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What you need to know and the difference between inline skates vs roller skates


One of the most popular sports for young people today is rollerblading. It has gradually become a popular sport in many parts of the world. The wheels of the shoe are flexible, and the player can control it easily at will. However, in order to play good rollerblading, it is necessary for players to practice the basics well and have good control and balance. Especially know how to choose good and suitable shoes. There are two main types of roller skates on the market today, that are inline skates and roller skates. Find out the differences between inline skates vs roller skates in this article.

What is roller skate?

Roller skates are classically designed roller skates that were the first ever created version of this roller skating game. With a 4-wheel design divided into 2 perpendicular rows under the shoe sole. The wheels are well positioned at the top and the nose. The wheels are arranged in two balanced rows to increase the player’s ability to keep balance. Players can easily stand without falling when first practicing.

However, it does not have high flexibility and limited movement speed. For those who already know how to roller skate, roller skates can hardly help them perform skillful turning or jumping techniques. The shoe’s brake is usually designed to be in the front. Brake technique by pushing the toe of the shoe forward. Roller skates for beginners to play more.

What is inline skates?

Inline skates (also known as Rollerblades) are inline skates designed in recent years, these shoes are most commonly used today. Design 4 wheels lined up in a straight line, located in the bottom center of the shoe to move. Sometimes you may come across some other lines of inline skates that have a wheel count of 3 to 5.For Inline Skates (1 row of wheels) allows players to move at higher speed and freedom of movement than. Easy-to-do techniques of sharpening and abruptness.

However, these types of roller skates require good skill. The Inline Skates control is quite difficult, but extremely flexible. The brakes of Inline skates are located in the heel of the shoe, when braking you will have to put more force on the heel. Braking technique by pushing the heel of the shoe back. Usually used by adults and with professional athletes.

What’s The Biggest Difference Between Inlines and Rollerskates?

Many people would think that rollerblading is just rollerblading and that all types of skates are the same, but that is not the case. There are two main types of roller skates, I will show you the biggest difference between inline skates vs roller skates.

First, the biggest difference between inline skates vs roller skates is the wheel design. Both types of shoes are fitted with wheels at the sole, but their design, mounting position and purpose differ. Roller skates have a 4-wheel design divided into 2 perpendicular rows mounted under the sole of a shoe. The wheels are well positioned at the top and the nose. On the other hand, inline skates have three to five wheels that are fixed in line with a frame in the center of the shoe sole.

Differences in wheel design have also created a different experience for players when using two types of inline skates vs roller skates.

In addition, the brakes are also a big difference: Inline skates brakes are on the heel of the shoe and the brake for the roller skates is designed at the tip of the skates.

Which Is Easiest To Stop – Rollerblades or Rollerskates?

As noted above, the brakes for Inline skates and roller skates are somewhat different. The roller skates brake unit is usually designed to be in the front. Brake technique by pushing the toe of the shoe forward. Opposite, the brakes of Inline skates are located in the heel of the shoe, when braking you will have to put more force on the heel. Braking technique by pushing the heel of the shoe back.

For starters it is common to find the toe stop brake in quad skates easier to perform than the heel brake in inline skates. Notice that the brakes of roller skates will be easier to stop and use than those who just started playing this game; For those who are more experienced in the game, it seems easier to brake at the heel of the inline skates. They are generally easier if it works for you.

What’s More Dangerous – Inlines or Quads?

In any game or sport, people are very concerned about the safety of the player. Even the tools used to participate in the game too.  Inline skates and roller skates also have different safety properties. As you know before, the roller skates with the wheel structure are divided into two rows under the sole to help players stabilize and balance more easily. Especially in difficult terrain it is also more solid.

Inline skates, on the other hand, can move at high speed, easily perform difficult techniques, but because the design has only one row of wheels in the middle of the shoe sole, requires experience. The high speed of this shoe can cause some problems when traveling on rough surfaces. They are also easy to wobble when changing directions, difficult to balance when turning at high speeds. It can be said that inline skates are more dangerous than roller skates, so you must have good control when choosing inline. But if you are a good player then inline is a great choice.

Speaking of breakdowns, it is possible that both Inline skates and roller skates can cause injury (wrists, elbows, ankles,…). But if you have good technique there is certainly a risk it will go down.

Indoors Versus Outdoors Skating

Both inlines and quads will work well both outdoors and indoors, but each shoe will have an advantage over a different terrain. Even the fact that one shoe sheds faster than the other makes a difference.

Inline skates are often used outdoors due to the compact wheel design that makes it easy for players to avoid obstacles. Inlines can also help players move faster and further away, making it very suitable for large spaces outside. However, you should note when the wheels of inline skates are usually placed quite close together, which can get gravel in the gaps, thereby causing the wheel to jam and endanger the player. So you should be very careful when using inlines in areas with gravel.

Roller skates are commonly used indoors such as roller discos or matches. Conversely, quads would still be advantageous if used outdoors thanks to wheels designed to create less friction, there are some quads with large wheels that can go fast. You can use any type of skates outside or indoors, depending on your preference and the terrain you want to play.

Which Should I Choose – Blades or Rollerskates?

This is a difficult question. You are wondering what to choose. You should try them out and decide. Choosing a shoe that matches your taste, your feet and your style is a great thing.

If you are a beginner I think you should use Roller skates, with its solid wheel design it will give you a perfect start. The speed of this shoe is also not too fast, so you can easily control it and do not have too many technical problems.

As for inline skates, it was very fast and difficult to control. If you are an experienced player, I am sure that it will bring you the best experience. It makes it easy to perform a variety of highly technical turns, turns and redirects. However, for beginners, its speed will be out of control and make you susceptible to problems.


Is It Easier to Roller Skate or Inline Skate?

In fact, for each person, there will be different feelings about Roller Skate and Inline Skate, so it is easy or difficult depending on how each player plays. Most beginners will get started with Roller Skate easier, and players that require a lot of fast movements, speed, and navigation will use Inline Skate more easily.

What type of roller skates are best for beginners?

The best shoe for beginners is the Roller Skate. Roller Skate will help beginners maintain a better equilibrium Inline thanks to its wheel design. In addition, the speed of Roller Skate is also slower than Inline, which helps beginners control their direction, avoid problems and not handle them in time because of inexperience.

What type of roller skates are best for young kids just starting out?

Beginners are encouraged to use roller skates with a four-wheel design split into two rows under the sole. Roller Skates will provide good support to your child’s ankles. You should choose shoes that fit feet and have not too large wheels. The wheel of the large roller skates will have a higher speed than normal. I worry the kids won’t be in control when they first start. They should be fitted with full protective gear and slip on the correct surface.

Is rollerblading easier than ice skating?

In fact, the two are quite similar in both movement and sliding technique, they both use the same movement of sliding, rotating, two moves the same. However, rollerblading seems to have more eye support in the ankles. Rollerblading is easier than ice skating can be said.

Is rollerblading hard?

This question is a question a lot of people want to know the answer to. Rollerblading is a bit difficult when you are just starting out, you will find it difficult to balance and move while standing on the wheels. But don’t worry! Start with small moves with support, then gradually get used to and adapt. I believe that if you practice hard, you can quickly get good at rollerblading, even more difficult techniques. It may seem difficult at first, but you can quickly become good at it once you get used to it.

Rollerblading is a sport that everyone loves and it is always enjoyable. To be able to play it well, you should choose for yourself a suitable shoe. Hopefully, with the above sharing about the differences between inline skates vs roller skates will help you choose your shoes.

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