Best longboard skateboard helmets


What are the Best longboard skateboard helmets at the moment?

When it comes to skateboarding, there are a number of different things for you to prepare such as a longboard, a helmet, a pair of shoes and so on. Some experts have said that having a good-quality skateboard helmet can save your life from unexpected head injuries. That is the reason why a lot of pro skateboarders always recommend beginners to pick up a great helmet first. So as to help you with this selection, we have listed top 9 best longboard skateboard helmets on the market. So just continue to read and find out the right one for you!

What are the 9 best longboard skateboard helmets on the market?

It is not hard to find a helmet for longboarding, however, with the wide range of different uncertified products on the market, buyers, especially those are new to this kind of sports, may get confused. So here are the best picks we have found. Let’s have a look!

  • Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor helmets are usually at the leading positions when it comes to skateboard helmets. This item belongs to Street Bike type and is suitable for skating, biking and even more. It is designed perfectly with ergonomic interior padding which creates a secure and comfortable feeling for riders. In addition, 17 side and top vents can prevent riders from the heat during summery days.

Just like its name, this product is suitable for teenagers from 8 to 14 years old. Its head sizes range from 22 to 23.5 inches and comply with CPSC standards.

This item belongs to Street Bike type and is suitable for skating, biking and even more/ Ph:

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

  • Retrospec Helmet Commuter CM-1 Adult

This product has such a classic design with 8 vents and 2 sets of interchangeale pads so you can look super cool in front of others. There are 10 different colors such as Matte Eggshell, Pine Grain, Matte Midnight Blue, Matte Forest Green, Matte Burnt Orange, Matte Slate, etc. for you to pair with your own bike. Moreover, these helmets are unisex so you can even buy one as present without worrying about disappointing your friends.

Retrospec helmet is super safe for people to ride since it includes ABS surrounding high quality EPS foam. Whenever having this item along, you will have an irritation-free feeling.

The idea ages to wear this kind of helmet are above 14. And the available sizes are Small (51-55 cm), Medium (55-59 cm) and Large (59-63 cm). Retrospec helmets are well tested as well as approved for Ski, Skate an Bike with CPSC standards like EN 1078, EN 1077, STM F2040-11/ASTM F1446 and 16 CFR Part 1203.

Retrospec Helmet Commuter CM-1 Adult

Retrospec helmet is super safe for people to ride since it includes ABS surrounding high quality EPS foam/ Ph:

  • Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner Skateboarding Helmet, Black Rubber w/Red

This helmet from Triple Eight is ideal for roller derby, roller skating and skateboarding. It enables kids, youth and even adults to use with numerous sizes, from XS (51-52 cm) to XXL (60-62 cm). There is moisture-wicking Sweatsaver liner, stink-free and ABS outer shell. In case it gets dirty, you can easily remove all parts to clean.

At first, you may feel the sweatsaver pads a little bit tight because they are new and haven’t been used by anyone. However, after a couple of hours, they will break in to fit your head well.

Triple Eight Sweatsaver Liner

This helmet from Triple Eight is ideal for roller derby, roller skating and skateboarding

  • JBM Skateboard Helmet

JBM Skateboard Helmet is a product from JBM International Brand. It is integrated with multi-sporting gear and adjustable strap so it is suitable for so many kinds of outdoor sports like scootering, cycling, roller skating, inline skating or skateboarding. There are 3 sizes, ranging from Small (18.1” – 19.7”), Medium (19.7” – 22.8”) to Large (20.9” – 23.2”).

The JBM Skateboard are specially designed for children thanks to its incredible IMPACT Resistance that is made of durable PC & PVC and EPS foam. Moreover, because the kids are super energetic, the manufacturers integrate the helmet with multiple vents. Therefore, your kids can play freely without sweating too much. And for the intense body movements, the vents can also help your child to release the high body temperature. What is better than spending hours playing comfortably with a small scooter and still look cool?

JBM Skateboard Helmet

But in case you are adults and you really like the design of this helmet, don’t worry, you can still use it. Thanks to the flexible strap, you can adjust easily to fit the size of your head. Just don’t mistake with your kids!

It is integrated with multi-sporting gear and adjustable strap so it is suitable for so many kinds of sports like scootering, cycling, roller skating, inline skating or skateboarding/ Ph:

  • OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

This item is certified with ASTM and CPSC for both impact resistance and comfort. It also has thickened shock-absorbing eps core and reinforced abs shell.

There are 2 adjustable liners for different sizes of heads. The design is so unique that you can see very little sweat sustain on the helmet. The chin strap provides both long-lasting and well-attached adjustment so users can feel the best fit whenever wearing.

OutdorMaster Skateboard and Cycling Helmet is often used for cycling, skating, MTB, BMX and so on. The size chart includes 3 different sizes: Small (46-51 cm), Medium (51-58 cm) and Large (54-60 cm). The warranty of the brand is trustful and the customer service staff is always willing to help their customers at any time.

OutdoorMaster Skateboard Cycling Helmet

OutdorMaster Skateboard and Cycling Helmet is often used for cycling, skating, MTB, BMX and so on/ Ph:

  • Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike Skateboard Helmet

This 16-ounce helmet is another great product from Triple Eight brand. It is a dual certified helmet with impact-absorbing EPS foam liner and ABS shell. It is great for skateboarding, BMX, biking, commuting, roller derby and scooters. So as to customize the fit, the helmet is integrated with 2 sets of moisture-wicking and removable Sweatsaver Fit Pads. In adddition to that, the chin strap is adjustable, therefore, riders can release buckle easily. There are 6 sizes for you to choose including XS/S (48-54 cm), S/M (55-58 cm) and L/XL (59-61 cm). But you have to make sure that you measure the circumference of your head carefully before buying a new one.

Triple Eight Dual Certified

  • SC Skateboard & BMX Bike Helmet for Kids & Adults from 6-99 years

This helmet is created for not only kids but also adults. Even though it is a kind of half-shell helmet, it is very safe for you to bicycle with. Plus, thanks to the advanced in-mold technology along with the durable hardshell, your helmet is extremely robust. 8 air channels can allow enough fresh air for riders to avoid sweat while the SkullCap sits cuddly and firmly to form a unity for you and your helmet. In terms of certification and quality standards, the SC Stakeboard & BMX Bike Helmet is manufactured following the German ones. Therefore, you may own a super long-lasting helmet.

SC Skateboard & BMX Bike Helmet

In terms of certification and quality standards, the SC Stakeboard & BMX Bike Helmet is followed the German ones/ Ph:


Best longboard for kids

  • Retrospec Traverse H1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Helmet

The next great product from Retrospec brand is the Traverse H1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard Helmet. It has 10 different vents with shock-absortbent and firm EPS interior and ABS shell exterior. Therefore, it can offer you the best protection and line quality.

The safety certifications of the helmet contain CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 for Bike Helmets and EN 1077:2007 for Ski Helmets. If you ride in the wintery days with lots of fog and snow, you can add a goggle clip for more protection and warmth.

This helmet weighs only 1.2 pounds and is designed for a customized fit due to its ErgoKnob Adjustable Dial which can loosen and tighten the helmet’s framework.

Retrospec Traverse H1 has 10 different vents with shock-absortbent and firm EPS interior and ABS shell exterior/ Ph:

Retrospec Helmet

  • BASE CAMPE Adult Bike Helmet with Rear Light for Urban Commuter Adjustable M Size

This helmet is certified by the United States CPSC standards. Apart from rear dial secure system and changeable chin strap, the unique feature of this helmet is the detachable rear light which can make you look visible at nights. As a result, everyone on the street can see you and keep a safe distance with you.

However, this helmet is more suitable for adults who have head circumference between 21.65 and 23.6 inches. So don’t forget to measure the circumference above your eye brows carefully if you don’t want to buy an unfit helmet.


Apart from rear dial secure system and changeable chin strap, the unique feature of this helmet is the detachable rear light which can make you look visible at nights/ Ph:


What are the things you should consider before buying a new skateboard helmet?

Here are some tips and tricks you should bear in mind before purchasing a new helmet for skateboarding:

  • Look to the Ratings

A great skateboard helmet will be rated highly by the experienced users. You can easily find their comments on the available website. The higher the rating is, the better quality the helmet is likely to be. Or else, just ask some of your friends who have experiences with the skateboard helmets and they will give you necessary advices before your purchase.

  • Get the right helmet for your activity

There are a wide range of helmets outside designed for various purposes. Therefore, you have to make sure that you buy the appropriate one for your activity. Are you looking for a helmet for downhill skating, bicycling or trick roller skating? Do you wish to make some tricks or just want to commute daily?

  • Full-shell or Half-shell helmet?

If you are new to longboarding or you are just a daily commuter who often cycle at a low speed, you should buy a half-shell skateboard helmet. However, if you are a high-performance skateboarder, let’s turn to a full-face helmet with high coverage to prevent you from serious damage that you may encounter along the way.

  • New vs Second-hand

We do not recommend you to use a second-hand helmet because we are not sure about the helmet’s structural integrity after being used by the first owner. You know, the structural integrity cof the skateboard helmet can break simple once you have an injury. Moreover, on the old helmet may still contain some sweat from the previous user. So if you do not want to share some sweat, you had better buy a new one.

  • Size and fit

A fit helmet can not only make you look good but also ensure you a safe ride. Just think, you don’t want to always adjust something on your head during your journey, do you? It is so annoying and can make your journey less fun and effective.

Therefore, if you order online, remember to measure your head carefully and check out for the proper size on the provided size chartz before purchasing. And in case you can go to the physical shop, don’t hesitate to try them on, adjust the helmet’s width, bend yourself, shake your head or do whatever you want to feel comfortable with the helmet. Then, you can find the right one for you.

  • Design and Graphics

If you want to look cool, why don’t you pay the extra money for the added graphics and design to your helmet? This does not add safety but may make you love wearing your protective item more whenever riding a skateboard.

  • Cooling and air vents

On and around the helmets place some cooling and air vents which feature as the cooling system for the helmet. They are very necessary for a ride in the summer. However, different labels will design different size and number of air vents. Hence, based on the weather in your living areas and your personal demands, you should choose the appropriate helmet for a comfortable feeling.

  • Speed

If you ride more than 25km/h, you ought to buy a full-face skateboard helmet in order to keep you away from severe damage such as breaking your bones. Nevertheless, if you ride at lower speeds, you will need some scratches or bruises. Furthermore, to protect your eyes from the wind, you can also consider a pair of glasses or a visor included in the helmet.

  • Safty standards

EPS (expanded polystyrene) is the black or hard gray foam inside your helmet which absorbs the general impact force. Thus, make sure the EPS of your helmet is certified by CPSC standards for the right purposes.

  • CPSC standard

CPSC standard is the shortlisted term for “The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission” standard for bicycle helmets. It has different standards for different types of cycling such as ASTM F1492, ASTM F1952, ASTM F1447, Snell N-94, EN 1078 and AS/NZS 2063. So before buying, just look at these standards carefully.

  • Field of view

Definitely, you cannot ride well if you do not know well about the field of view. You have to detect all the cracks and holes that may happen along the roads. And if you live in urban areas, don’t forget to look out for traffic.

  • Price

Don’t worry to pay a little bit more money for a known, trusted brand because you can have a much better helmet with a good warranty. For the long terms, you can not only save your head but also save your budget if you purchase wisely at first.

  • Weight

Noone likes wearing something heavy on the head. This will cause a lot of troubles if you ride for a long period of time. Thus, try to find a lightweight helmet to prevent you from breaking your neck.

  • Sweat liners

Whenever joining a physical activity, you are likely to get sweat and longboarding is no exception. In this situation, you will need sweat liners to prevent the sweat running down your face. And do not forget to replace them regularly to avoid bacteria.

  • Climate/ weather

You should check the weather in your area before buying a new helmet. If you live in a cold climate, isolating helmet with few air vents is ideal for you. On the contrary, if you live in somewhere hot, you should turn to sweat liners and many well-placed air vents.

Frequently asked questions about skateboard helmets

Well, there are tons of questions you may encounter when choosing your best helmets. We understand that and have listed all the possible questions to answer briefly for you. Let’s follow us and see whether your problems are solved or not.

  • How do I measure my head for a fit skatboard helmet?

It is very simple. Just use a flexbile string or a soft tap. Wrap it around the forehead with the similar level from your head’s back and front. Then, make a note of your measurements.

  • Do I have to wear a helmet while riding on a board?

Sure. You should protect your body as well as your head whenever taking part in any physical activities. By doing this, you can avoid unfortunate accidents and injuries.

  • Are there any differences between bike helmets and skateboard helmets?

In general, bike helmets and skateboard helmets are made of EPS foam with an aim to offer safety for users’ head against impact. The only difference between them is the impact’s level.

  • What is the difference between Half-shell and Full-shell helmets?

While Half-shell helmets are suitable for slalom, dancing, freestyle and cruising, full-shell helmets offer more protection and ideal for freeride or downhill skateboarding.

If you are new to this kind of sports, you had better use a half-shell helmet due to its cheap price. Then, when your skills are built, you can purchase for another full-shell one.

  • What is the difference between Hard-shell and Soft-shell helmets?

Hard-shell helmets are super good for protection. Nevertheless, their outer shell is not so comfortable because it is made of sturdy material. On the other hand, soft-shell helmets can bring you a more relaxing feeling while wearing besides its protection feature.

  • What is the difference between Multi-impact and Single-impact helmets?

The multi-impact and single-impact helmets have a huge difference in the type of foam. If the multi-impact can protect you from multiple accidents, the single-impact can only ensure you one crash.

  • How can I choose the right size if I order online?

If you order online, you have to make sure you know exactly the circumference of your head. In order to do that, you will need flexible strings. Next, measure your head and check carefully with the size charts of the helmet shops. Read all the reviews and ask the owners for more details, then you can choose the right size for yourself. Remember that different brands may offer different sizes, so be careful when selecting.

  • What does “Dual Certified Helmet” mean?

Dual Certified Helmet” complies with both ASTM and CPSC safety certification-the best certifications for skateboard helmets. As a result, once your helmet has this dual certificate, your head will be guaranteed safety completely.

  • When is the right time for me to replace my helmet with a new one?

According to manufacturers, you ought to replace your helmet after 3 to 5 years of use. Even if you do not use much, you should also pick a new helmet after 7 years of the production date of the old one. Having a well-certified helmet does not mean you have a long-lasting product that you can use forever, you know.

  • Are there helmets that I can wear for more than one activitiy?

Yes, of course. There are a great deal of multi-sport helmets out there for you to wear for more than just one activity. Bell Sanction exemplifies for this situtation. It can be used for downhill skating, roller skating or just normal longboarding. Just considerate your needs carefully before buying one so as not to waste a lot of money.


To sum up, skateboard helmet is one of the most significant protective items for longboarding, riding, cycling or skating. Without a doubt, a high-quality helmet can save your life from severe damage during your journey. Therefore, our advice here is to wisely choose the right helmet whenever participating in any sports or activities. And for the best helmets on the market nowadays, don’t forget to have a look at the aforementioned ones.

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