Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding

9+ Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding – Cruising You Must Never Miss

How to be a pro in sliding and cruising? – These best longboard wheels for sliding – cruising will help. Those wheels are content to help you ride on the envelope’s edge, safely push the longboard past, and control it on your purposes. Don’t believe it?

Then, keep reading to see why those longboard wheels are chosen.

9+ Best Longboard Wheels for Sliding – Cruising Reviews

Best Rated: Orangatang in Heat 75mm

  • Wheel diameter: 75mm
  • Wheel durometer: 77A to 86A
  • Contact patch: 56mm
  • Lip profile: Soft square lip
  • Wheel core: Encapsulated offset core
  • Wheel material: urethane
  • Color: Orange

If you search for longboard wheels for whatever purposes, you can always find some provided by Orangatang at the top places – especially this Orangatang in Heat 75mm. The wheels are the most preferred by the riders worldwide because of its flexibility for all levels and playing styles. You can choose among four available durometers: 77A blue, 80A orange, 83A purple, and 86A yellow – based on the terrains you are riding on.

Many riders might not prefer wide and thick wheels, thinking that they will make it hard to slide away. Fortunately, Orangatang makes the wheels with its patented urethane formula that is still nifty and smooth on the ground. At the same time, the wide wheels and contact patch are supportive and well-balanced enough to move through any surface at high speeds.

So far so good, except for the fact that Orangatang in Heat wheels are sliddy on wet concrete and you might bust hard.


  • Wide and sturdy wheels
  • Various durometers available
  • Quality patented urethane formula
  • Nifty and smooth even on rough surfaces


  • Not cheap wheels
  • Slippery on the wet concrete

FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels – Best For Trick Performing

  • Wheel diameter: 70mm
  • Wheel durometer: 83A
  • Contact patch:
  • Lip profile:
  • Wheel core:
  • Wheel material:
  • Color: Black
  • ABEC-7 steel bearings included

Has it always been your dream to lay your hand on a set of longboard wheels that makes complex trick demonstrations as effortless as it can be? Then no doubt about it, the FREEDARE product with its considerable size and eye-catching design is going to be your board’s best friend ever!

Just put them on your wheels and feel it for yourself. You will be taken aback by how tough and sturdy these seemingly commonplace wheels can offer. This solidity can handle all terrains, from flat and even streets to bumpy routes, and also stretches its reach to the various structures of your skate park, infamous gatherings for complex trick lovers.

See why we said it is the best for mouth-dropping performance? With this longboard sidekick, you can make everyone stare in awe at your cool cruising and sliding without worrying about tripping when the wheels hit some pebbles or cracks.

As good as the set might sound, it is far from perfect. The bearing coming along is complaint to be of poor quality, so it is best that you purchase an extra set just in case.


  • Suitable for trick performance
  • Ride on all terrains
  • Soft enough for comfy ride
  • Work for multiple boards


  • Poor-quality bearings

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels – Best For Speed

  • Wheel diameter: 60mm
  • Wheel durometer: 78A
  • Contact patch:
  • Lip profile: Square lip
  • Wheel core: Offset core
  • Wheel material: Hard plastic
  • Color: Black

You fancy yourself a Ghost Rider on board? Then you would not want to miss out on this Shark Wheel as it is the perfect match for any cruising lover with passion for speed running in their vein!

The very factor earning this particular product such a marvelous title lies in its exceptional structure. The wheels are outfitted with a wave pattern, which, unlike the conventional round shape of any wheel, keeps the contact with the road limited, resulting in less friction than usual. And as the common rule of physics goes, the less friction holding one back, the higher, more thrilling speed it can travel at!

Sounds like exactly what adventurous longboard rider need in their means of cruising, right?

But higher speed will be all for naught if the item cannot withstand impacts of the rough terrain. Well, time to throw this worry out of the window because Shark Wheel has the ability to push all the debris, water, and pebbles out of the way before they have the chance to hinder your performance.

The technology behind this feature has even been approved by San Diego State University, so rest assured that it will live up to your expectation.

One minor issue. Despite the fact that they handle obstacles on your path with no string attached, they could hardly do the same for cracks or bumps – things fixed to the ground. So, better choose your routes with care!


  • High-speed ride
  • Distinct designs
  • Suitable for a wide range of surface
  • Increase traction and reduce friction


  • Cannot ride on cracked routes

Orangatang Durian 75 mm – Smoothest Ride

  • Wheel diameter: 75mm
  • Wheel durometer: 80A to 86A
  • Contact patch: 45mm
  • Lip profile: Round lip
  • Wheel core: Encapsulated offset core
  • Wheel material: Orangatang urethane
  • Color: Orange

You want to give cruising on a longboard a shot but the shock and rough rides put you off every time you get to business?l Then perhaps what you need is this pair of vibrant wheels!

This product from Organgatang will not only draw your gaze with its stunning design, but also with the next-level sense of comfort it has to offer. To be specific, it is paired with full ground lips and stone-ground contact patch to ensure the smoothness of your ride, even on uneven roads.

These are not the only things to enjoy about this wheel set. The ultimate urethane formula of the brand helps to enhance the smoothness as well. Thus, it brings you a feeling as though you are cruising not on wheels, but on butter. Definitely a nice fit for those concerned about rough trips!

However, the wheels slide quite easily, which can make the situation go awfully downhill if you intend to use them on steep surfaces.


  • High comfort index
  • Buttery slides
  • Suitable with those disliking shocks and vibrations
  • Can be used on rough terrains


  • Slide easily

Best Budget: FREEDARE 58mm Skateboard Wheels

  • Wheel diameter: 58mm
  • Wheel durometer: 82A
  • Contact patch: 45mm
  • Lip profile:
  • Wheel core:
  • Wheel material: Polyurethane
  • Color: Black

All of the above options are excellent, but your scrawny wallet and the lack of content inside refrain you from hitting the buy button? If this is the case, perhaps our next product from FREEDARE will be able to let you live your cruising dream without breaking the bank!

Obviously, you cannot expect an affordable wheelset like this to be just as excellent as the high-end models. But what it offers is above the acceptable level, more than what you pay for.

Case in point, all the wheels are sold with their own set of steel bearings, which are preinstalled to save you from the pain of assembly. Their quality and material can stand against the test of time with little maintenance required – cost-effective and time-saving at the same tím! Awesome, right?

Construction aside, these helpful wheels are also a great fit for cruising purposes. They roll smoothly on all terrains, and are just about strong enough to withstand the impact of rough roads or complex structures. And just like that, you can be in the center of attention with your flawless tricks performance while riding on this.

But this product is not without flaws. As it is a cheap replacement for those who can barely afford the ones of high quality, everything about it is just around the so-so level. It is, indeed, a great bang for the bucks, but there is no way it can be on the same rankings as the top wheels.


  • A low-cost option
  • Comfortable ride
  • Suitable for cruising and sliding as well as trick demonstration
  • Can handle rough surface


  • The quality and performance are far from excellent

Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a Durometer – Best For Mini Cruiser

  • Wheel diameter: 60mm
  • Wheel durometer: 81A
  • Contact patch: 35mm
  • Lip profile: Round lip
  • Wheel core: Centerset core
  • Wheel material: SlidePrepped urethane
  • Color: Orange

Your best buddy for cruising and sliding is much smaller than the standard board? Then the Fireball Tinder – the go-to choice for longboards limited in size will do for you!

Remember, just because its diameter is below regular standard does not mean its performance is the same. And truth be told, this little guy can rival any big guy in the field in terms of comfort, slide, and cruising ability! Scroll down and we will explain.

For starters, no matter what you do (cruising, dancing, or even freeriding) on any surface, even the rough ones with cracks and bumps and rocks all over the place, this wheelset can handle it all. This is thanks for the 81a urethane and 35mm contact it offers.

Plus, to make your ride smooth and enjoyable, the wheel’s structure with rounded lips breaks allows consistent slide. This makes sure that with one single push, you can cover a large distance before having to use your feet again. And due to the fact that the wheels are made out of fiberglass, these slides also stay predictable, so you can assume that your ride will be risk-free.

However, the wheelset is not sold alongside bearings, so you have to pay an extra amount of money to equip them..


  • Suitable for mini-sized longboard
  • Can cross any roads and all terrains
  • Smooth and predictable slides
  • Work for sliding, cruising, and freeriding


  • No bearings included

Stimulus 70mm Freeride – Most Versatile Wheels

  • Wheel diameter: 70mm
  • Wheel durometer: 77A to 86A
  • Contact patch: 42mm
  • Lip profile: Round lip
  • Wheel core: Encapsulated offset core
  • Wheel material: Oranganang urethane
  • Color: Orange

Next we want to introduce you to another creation from Orangatang. And do not let the look deceive you, for aside from the look, this is nothing like the Durian we discussed earlier.

The Stimulus wheel of the brand has taken the longboard world by the storm not long after the day it arrived at the market. And there is a good reason for that. This set of wheels comes with Loaded Jehu V2 bearings, which offer not only spacers but also speedrings.

These allow you to perform multiple tricks while riding as long as it falls into the category of longboard tricks, and nail each and single one during the process!

Also, to give you better performance the exclusive “buttery ride” feature of the Durian version can be found in this model. In short, no matter what you do and what speed you are riding at, rest assured that you are going to have the smoothest experience.

However, your set of wheels might have some air bubbles. They are not likely to get in the way much, though, but this is a flaw nevertheless.


  • Suitable for all tricks
  • Handle several terrain
  • Buttery-slides


  • There might be air bubbles

Best for Cruising: Sector 9 Slide Butterballs

  • Wheel diameter: 70mm
  • Wheel durometer: 75A to 80A
  • Contact patch: 38mm
  • Lip profile: Round lip
  • Wheel core: Cosmic Centerset Core
  • Wheel material:
  • Color: White and yellow

Versatile is great but you would like something that pretty much has its feet in one single aspect and perfect it? Go for this Sector 9 then! It is a pure gem for cruising lovers.

These wheels provide their users with an outstanding amount of grip, letting you have a hold over the situation while demonstrating your skilled ability.

Furthermore, they also slide more easily than most wheels, allowing flexible movements. This feature is significantly boosted by the 75a and 80a duro which is perfect for several rough surfaces. And so you can cruise around the town with nothing to fear!

However, these wheels are not really durable. Of course, this does not mean they are fragile and breakable, but then are just more prone to damage than other products.


  • Recommended for cruising
  • Slide easily over multiple terrains
  • Offer great comfort
  • Decent speed


  • Somewhat flimsy


FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels – Perfect Choices For Beginners

  • Wheel diameter: 60mm
  • Wheel durometer: 83A
  • Contact patch: 45mm
  • Lip profile: Round lip
  • Wheel core:
  • Wheel material: Polyurethane
  • Color: Clear black (three lights)

If you happen to be on the lookout for a newbie-friendly wheelset, then it goes without saying that this product is the most fitting option!

To get you used to the longboarding experience, these offer smooth ride and appropriate speed, all the while gripping the ground extremely well. Chances of accidents are as low as zero, giving the users the freedom to test their ability and explore the streets.

Plus, when you believe you have graduated from the beginner phase, you can take advantage of these to practice some cool tricks. This wheelset can get along with just about any surface (sidewalks, concrete, asphalt, and even the skateboard). And do not worry, they are strong enough to withstand the impacts!

Still, even though it has no problem with trick demonstration, the set is pretty much a training option. It cannot do anything on the extreme side, for those, you have to get something else.


  • Recommended for beginners
  • Work well on all terrain
  • Impressive traction and grip
  • Durable


  • Only suit training purpose


How to Choose Longboards Wheels for Sliding and Cruising?

Not all the board wheels are made the same. In contrast, they are different in materials, sizes, weights, and applied technologies based on the playing style of the players.

When it comes to longboard wheels for sliding and cruising, you must consider some factors as follow:

Wheel diameter

What sizes are ideal for sliding style?

Firstly, about the size of longboard wheels, it is measured in millimeters (mm.) A rule of thumb is, the smaller wheels are meant to be slower and wear out quickly.

Most wheels are in the range of 64mm to 80mm in diameter. Smaller sizes are also common, but for regular skateboards rather than longboards. Nevertheless, the larger wheels are likely to wheel-bite.

Often, the small to medium diameters – from 65mm to 70mm, are recommended for sliding and cruising players because they are easier to control and break grip whilst sliding.

Wheel durometer

Durometer rating will measure the hardness of a wheel on the Shore A scale. Take notes that the harder wheels (75A to 100A) will move faster, whereas softer ones (70A to 75A) make it less struggling in the grip.

The longboard wheels for sliding and cruising, the wheels are somewhere between 75A and 85A. This will ensure that the wheels are durable enough to learn sliding.

Contact patch

The patch is the cross-section that makes the contact with the ground. Generally, the longboard wheels for sliding usually feature thinner and narrower contact than other wheels because a wide patch results in more friction. In other words, you find it harder to slide the wheels. The measurement is also in millimeters, from 30 to 70mm. Nonetheless, be careful with the sliding because the narrow patches have less grip.

The Lip Profile

Round-lip vs. Sharp-lip

The wheels’ outer edges are called “Lip Profile” or “Lip.” Their shape will affect how you ride the wheels in different ways. Normally, you need to choose either “square lip” or “round lip.”

Square lips offer a better grip and stability that are required by downhill riders. Whereas, the round lip profiles are more recommended for free-riders who pursue sliding and cruising techniques. Simply, it is easier for the round lips to break traction, then kick into a slide. Moreover, the round lips are supposed to minimize the contact patches.

Wheel core

The core is optional in longboard wheels, meaning that many models do not have the core in their bearings. However, if you want to slide fast and safely at the same time – always go with the cored-wheels. It is because the cores are helpful to prevent deforming and melting in the bearings when you slide the board. The wheels will roll more smoothly and quickly, and wear evenly at the same time. As a result, the bearings are well aligned and the wheels become more stable.

Now getting insight into the cores, you must choose their placements based on your personal taste, as well as the intended terrain. There are three options available: offset, sideset, and centerest.

  • “Offset” cores are slightly off-center, and to be exact, between the sideset and centerest. They are ideal for those sliding hills that feature long straightaways thanks to the control and grip over the cores.
  • “Sideset” cores are also known as the backset cores because they are at the wheels’ back. On the one hand, these cores provide more support on the sides. In contrast, the wheels wear out unevenly and quickly, causing the grip to be reduced. All in all, sliding players might be in two minds of the sideset cores.
  • “Centerset” cores are stable and grippy in their nature since they are in the wheels’ center. Although it is harder to kick the board sideways compared to the offset cores, the centerset ones are more preferred because of their extended life and versatility for both freeride and downhill players.

Wheel material

Last but not least, take the wheel materials into account since they will decide the weight and durability of the wheels.

Back then, wheels were made of clay, rubber, steel, and plastic. However, now the best favorable material is urethane. Remember that even if the durometer rating is the same, the wheels can still perform differently based on their specific urethane formulas such as Butterfly, Chalky, Greasy, Icy, or Grippy.

Besides, some affordable wheels are made of hard plastic. This material is acceptable, but not supported in retaining the cruising speeds.

if you want to find the best longboard for cruising, read here


Should I use the longboard wheels for sliding on rough terrains?

We would not recommend sliding or cruising on rough roads because it is more dangerous for yourself and the wheels themselves. Nonetheless, boarding surfaces are never as smooth as silk and the wheels should be able to go over the rough terrains occasionally.

At that time, the rougher wheels will last longer. Moreover, it would be even better with softer and more-forgiving urethane formulas.

What are the sliding techniques of the longboard?

Sliding is involved how you pull out the board to move the wheels freely with less grip in the terrains. You can achieve it with different techniques:

  • Coleman slide: Developed by Cliff Coleman, the slides are the 180-degree heel slides useful when you go sliding downhill and stop short.
  • Drop-down crouch: You can try on the flat asphalt when you start moving the longboard. At that time, try bending your knees while dropping your butt into a crouch.

What are types of longboards for beginners?

There are three types of longboards available: Downhill, Cruisers, and Freeride.

Those for beginners are the cruiser longboards that are common for daily commuting and carving on the street ways. Those boards often come with pintail shapes.

Next is the freeride boards. As its name suggests, they allow riding freely on all surfaces. It is thanks to their stiff boards and kick tails to help move the boards more easily.

Downhill longboards are the most extreme models because they feature the fastest speeds. Nevertheless, these boards are not recommended for beginners who are not good at maintaining stability and playing skills.

Where to start playing longboards?

First of all, choosing a place that you are familiar with, say, your backyard so that you know what hindrance and debris you possibly come across on the way and try to get over them. Then, set up a small-slope surface or uphill to practice sliding. Make sure that it does not cross the street or so.

In Sum,

There you have it! A list of the best longboard wheels for sliding – cruising! We hope that they have done a good job in helping you narrow down all the possible options in the broad market.

If you still cannot make up your mind and are open for suggestions, then we think the Orangatang in heat would satisfy all your demands. We did not place it on the top place for nothing. Its price is acceptable, and it can do pretty much everything when it comes to enhancing your performance on wheels.

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