Do Dirt Bikes Have Keys?


Do Dirt Bikes Have Keys? – some information you need to now

If you haven’t rode a dirt bike before, you might not have considered whether or not they have keys.

Rather of having keys, dirt motorcycles have kick starters. Others more recent models have kick starts, some solely have electric starters, and some have both. An electric start utilizes a battery to start the engine, whereas a kick start requires the rider to press down on a lever with their foot.

Since I’ve never driven a car that doesn’t require a key to start the engine, I found it strange that dirt motorcycles don’t have keys when I first learned about them.

The reason why dirt bikes lack keys

If you have a motorboat or tractor, you may be used to using a key to start it. Why do these automobiles require keys to start their engines?

Security is the essential goal of keys. In order to prevent the engine from being started without the right key, each key ignition switch is distinct; this makes it incredibly challenging to bypass the key ignition, especially in newer automobiles. Additionally, it is simpler to use a key to start larger engines, such as those of vehicles, but not smaller ones, like those of dirt motorcycles. But if security is so important, why don’t dirt motorcycles utilize them?

Dirt bikes, unlike conventional bikes, aren’t designed to be used in cities or in neighborhoods. Your dirt bike will often be kept in your garage or a place similar while you aren’t using it.

Basically, keys aren’t the greatest approach to safeguard dirt motorcycles since they shouldn’t be kept in locations where they may be stolen. On a dirt bike, a kick or electrical start is just more practical than a key ignition.

Security Options for Dirt Bikes

What then should you do if you fear that your dirt bike may be stolen? There’s always a chance that a bike might be stolen at a race or even out of the back of a truck as not everyone has a secure garage where they can keep their bicycle.

Utilizing a lock is the simplest method to keep your bike secure. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, cable locks are a fantastic alternative. These are the typical locks that you may currently use on your street bike; they hold your wheel using a cable that passes through its frame. Other easily accessible choices include disc and rim locks. Although they can be more expensive, they offer a modest benefit than cable locks in that they are more difficult to remove from a bike.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep your dirt bike as secure as you can. Of course, a closed garage with an alarm system would be the ideal location, but having such an elaborate and pricey storage system is not essential.

You may always try keeping your bike inside your home if you don’t have a garage at all. If you live in a smaller home or apartment, this might not be an option because dirt motorcycles can become very, well, dirty. The second-best choice is most likely some sort of shed, but in that case you must always keep your bike locked.

You could be thinking that you’re helpless if you’re like me and don’t have a garage, shed, or apartment large enough to house a dirt bike. No, not always! You may always try storing a bike in an out-of-the-way location in your yard or parking lot, depending on where you live; just be sure to keep it locked at all times and think about investing in a more costly lock.

But keep in mind that leaving your bike out in the open will always be dangerous, so it’s best to wait to buy a dirt bike until you have a safe location to store it. And regardless of how safe that location is, you should insure your bike.

Jump Start Compared to Electric Start

All dirt motorcycles used to have kick starts in the past, but today electric starters are becoming increasingly commonplace. No matter what sort of bike you choose, it’s beneficial to know how both kick starts and electric starts operate because most, though not all, dirt motorcycles with an electric start will also have a kick start.

Kick starters manually ignite the engine with a lever. Depending on whether a bike has a 2 or 4 stroke engine, this operates somewhat differently. A 2-stroke bike often just needs one hard kick on the lever, but a 4-stroke cycle requires more work. The rider must gently press the kick starter up and down until the engine is sufficiently warmed enough to start instead of pulling the starter lever. After then, the rider can kick the lever like on a 2-stroke motorcycle.

By using a battery to start the engine, electric starts require the rider to only push a button rather than kick a lever. However, a rider may occasionally attempt to utilize their electric start only to have the battery malfunction. In such a case, they are forced to restart the engine manually by utilizing their kick start.

Can a Dirt Bike Have a Key Ignition Installed?

Additionally, you should confirm that you have the equipment required to install a key ignition switch and that you are at ease with the idea of changing your bike. Check to verify what supplies are needed before purchasing a kit, and if you can, read the directions. Online lessons are another option.

Basically, make sure that you are aware of the hazards and prerequisite skills before you begin. Although installing a key ignition is not very challenging, you will need to fiddle with the wiring, which may be a sensitive operation. It may be preferable to get assistance from someone more knowledgeable if you have never made any alterations to a bike or just don’t have much experience dealing with electrical wiring.


Even if you don’t have a key, there are several methods to maintain your bike.

Although a combination of all these measures will make your dirt bike difficult to steal, a key alone won’t guarantee safety against theft.

Now that you are aware of what a dirt bike lacks, you can defend it.

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