Best longboard for sliding

How to choose the best longboard for sliding?

Riding a longboard is a fun activity, but sliding on it is more exciting. When you slide, you are doing some tricks, moves, downhill or freeride, which is a little bit risky, but so much fun. To get the best out of it, you need a good and suitable longboard for sliding. It’s cool to show off some new tricks on the streets in a safe way with the right equipment. In this article, you will learn about some excellent models as well as how to choose the best longboard for sliding.

Best longboard for sliding in 2021

It’s important to get the best longboard for sliding when you are passionate about this activity. Not only will it keep you safe while performing, but you will also feel much more comfortable and easy to do the tricks.

  1. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

When it comes to the best longboard for sliding, the Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard is one of the most outstanding options. Not only is this model an affordable option, but it also comes with a lot of interesting features. It will definitely be worth the money you pay for.

As you ride this Volador board, you will be able to speed up easily, which is great if you want to try downhill riding. In addition, this model is very lightweight, so it doesn’t make you feel exhausted as you ride it either. Besides, you can use it for cruising or learning some new tricks. The Volador longboard is an ideal option for both beginners and advanced riders.

The deck has two different sizes for you to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can get a 42 inch or a 46 inch version. This model is made out of 8 ply hard maple, making it a very solid deck. However, it still comes with a little bit of flex, allowing it to absorb shock well. In case you roll over a stone or something on the road, you won’t be jolting about.

Not to mention, this Volador has an attractive design with beautiful graphics so you will be able to choose one that suits your aesthetic preferences. Users will have a smooth and enjoyable riding experience with this model.


  • Beautiful graphics and design.
  • Easy control.
  • Suitable for both advanced and beginner riders.


  • The grip tape isn’t very durable.
  1. Playshion Drop Through Longboard Cruiser

The Playshion 39 Inch is also considered as the best longboard for sliding from this brand that comes with a variety of graphics. Not only does this longboard have an incredible quality, but it also comes with an affordable price range.

Using this board, you don’t have a long distance between the deck and the ground. That means the center of gravity gets lower, and allows you to control the board very smoothly. Besides, it has a durable deck which can endure 250 lbs of weight. Along with the big wheels and 7-inch long trucks, the bearings offer you an enjoyable ride.

You will enjoy smooth movement of the board and you can also control speed well. As the model is made with top quality material, it won’t disappoint you. In fact, this longboard has had good reviews so far, so give it a try!


  • Extremely stable deck.
  • The board is lightweight.
  • Easy for sliding and controlling.


  • The trucks and wheels are a bit tight.
  • This model is more suitable for beginners, not ideal for advanced tricks.
  1. Magneto Bamboo Longboards

The Magneto Bamboo longboard is 42 inch long and it comes with a symmetrical cutout shape with drop-through truck mounts. So it is a stable longboard that allows you to push easily. You can use it for cruising, freestyle, downhill or carving, etc..

The deck is made with a mixture of bamboo and fiberglass, so it has an outstanding strength and incredible flexibility. In addition to having an attractive look, the deck also combines the soft flex of the bamboo and fiberglass, which gives the board good response in turns and carves. Besides, it allows you to maintain speed with less effort.

This model has large cutout wheels and subtle radial concave, so you can move your feet swiftly when cruising or carving. It is also versatile for most terrain. The wheels have a soft 78A durometer, offering smooth rolling and good grip for cruising and carving.


  • Offer smooth rides.
  • Durable deck with high quality trucks and bearings.
  • Comfortable size for beginners.
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Not suitable for advanced-level riders.
  1. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard

It’s time to challenge yourself with some different slides on a longboard with this JUCKER HAWAII item. This model comes with a bamboo deck and is a popular longboard on the market.

Thanks to these layers of bamboo that enhance the look of this longboard, you will also feel that the board has a more lively flex, which increases your riding experience with this item. Not to mention, the trucks are wide and the wheels are soft, allowing riders to roll as smoothly on soft tarmac as on rough asphalt.

You will feel incredible when riding this longboard, even more exciting when you try some tricks or slides with it


  • Smooth rides on any terrain.
  • Offer good riding experience.


  • Bearings might need to be upgraded.
  1. Slendor Longboard 42 inch Drop Through

It will be a mistake for not mentioning this Slendor 42 inch Drop Through as one of the best longboards for sliding. The brand adds some of the most impressive features on this model, which you will find amazing.

First of all, you will be amazed with the flat drop-down deck that is made of premium materials. It allows you to deal with the wear ahead simply. In addition, it comes with the 70 mm wheelbase as well as a hardness rating of 85A, so it can handle any type of route, whether it is soft or rough.


More importantly, you will feel stable on this board as it keeps the balance on a perfect level. This Slendor item also has a light weight of 6.03 pounds so you can pull off a better performance.


  • High quality and durable materials.
  • Decent wheelbase and light weight.
  • Maintains perfection on balance.
  • Perfect width and length.


  • Not good enough for tricks.
  1. Landyachtz Switch Longboard Complete and Colors

Landyachtz is also a leading brand that makes excellent longboards for sliding. This longboard is 35 inches long and is pretty cool to play with. You can use it for cruising, commuting, and doing some tricks. It is a popular model that provides plenty of functions, that’s why it is slightly more expensive than other longboards.

When you look at the deck of the Landyachtz Switch, you will be impressed with the colorful skull. The deck is also what makes this longboard unique and makes you standout when you ride it. You will feel secure when standing on the deck.

This model comes with smooth wheels that give you enough friction to move freely on the streets. It’s also very stable and offers sufficient flex to have a smooth ride and perform the tricks. Additionally, this one is considered as a high-end longboard for beginners. But it will make you feel safe and enjoyable.


  • Excellent board for beginners.
  • Well-built longboard with high quality materials.


  • This longboard is not suitable for advanced riders.

The best longboard for sliding buying guide

When you look for the best longboard for sliding, you need to consider these factors to choose the right one.

Longboard Materials

The material plays an important part in building the strength and durability of a longboard. The most common longboards’ material is maple which gives the decks enough sturdiness and it tends to last for a long time too. So this can be a perfect option for you as you want a durable board.

Other longboards can also be made of bamboo which provides a lot more flex than maple. So if you want a longboard for commuting or carving, this is the best choice. But it might not be perfect for sliding as a stiffer construction is usually better.

As for experienced riders, they might be more interested in Carbon Fiber longboard which comes with a foam core that makes it lighter. Although it is more expensive, it can help you push off the start line much faster and move much more easily around slides and turns.


When you look at trucks, you need to look for the pieces attached onto the deck where you install the wheels. Trucks determine how stable the board is and the way it turns. If you enjoy downhill riding, you should opt for hard bushings. And don’t try a board that turns too easily as it can put you at risk at a high speed.

Don’t forget to look at the kingpin as it helps tighten around the bushing, which can compress or relax it. The ideal trucks should be at least 180 mm in width. And the most common type in the market are reverse kingpin trucks.

You need to consider a few factors before buying a longboard for sliding

Wheel Base

Wheelbase is the distance between the trucks in the board. A larger wheelbase makes you feel more stable on a longboard, however, it is not very responsive. On the other hand, a shorter wheelbase offers more responsiveness, which is important when performing tricks.

Drop-through mounts

Drop through mounting gives you the stability and it allows for easy pushing out slides. It also helps to break traction. This feature also helps the rider perform slides much more easily. If you are looking for more flexibility, responsiveness and traction, you need this feature on your longboard.

Deck lengths and widths

A regular longboard’s deck is usually from 34 to 44 inches long. Depending on the height of the riders, you can choose a different size of deck. The ideal range for deck lengths and widths are 38 to 42 inches long and 8 to 10 inches wide because it is appropriate for any riders, including beginner, intermediate, or advanced ones.


  1. What longboard length should I get for sliding?

​The length of a longboard varies and normally you should pick the size of your longboard based on your size. You will have plenty of options, from 33 to 54 inches. But a deck length of 39 to 42 inches is the suitable size for sliding.

  1. How do I buy a sliding longboard that is also good for high speed running?

Usually each longboard is designed for a specific purpose. However, if you want to look for a sliding longboard which is also good for high speed running, it should come with wheels that have a 70mm+ diameter along with a 75a+ durometer. Besides, it’s important to have the bearings of ABEC 7+ rating.

  1. What type of wheels is suitable for sliding?

Wheels make your longboard move so they are crucial features. As for the best wheels for sliding, you should be looking for ones that are a little smaller than downhill or cruiser wheels.

In addition, they should have a narrower contact patch which makes it easy to lose friction. These types of wheels also make you feel comfortable and simple to use right from the first day you use them.

Wheels with Urethane compounds can be a little harder, which have an impact on your sliding. Besides, if you prefer the soft wheels, you should pick something with the durometer rating between 75 – 80a. Otherwise, get something in the range of 83 – 88a for harder wheels. In general, as you are interested in sliding or freeride, you should get round and large wheels which also need to be soft to move on any surface.


In sum 

So, these are some of the best sliding longboards for your recommendation. We also provide a useful buying guide for you to consider when buying one. Depending on your budget and your purpose, you can choose the best longboard for sliding. More importantly, you should choose the right one for yourself. Those options are high quality longboards with affordable prices, so check them out!

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