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Electric Skateboard Accessories you need to know

Purchasing a new electric skateboard is always exciting; there’s nothing like unpacking the box and taking your new board out on the road for the first time. Finding the greatest electric skateboard accessories, on the other hand, is an absolutely crucial element of the e-board shopping process. Far too many riders underestimate the impact that some of the most cutting-edge equipment on the market today may have. Skateboard accessories come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes. Some Electric Skateboard Accessoriess can help you get more out of your device’s physical riding experience, while others can let you travel it more easily. Whatever your demands are, our list of the finest electric skateboard accessories in 2023 should help you find something to improve your ride!

  • Camera in Action

An action camera is a must-have, especially if you want to start streaming or publishing videos of your electric skateboarding escapades online. For electric skateboarders, Insta360 is one of the most popular action cameras on the market. It’s quite tough to hold a phone and shoot a stable video of your motions on a board when you’re speeding through the streets or down a hill at 20 mph or more. Selfie sticks, headbands, bracelets, and other accessories can be added to action cameras. These tools will assist you in using your action camera in a way that captures the beauty of your ride without being too distracting.

  • Apps

We live in the iPhone era, and the electric skateboarding industry is no exception. There are a variety of apps available to assist you get the most out of your electric skateboard ride. To begin, shopping applications can be really useful when hunting for the correct board on the road. However, once you’ve found the perfect electric skateboard for you, iPhone and Android apps may help make your rides safer and more enjoyable.

  • Backpacks

While a lightweight skateboard is frequently the best option for commuters or tourists, the ideal skateboard can also be a little on the heavier side. Fortunately, there are a plethora of companies specializing in the design and manufacture of skateboard-friendly backpacks in the e-skateboard market. A more in-depth guide about e-board backpacks may be found here. Regular backpacks may not be adequate or practical for transporting electric longboards. A good skateboard backpack will feature a snug spot for you to place the device against your back, near to your center of gravity. Because conventional backpacks aren’t built to carry these lengthy and hefty items, putting an electric skateboard in one would reduce the bag’s favorable impact on your carrying capacities.

  • Bag

A skateboard bag might be ideal for you if all you’re hauling about during the day is your electric skateboard. The main advantage of these backpacks is their sleek appearance and well-developed structure, which is specifically designed to hold skateboards and other equipment. Our in-depth guide to electric longboard bags can be found here. A solid electric skateboard bag will be able to keep your skateboard securely in place. Straps should be included to restrict the board from moving about inside the bag. After reading this guide, you’ll most likely be seeking for a variety of equipment to keep your skateboarding rides enjoyable and safe. As a result, you might want to look for bags that are designed to carry various types of equipment in addition to the skateboard.

  • Guards of the Bash

Bash guards are an underappreciated addition to many riders’ boards. It’s important to note that not all riders will require a bash guard. If you are always cautious and rarely come across barriers with which your device could collide, you may not require a bash protection. However, we believe that a bash guard would be beneficial to all motorcyclists. Bash guards are little accessories that are attached to the ends of your skateboard to protect it from damage when you collide with something.

A variety of materials can be used to make bash guards. Obviously, a too-tough bash guard can be aggravating, as smashing against a hard surface with another hard object can be jarring. Look for a bash guard that has little give but can absorb some impact when you hit a surface or an obstacle.

  • Bushings

On the most technical level, bushings, like bearings, are a crucial aspect of the riding experience of a board. Bushings work to keep your board stable by isolating vibrations. When your bushings are worn out, your wheels will shake and vibrate as you drive over rougher terrain. Clearly, having a good set of bushings to reduce vibrations is an important part of having a better riding experience. Despite its basic appearance, an effective bushing entails a lot of work. Our guide to the best eskate bushings of 2020 should provide you with a more in-depth understanding of the various factors that influence a bushing’s performance.

  • Hook on the Deck

Deck hooks are, without a doubt, one of the trendiest technology on the modern e-skateboard market. They are, nonetheless, incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. A deck hook can be used to transform a standard backpack into one that can carry an electric skateboard. Magnetic connectors are used to attach most deck hooks to the top part of the back of a bag. The deck hook’s two hooks allow you to securely hold your gadget on the deck hook once it’s secured to the backpack.

  • Pads for the elbows

Elbow pads appear to be very straightforward, don’t they? They’ll require straps to keep the device firmly fastened to your elbows. In the event of an accident, you’ll also need a hard protective covering that will make contact with the ground or debris, as well as a softer fabric on the inside to cushion and protect your body parts. However, there are a number of design details that add to the overall performance and value of a good set of elbow pads. If you want to conduct a lot of study on this highly varied topic, our eskate elbow pads guide should be a good place to start.

Pads can be inexpensive or quite costly. If you’re a rookie rider, we advocate spending no money on your elbow pads’ integrity and reliability, since safety equipment can save your life in the event of a mishap at possibly extremely high speeds.


The battle for the optimal riding experience doesn’t end once you’ve chosen the perfect board. This guide should provide you a good overview of some of the most crucial accessories available from firms in the rapidly growing electric skating sector. It might be time to start filling your cart with new ways to improve your riding experience after reading this article!

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