Differences between Macroblade vs Zetrablade


Zetrablade vs Macroblade

Microblade and Zetrablade are both best-sellers in the Rollerblade product line since they are suited for novice and intermediate skaters. Macroblade inline skates are ideal for optimizing speed while Zetrablade inline skates are ideal for offering control and weight modification. Although Zetrablade is suitable for recreational skating, Macroblade is a good alternative if you want to skate for fitness or to explore the world of skating.

If you’re not sure which is better for your skating needs among Zetrablade vs Macroblade, keep reading to learn more about each line. It will undoubtedly facilitate your decision!

Rolling on fitness inline skates is a fun and effective method to exercise and unwind. They are more breathable, comfy, and tight on your feet than the others, making them significantly more enjoyable to ride. That is why individuals of all ages, including children and the elderly, prefer fitness inline skates to get them rolling for the first time.

With this in mind, Rollerblade has acquired two remarkable brands of fitness skates, Zetrablade and Macroblade, to provide beginning and intermediate riders with the experience they seek. While the first is excellent for weight loss and control, the second is ideal for developing speed while staying in shape.

Here’s a fast, detailed comparison of Zetrablade vs Macroblade, which should help you determine which one is better for you.

The Differences between Macroblade vs Zetrablade

Macroblade and Zetrablade are both excellent inline skates with impressive features and eye-catching aesthetics. However, there are minor differences between them that you must grasp in order to choose which is ideal for you.

A comparison of Macroblade and Zetrablade is provided below:

  • Frames: 

The most noticeable distinction between the two fitness skates can be seen in their frames. The Zetrablade has a flexible monocoque composite frame, but the Macroblade has a sturdy twin-blade aluminum frame. And each construction has a certain purpose.

Because monocoque composite is more pliable than tough aluminum or hard plastic, it provides greater flexibility. It can bend significantly in response to the rider’s weight, facilitating even distribution and more constant control.

Twinblade aluminum, on the other hand, isn’t as bendable as composite and hence can’t let the rider change their weight as well as its counterpart. It is, nonetheless, far stronger and more durable than monocoque composite frames. Furthermore, despite its ability to endure higher pressures, it is far lighter than conventional aluminum. Because of these traits, it is an excellent choice for quick cruising.

As a result, if you’re concerned about your weight and the difficulties it adds to your control, the Zetrablade is a better choice. The Macroblade, on the other hand, is for individuals who want to increase their speed by playing it rough.

  • Wheel size:

Zetrablade and Macroblade are both designed to offer you the most enjoyable short distance riding experience across fitness skating, cruising around the city, and similar recreational rides. That’s why both come with 80 mm wheels, which are fairly shorter, hence easier to maneuver, allowing for

quicker turns and stops.

However, Macroblade has a slight advantage over Zetrablade with regards to flexibility. While the former allows you to replace the wheels with any size between 80 mm and 84 mm for an added speed, the latter makes you stick to the original size.

  • Wheel durometer:

A-numbers are used to determine the relative hardness of a wheel’s durometer. The softest is 0A, while the hardest is 100A. The durometer reading influences a wheel’s speed, wear, grip, and shock absorption.

Fitness skating requires more extended wear and grip, thus the wheels should vary from 80A to 88A, and neither Zetrablade nor Macroblade disappoint in this regard.

Each inline skate has an 82A hardness rating, which is neither too hard nor too soft to impair control. Both Zetrablade and Macroblade include tuning options, so you may replace them from Rollerblade to suit your needs.

  • Bearings:

Both the Macroblade and Zetrablade inline skate lines use Rollerblades SG-rated bearings rather than the ABEC accuracy standard used by other bearings.

The SG-rated system, on the other hand, employs the same ABEC number scale, with the higher number indicating greater bearing precision.

The same SG-5 rated bearing is used in both Zetrablade and Macroblade wheels, allowing for consistent, controlled rolls with less friction. Furthermore, both models use Rollerblades patented construction to ensure longer wear.

  • Boots and Liners:

Hard boots, in general, provide superior control and stability, whilst soft boots provide better ventilation and are more comfortable. Both the Macroblade and Zetrablade, on the other hand, have semi-soft shells that help maintain your foot in the perfect medium between soft and hard boots. Furthermore, all lines include designed mesh liners, so choosing any model is a win-win situation for you.

They have anatomical stretch padding that absorbs shock quickly and provides the strength your feet require. However, when it comes to improved comfort and breathability, Macroblade has a tiny advantage over Zetrablade because it has more superior and open ventilation holes, allowing more airflow inside the skate. When you put them on, your feet will be more stable and comfy.


  • How Much Would It Cost?

We checked the price on rollerblade’s official website. It is not possible to go to the local market and buy one of them in this epidemic circumstance. You can get them from reputable websites.

The Zetrablade costs under 100$ but the Macroblade 80 costs upper 100$. The price of various Macroblade submodels may vary slightly. As previously said, the Macroblade 80 is the greatest option from Macroblade when compared to Zetrablade. So far, we’ve discussed the price of Macroblade 80.

These two have a significant price difference. You must select the best one for you based on your needs as well as your budget.

  • Is it possible to replace wheels larger than 80 mm in Zetrablade?

No, Zetrablade cannot have this. If you purchase a Macroblade, you will have that flexibility.

  • Is the Zetrablade’s construction made of metal?

No. The structure is not metal made.

Final thoughts:

Which is superior: Macroblade or Zetrablade? Zetrablade and Macroblade are extremely similar. Identifying the distinctions is difficult, and selecting one is even more difficult. You must have a clear idea of your skill level, skating goals, and so on.

Hopefully, the comparison above has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision and get started with your rolling. Do as much research as you can, and you’ll almost certainly end up with a wonderful deal.

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