  • Types of wheels

The greatest kinds of wheels should be made from Urethane because they are long-lasting. Hence, they can prevent wheel bite in the long term. However, so as to enjoy a smooth and stable ride without a frequent change of wheels, you should choose the right size and type at the beginning.

  • How easy is it to build?

If you possess great technical skills along with some experience with DIY tricks, building an electric skateboard kit is not a difficult task for you. You can totally create a perfect product that serves you well while ensuring safety. Nevertheless, you ought to look for trustful brands to make your job simplier. Don’t choose those above your technical level, or else, all your effort will be useless.

  • Motor

Having the greatest motor type available can ensure you the best speed for your electric skateboard. As a result, you can go as fast as you want when climbing or accelerating, the brake system will be effective and your electric board will become powerful.

Different motor types will contain the hub motors. They are lightweight with less drag, less noise, great brakes and just need a few maintenance sessions. In the meanwhile, the geared motor provide you with more torque, better acceleration and braking system.

  • Range

When choosing the appropriate electric skateboard kit, knowing its right range is extremely important. You ought to know some crucial questions such as: Is it used for feeling the wind over your face in your journey? For adventurous trips off-road? Or for commuting from location to location? Sometimes, people buy an e-board for riding, commuting, or just to have some fun with friends. Those want to have fun do not need as much range as a commuter. Those like off-road may require more mile so they will not get stuck on escapades. Thus, you should make a list of all these things, don’t miss out these information when selecting the right battery and motor size and type. Then in the end, you can save a lot of time and money for your purchase process.

  • Battery

One of the most essential factors that you should not skip when choosing a good electric skateboard kit is the battery lifespan, quality and make. The battery size and quality can determine the best outcome and the range you may get out of your own skateboard. It is suggested that you can get better value with your e-board if you have higher quality and bigger sizes of battery. However, you should spend a little bit more money to own these powerful stuffs. Another advice is to look for brands offering swappable batteries. By doing this, you will have more free and fun time enjoying your ride without having to worry about the flat batteries. In case you are on a budget, you ought to find a balance among the offerings so you can still have good devices while saving money.

One of the most essential factors that you should not skip when choosing a good electric skateboard kit is the battery lifespan, quality and make

  • Weight

You should pay attention to this feature as there are obviously many times when you have to kick your run-out-of-battery e-board back home. Hence, the lighter your skateboard is, the simplier the way back to your home will be. If you can find a lightweight e-board, you can feel the flexibility during your ride, too. That is the reason why there are now so many premium manufacturers trying to make their skateboards as light as possible. And Marbel represents well for this situation.

  • Top speed

Speed may be something a lot of skaters caring about when choosing their electric skateboard kit. For those loving DIY, speed with all the performance-related functions are their perfect goals. Nevertheless, the speed levels, in fact, are under the control of the wheel types. You can reach higher speed if you have large wheels along with a decrease in acceleration and torque. But of course, you should put your safety first. Just choose the appropriate speed with your device and choose the safety gear at the samt time.

  • Great customer support

A good electric skateboard kit label is the one having a good working customer support. Normally, clients will face a lot of different situations when using products. Then, they will need someone to answer all their questions, explain for their problems as well as take care of them whenever they need. Thus, a great staff should understand and make an attempt to deal with their customers’ complaints effectively. If so, they can have loyal customers who trust their brand and may introduce to their friends. That is also the reason why you should pay attention to responsive customer support staff of a brand before deciding to buy their products.

What comes in an electric skateboard kit?

  • Wheels

The Urethane wheels, which are hard plastic, provide superior grip and durability. Its incredible features that you should always bear in mind are the suppleness and size. They can determine the shock as well as grip absorption abilities of the e-board. And so as to create a suitable model for an all-terrain skateboard, you can opt for a rubber one.

  • Electric speed controller

The electric speed controller, which is often shortened as ESC, is the e-board’s brain because it has the responsibility to control the drive and speed of the motor. It is an important part that controls acceleration and braking since it offers the appropriate amount of electric power, according to your cruise terrain and speed. You will not be able to control your electric skateboard unless you have the ESC. Hence, always bear in mind to buy a high-quality controller than can ensure you a long-lasting device.

  • Wireless remote

The wireless remote is created to control your electric skateboard while you are on your journey. This device can control the brake, acceleration and motor speed easily.

  • Batteries

Of all the batteries’ brands available on the market, the ones coming from Samsung and LG are the best as they supply more great power than the others. As a result, you can have a better range. The electric skateboard kit should include excellent batteries which can maximize your riding time.

  • Drivetrains

If you are considering which are the things having the responsibility to deliver power to your motors’ wheels, the answer is the drivetrain. The wheels from the motors may not spin without the availability of these drivetrains. They are super vital and cannot be replaced by anything to fit your electric skateboard.

  • Skateboard enclosures

It is crucial to save all the necessary components of your skateboard from other elements while you are riding on the streets. According to experts, you should keep sensitive components like ESC, cables and batteries from moisture because it can cause malfunction for your devices.

  • Motors

An electric skateboard kit cannot fulfill if it lacks the appearance of a good motor. This is one of the most critical parts of the kit that makes sure the e-board to perform at top speed. The must-have features of great motors are total power output, torque and voltage since they are the key components which have a huge impact on the overall performance of the electric skateboard.



To conclude, there are a number of choices when it comes to electric skateboard kits. If it is your first time buying, there may be a lot of confusion. However, we believe that our guideline above can help you narrow down the considerations. After that, you will be able to pick up the best ones for you.

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