Electric skateboard accessories


What are the necessary electric skateboard accessories?


Having a new e-board is always fun but it is way more fanscinating if you have compatible Electric skateboard accessories. This can make your new board simplier to ride and therefore can create many beautiful physical riding experience. So, what are these innovative accessories and what are the things you need to have? Let’s follow us to find your own answer!

What is the list of electric skateboard accessories?

  • Action Camera

Action Camera is a must-buy item for anyone owning an e-skateboard. It is often equipped with wristbands, “selfie sticks”, headbands and so on to help you capture all the beautiful rides without distracting along the way.

  • Backpack

A traveler or a commuter always need a lightweight skateboard to carry their necessary things. Therefore, an appropriate skateboard backpack is something you should not skip when riding with your e-board. It will help your board sit close to the center of gravity to minimize the impact of the bag on your carrying abilities.

  • Bashguard

There is a fact that not all skaters need a bashguard. Nevertheless, if you want to minimize the obstacles you may encounter during your journey, you should buy a bashguard to protect your skateboard from unexpected damage.

  • Bag

An e-board bag has its ups and downs. Some may find this is a little bit difficult to deal with the weight of the longboard. However, in reality, this bag has more space to hold items such as remotes and helmets.

  • Bushings

Bushings can isolate vibrations of the e-board so it can maintain stable. If you have bad bushings, your wheels will vibrate and shake while going over rough surfaces.

  • Bearings

Bearings can help you control the wheels so you can enjoy your ride even more. There are three leading brands offering bearings on the market, namely Zealous Ceramic Bearings, Bone Swiss Bearings and Rocket Skateboard Bearings.

  • Deck Hook

One of the coolest electric skateboard accessories is deck hook. It uses magnetic connectors to convert a single backpack into one that is able to carry an e-skateboard.

  • Elbow Pads

You will need straps to fasten the pads to your elbows. Then, whenever having a crash, you will not need to worry about your arms as you have such good protective covers.

  • Knee Pads

Someone who is afraid of falling down off an e-board needs to equip themselves with a pair of knee pads. This will protect their knees from damage. In the long-term, your mobility will still be good, too.

  • First Aid Kit

A set of first aid kit should be placed in your skateboard bag or backpack to prepare for unexpected situation like a fall or a crash. And when you go with groups and tend to do tricks or carve up hills, this item can be useful to treat scrape or wound.


  • Gloves

Gloves are necessary for skateboarding as they can protect your hands against the ground in case you have a crash. Thus, you will have a safe experience with your favorite board.

  • Griptape Cleaner

This one is used to make your board clean. You can easily trap mud, dirt and many other contaminants with grip-tape cleaners.

  • Helmet

Not only regular skaters but also e-skaters need a helmet for their ride to ensure the safety. However, you also need to choose the right helmet based on your own demands and kinds of skateboarding such as half shell helmets, LED helmets and full face helmets.

  • Lights

Just imagine you are riding at night where there is no light on the streets. So how can you make a signal of yourself that everyone can see and keep a safe distance from you? Now let’s think about the lights on the e-board. They can make you look visible by other riders, pedestrians and drivers.

  • Neck Speakers

If you love music and want something to listen to while riding on the street, a neck speaker is a must for you. Unlike traditional earbuds, neck speakers stay stable on your neck and do not distract you from important sounds around you.

  • Padded Hoodie

If you don’t like using elbow and knee pads, a solid padded hoodie can be a perfect option for you. It does not look decked-out and can protect your chest, back and even your arms, according to some high-end models.

  • Padded Jacket

A padded jacket is made of tough material on the outside so it can protect your body from crash or accident. In addition, you can look more stylish if you can choose a good deal from trustful brand like Lazyrolling.

  • Powerbank

Powerbank is used to charge your device in case you run out of battery on the way. Don’t look for a dead remote as it can kill your skating excursion.

  • Skate T Tool

Skate T Tool is designed for loosening or tightening up your trucks. Furthermore, it can attach or adjust bushings, replace the wheels or change adjust the belts.

  • Stand

This item can help you demonstrate and hold your electric skateboard. You can find a stand easily at some music and electronics stores. It is not expensive but still super effective.

  • Sunglasses Speakers

If the lights can make you look visible at nights, sunglasses speakers can help you both listen to the tunes and see through the sun during the day.

  • Surf Adapter Trucks

Surf adapter trucks can boost the distance between the board’s deck and the trucks. Thus, you can carve, turn and pivot beautifully even with high speeds.

  • Wall Hook

Wall hooks screw directly at a central point on the wall so you can hold your board safely when not using it. However, if you have more than 2 longboards, you had better buy a wall reck.

Wall hooks screw directly at a central point on the wall so you can hold your board safely when not using it


  • Wall Horizontal Bar

This item can carry your electric skateboard safely without taking too much space. It is often nailed to the wall to ensure a firm reck for your board.

  • Wheels

Regarding electric skateboard accessories, we cannot skip the wheels. They are used to provide great control for off-road riding or skating over variable concrete so riders can create beautiful tricks and jumps even at high speeds.

  • Cloudwheels

Cloudwheels are very large so they can maintain stability and offer a smooth ride for skaters. Thus, these people can create solid performance on both off-road and traditional terrains.

  • Wheel Sleeves

These sleeves make the wheels larger to function as rubber wheels. Therefore, they are very suitable for someone having hub motors and wishing to improve their skateboard’s off-road abilities.


What are the electric skateboard accessories you need to have?

  • Backpacks, Bags and Carrying Cases

An electric longboard backpack is something you can throw your e-board in whenever you stop riding. In addition to that, you can even hold your keys, phones or chargers in the added pockets.

The boosted board converting carrying case can keep your things safely and securely in multiple ways. There is a sling integrated with it so you can wear on your shoulders.

In the meanwhile, the boosted heavy duty duffle bag can fit your e-board as well as many other electric skateboard accessories perfectly. It has received a lot of good reviews from previous users. However, you have to check its full description before buying in order to choose the right one that is compatible with your longboard. In fact, this bag is made with high-quality materials and is very heavy duty so you can use it for such a long period of time.

Now, moving onto the backpack deck hooks. They are designed to help you place your backpack to hold your e-board. Like the boosted heavy duty duffle bag, this item has to be checked carefully to find the one compatible with your boards and backpacks. Therefore, don’t forget to visit Amazon to confirm the appropriate for you. Then, you can go everywhere you want with your electric board without having to carry it by hands.

  • Lights

Riding at night will be much safer if you bring along reflectors and lights. On the one hand, Shred skateboard lights are water resistant and simple to attach. They add 3 brightness levels to bring additional security for the riders. On the other hand, the 6 Pack Velcro LED lights have a cool extreterrestrial cover. Thus, besides increasing your visibility at night, these products can make you have a feeling of gliding on a spaceship.

Riding at night will be much safer if you bring along reflectors and lights


  • Helmets

There are 6 different types of helmets you should consider. The first one is the Flybar Skateboard Helmet. It is super lightweight and can be adjusted easily to fit any size head. You can choose from 6 different styles. This product is well tested and certified for riding on roller skating, bikes, scootering, skateboards and even more. It is designed beautifully and can protect your head’s back from falls and slips in case you land on your back.

Next is the Razor V-17 Neon Orange Helmet. It has 17 vents that offer circulation to your head during scorching days. The colors are bright and visible. On the website, it is rated 4.5/5 on the average.

The Mongoose MG77927-2 Hardshell Helmet, in the meanwhile, is a total badass. It has awesome protective multi sport padding, perfect Skull design, 360 degree internal protection and great air vents. Thus, this helmet can provide maximum cooling, comfortable fit and durability.

Regarding Thousand Anti Theft Helmet, this is built to protect itself from burglars. With the pop lock, you are able to lock the helmet with anything you want. Just open the small button at the corner and slip the lock through.

Fifth, the Morpher Flat Folding Helmet. This helmet does not take up much space in your bag or backpack because they can be easily folded up into a flat version. Because of this efficiency, you may not want to purchase any other helmets after this one.

This helmet does not take up much space in your bag or backpack because they can be easily folded up into a flat version

The last helmet in this section is the Critical Cycles Helmet with Led Light. Thanks to the rear LED light, you can level up your safety on the streets. So as to turn on the light, go dial the knob behind your helmet. People often choose this helmet to wear at nighttime to double the protection.

  • Padding and Apparel

There are a lot of brands providing elbow, wrist and knee padding such as the Mongoose or JBM. Being made of high-quality materials with high protection, these products are often rated highly on the website. If you want to protect your thighs, butt, hip, crotch or tailbone, you can turn to padded shorts. Even though they are not the most common form of apparel and padding, they are still elastic and breathable enough to create a relaxing and comfortable fit for you.

The Shred Soles Skateboarding Insoles have a foam layer to offer comfort and long lasting support for skateboarding. These insoles can also issipate force on impact. In addition, the exra arch is used for supporting awkward landings and providing stability on the board.

Moving to the Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack, this product adds a secret pocket to keep your things safely from the theves. In addition, it goes with a USB charging port so you don’t need to worry about your running-out-of-battery phone while riding on the streets. The stylish look will also make you outstanding from others.

Our last recommendations in this section are gloves. The Flatland3d E-skate and Firelion Shock Absorbing Gloves may be the best ones. Apart from giving the best protection for your hands, these gloves can help you use your e-devices easily while travelling.

  • Equipment and Repairs

The first item on the list is the Electric Screwdriver. This is a great tool for quick tightening or extra torque. For repairing, tightening up or tuning up all kinds of longboards, you can use the SkateKnife All in One Pocket Knife Tool which is very lightweight and made from heavy duty steel. You can choose from Wheel Nut, Kingpin Wrench, Grip Tape Blade, Socket Wrench and so on.

The 8-pack bones bearings offer 8 washers, 4 spacers, AND Speed Cream, a set of eight bearings, logo sticker and instructions. They are single, removable and non-contact. The high speed nylon ball will be ideal for greater speed and strength.

If you want to adjust the axles nuts, trunks or wheels, you should not skip the Zeato All in One Skate Tool. It comprises of 3 types of sockets along with a slide-out Phillips screwdriver so  it can fit perfectly with the handle when not being in use.

In case you want to convert the regular e-board into a beast, stick to the Slick Revolution All Terrain Wheels. They are 110 mm and can run around lots of difficult terrain such as rough, gravel, rough and dirt.


Overall, once having a good e-board, the fight for finding the most appropriate electric skateboard accessories is very necessary. With our suggestions and guidelines, we believe that you will have a memorable riding experience. Just give them a try and tell us your personal experience in the comment section below.


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