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what is difference between Boosted Vs Meepo

The Meepo was Meepo’s first effort at a belt-driven board. Clickbait headlines like “(insert brand) vs Boosted!” or “(insert brand): New Boosted Killer?” are all too familiar. Why is there so much focus on how Meepo vs Boosted? That has a lot to do with the firm’s tone; developing solid products and backing them up with excellent customer service made Boosted the brand to beat. Although I normally dislike conforming to the standard or allowing our stuff to have identical titling to that of other creators, I feel compelled to do so in this case.

However, we must state that the Boosted Stealth and Plus are no longer Meepo’s competitors. Take a look at the Meepo NLS Belt, the Backfire Zealot, the Exway Flex, and the WowGo 3X in comparison.

The Riding Experience as a Whole – the Good Stuff

The Meepo provides an extremely smooth and enjoyable riding experience. Carving is fantastic, the brakes are solid and smooth, the speed is adequate for most applications, and the board has some wonderful extra features.

What about the top speed of the vehicle?

Let’s start with the obvious: the Meepo isn’t the quickest skateboard on the market. It’s slower than the Backfire Zealot, Exway Flex Riots, and even the Boosted Board Stealth, which are its immediate competitors. For some potential customers, the reduced peak speed may be a deal-breaker.

Is it a spaceship? – Quickening

Improved acceleration over top speed is a welcome trade-off in my opinion. I frequently find myself intentionally slowing down only to smash the brakes again just to experience the thrilling acceleration beneath my feet. The Meepo NLS’s acceleration is thrilling. The high-pitched sound of the motors is thrilling, and I anticipate that scream every time; some riders claim it sounds like a spaceship, although I’m not sure how knowledgeable they are with rocket engines.

  • Brakes on Life Insurance

The brakes are fantastic; they’re powerful, sensitive, and still quite smooth. The LingYi ESC has four different brake settings to choose from, which is a big plus. All of them are fairly smooth, with the exception of the fourth acceleration mode. You can tailor your riding style to your specific preferences, opting for more or less abrupt as needed. When letting a buddy test the board for the first time, the different brake settings come in useful, as mode 1 is clearly beginner-friendly.

Despite the fact that several budget brands exaggerate their board’s quoted top speed, Meepo’s range is accurate. The met the promised range of 18 miles in my range test.

  • Portability and Weight

While the Meepo  isn’t the lightest board on the market, it is perfectly balanced and hence simple to carry.

  • Enhance the standard of living

The build quality is one area where Boosted and Meepo differ slightly. The board is well-made in general, but don’t expect Boosted-level perfection. Some parts aren’t precisely assembled, which only affected the board’s appearance rather than its operation in my instance.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Meepo isn’t the most fashionable board on the market. I’m not sure why Meepo went with their present style, but it doesn’t fit modern graphic design standards. This, in my opinion, is one of the board’s worst flaws.

  • Deck

The adored deck was taken from its name-buddy, the NLS Hub, by Meepo. It’s made up of 7 bamboo layers and 2 fiberglass layers. It has a moderate concave, some camber, and plenty of flex.

Despite this, I find the deck to be a double-edged sword:

  • I really enjoy riding on this deck because of its functionality and flex.
  • However, the grip tape and roadside design are subpar.

With that stated, let’s get to the best part: in terms of riding feel, shape, and flex, this deck comes closest to the legendary Boosted “Loaded Vanguard” deck than any other board I’ve tried. When it comes to “boosted vibes,” the deck is what sets the Meepo distinct from WowGo, Exway, and Backfire.

  • SC

Meepo employs a LingYi ESC, which has both advantages and disadvantages, as previously stated.

  • The Benefits
  • You can choose from four different smooth braking options.
  • Because the ESC is less expensive, the boards’ selling price is more competitive.
  • The Negative Consequences
  • The LingYi ESC prevents the board from exceeding 22 mph.
  • Speed Mode 4 is rough and unpolished.
  • Remote expects a small amount of lag.

With its enhanced display, the Meepo remote actually outshines the Boosted version. The display is larger and brighter than the Meepo 3 remote, however be careful that the speed indicator has a little lag. Overall, it’s one of the greatest remotes currently available; nicely done, Meepo!

  • Battery

The Meepo comes with a powerful 288 Wh (10S2P, Samsung 40T) battery that offers a perfect balance of range, weight, and price. The range will likely be sufficient for the majority of riders, and the weight is manageable for use on public transportation and stairwells if necessary.

  • Waterproofing

For a 2019/2020 Eskate, the waterproofing attempts appear to be average. Between the battery container and the deck is a layer of Neoprene or foam.

  • Time to Ship

The similarities between Meepo and Boosted vanish when it comes to shipping time. If you ordered a Meepo Board in the previous few months, you had to wait between 14 and 35 days for it to arrive at your door. That’s a long time to wait! Boosted, on the other hand, was able to deliver boards in less than a week. I want to be fair, therefore I’ll consider the conditions. Because the global epidemic is still ongoing and air shipping costs have increased, Meepo has had to transport boards by sea to keep prices competitive, which takes time. Several boards were also held in US customs for a lengthy time, according to Meepo.

Worldwide delivery times should improve soon, and Meepo has announced that they will construct a warehouse in the United States, reducing shipping time in that market to one week.

Another key area of distinction between Meepo and Boosted is after-sales care. Boosted was known for its excellent customer service, and its riders could rely on the product and its warranty. If a component failed, Boosted will assist you with replacements and service. Not so much with Meepo. You’ll have to make a fuss to get a refund, as customer service follows the reactive style used by many Chinese board manufacturers. YOU must write the supplementary mail and interpret the customer service response, which is written in broken English. Don’t get me wrong: you’ll get your warranty, your refund, a replacement board, or, in rare cases, a new board, but Meepo isn’t nearly as proactive as Boosted.

  • Price

When it comes to Customer Service and Shipping Time, it all comes at a price. The costs are kept cheap due to a lack of proactive customer care, extended shipping periods, copied design, and poor polish. The Meepo costs $699, while the Boosted Plus/Stealth costs $1,599. That’s an extra $900! Overall, the Meepo is a fantastic bargain, providing a Boosted-like board at a fraction of the cost.


So, to return to our original topic, is the Meepo vs Boosted ? The short answer is no, but it’s very close.

Meepo still needs to work on the design and polish of its new Boosted board before it can provide it.Meepo has to improve their shipment speed and customer service in order to provide a Boosted-Type customer experience. In our sector, after-sales interactions are rare, but they can make a big difference.

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