Best longboard for heavy riders


8+ Best Longboard for Heavy Riders: Weight Does Not Matter!

That’s way wong that an overweight body will prevent you from enjoying longboard. Here comes a list of best longboard for heavy riders – designed for you.

Before searching for the best longboard for heavy riders, you might still be hesitant a bit as many people claim that longboard is not a sport for you. Your body is too heavy to keep balanced on the board, let alone make it move.

We confirm: Weight does not matter as long as you are interested in the sport and practice frequently. More importantly, choose the right longboard for your size.

Here we help with:

  • A list of the best longboard for heavy riders
  • The complete buying guide
  • FAQs that you might also want to know

Best Longboard for heavy riders – Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Sector 9 Men’s Pinnacle4.9
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White Wave Bamboo Longboard4.9See latest price
Magneto Longboards Bamboo4.8See latest price
VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard4.8See latest price
WiiSHAM Longborads4.8See latest price
Atom Drop Through4.7See latest price
Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo4.7See latest price
Kahuna Creations Longboards4.6
See latest price

Buying Guide for The Best Longboard for Heavy Riders

Overall, what to consider?

In brief, big guys need durable longboards to handle their weight first, the flexibility for tricks comes second.

Thus, in terms of the best longboard for heavy riders, you need to check out the maximum weight capacity, the deck, trucks, wheels, wheelbases, and bushings.

To save your searching efforts, you had better go for a branded longboard – although they might be a bit more expensive, all parts are already assembled with a high-quality standard in mind.

Weight capacity

The very first factor to take into account when it comes to the best longboard for heavy riders is the weight limit. Good as the longboard is, but if it is not able to handle your weight, everything goes in vain. Not only can the longboard break down shortly, but you might also suffer from serious injuries while riding.

Thankfully, the weight limit is often clearly clarified in specifications for your reference. Otherwise, you can indicate about this figure from the deck materials.

For your big body, we suggest going for multi-ply maple boards or the artisan bamboo ones. Both are strong and flexible to reduce shock while improving the overall maneuverability. Specifically, an 8-ply maple sandwiched with layers of bamboo or fiberglass can withstand 220 lbs to 300 lbs.

Even better, you can choose carbon-fiber longboards, which are more expensive but lightweight and super durable.


Come to think of the longboard’s sturdiness, the weight capacity is not enough for you to make a right choice. Then, the next part to consider is the deck, including its material, shape, height, and concave.

  • Materials: As we mentioned above, the maple and bamboo decks are helpful for heavy riders to enjoy the game with safety and flexibility.
  • Deck shape: Among the three common shapes (the downward curve, the relatively flat, and the upward curve), big riders should opt-in for the last two shapes. They are less flexy and easier for heavy riders to control.
  • Deck height: In case you are interested in freeriding, commuting, and freestyle boarding and you are heavy riders, you must tradeoff between the wheel bite and height. If you are tall, go for a long and high setup board. If you are short, pick up wheels with wide flares, cutouts, and additional wedges.
  • Concave: A rule of thumb is, the deeper concave means the greater rigidity.


Truck is another importance

Trucks of longboard are often complicated with various parts such as the baseplates, kingpin, axles, and nuts. However, they are all helpful to guarantee a solid construction to handle your heavyweight.

For that reason, nylon or plastic base plates are in the blacklist since they are likely to crack. Instead, the aluminum base plates are excellent alternatives to provide lots of support, along with the steel hollow-shape kingpins and axles.

Plus, take notices of the mounting style. It indicates how maneuverable the boards are for various riding styles. In specific, the drop-through trucks are perfect for freestyle. Meanwhile, the top-mounted truck is good for downhill riders.

Wheels and wheelbase

Right wheels improve the overall balance

First off, speaking of the wheelbase, big riders must choose “reasonably” long bases. Too short bases make it hard to maneuver the longboard flexibly whilst too long bases prevent the riders from standing near the trucks – the strongest points of the board.

Secondly, the small-to-medium wheels are recommended for heavy-rider longboards instead of the big wheels. The reason is, your weight is useful enough to maintain a better grip and stable rides. The big wheels are unnecessary. Accordingly, wheels of 78A – 80A ratings and 70-75 mm in diameter are suitable for big guys.


In terms of bearings, you get what you pay for

Simply put, the longevity of bearings equals to its rating. You do not need to break a bank for bearings, but you should not pay too cheap for a good one. Especially when you need durable bearings to withstand your heavy body. Thus, the best material to craft the bearing parts is the high-quality steel.

Furthermore, be aware of the tolerance rating system – as known as the ABEC rating. This refers to how well the components of the bearings fit together. Ideally, the higher ratings mean the better lubes. And the best longboards for heavy riders often feature ABEC 7 or 9 bearings.


These parts are often underestimated, but truly helpful

Truly told, not many riders care for the bushings, thinking they are such abundant parts. However, for big guys, these small bushings do matter. Too soft ones cost stability, which might result in dangerous falls and injuries. Too hard brushing, nonetheless, causes bumpy and dis comfortable feelings.

Hence, the case is to choose the right shape and durometer of the bushings to handle your weight. The cone or barrel bushings are commonly used to reduce the resistance upon turns and increase the response at high speeds. In terms of the hardness, 78A – 80A bushings are acceptable. 90A+ bushings are ideal to maximize the performance.

Best Longboard for Heavy Riders: A List of 8

1. Sector 9 Aperture longboard

See Latest Price

This Sector 9 Aperture is the top-rated longboard for pro riders, in general, and for heavy riders, for particular. Hilariously, when we get insight into its construction and features, we know the reason for the popularity.

All in all, the longboard is an excellent combination of basic but reliable parts such as the springy ample-sized bamboo deck, stable and responsive trucks, along with a comfortable platform shape.

In specific, the deck’s dimensions are 36’’ long and 9’’ wide, which means a significant platform for big guys to land on. Besides, the premium wheels are as large as 74mm 78X, affixed with the ABEC 5 bearings. As a result, you can expect the wheels to be smooth and durable on various surfaces.

Not to mention, the bamboo flex gives off a dampening feel and a smooth rolling. The drop-through trucks also add an extra good performance without wheel rubbing even when you want to go faster and keep pushing at the same time



  • Expensive
  • Basic bearings and bushings

2. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete 

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Female riders might fall in love with the VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard because of its cool design. Another good news is the construction and features are also interesting, too.

With a large deck of 43 inches long and 9-inch wides, the longboard is advertised to fit almost every rider without discomfort or cracks. To be exact, 8-ply heavy-duty maple can withstand the weight capacity up to 250 lbs.

We also like the symmetrical and cambered design of the deck. It reduces wheel bites with ultra-low rolling resistance while improving smooth rides.

Furthermore, the deck is connected to the 78A large wheels via the 7-inch Reverse Kingpin trucks and ABEC-9 bearings. All are helpful for riders – even the big guys, to speed up at high velocities while still maintaining the precision.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • High weight capacity
  • Stable and shock-absorption design
  • Symmetrical deck for fast turn and stability at the same time
  • High-quality trucks, wheels, and bearings


  • Wrinkling grip tape
  • Mobility-oriented trucks sometimes

3. Atom Drop (41-Inch)

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It will be completely a lack without mentioning the Atom longboard on our review. We can safely say that Atom has changed the world of longboards.

And come to think of the best longboard for heavy riders, we would like to introduce the Atom Drop (41-Inch)

The size of the 41-inch deck is similar to some others on the list, meaning heavier men will find it comfortable and stable to stand on the deck. The combination of maple laminate, urethane, and aluminum materials within the deck guarantees the fact that the Atom longboard will not be broken down even through speedy or bumpy surfaces. What’s more, the Reverse Kingpin trucks, wide super-high-rebound wheels, and ABEC-9 bearings are available to secure and fasten the ridings.

Especially, the drop-style deck is suggested for riders with a low center of gravity to push the board with less effort.

besides that, the Atom longboard is also one of the best longboards for beginners


  • Great size and design for downhill and cruising
  • Extremely durable materials
  • Supportive parts like trucks, wheels, and bearings
  • Improved stability with less wheels bite
  • Reliable warranty


  • Noisy sound when making a turn
  • A little soft wheels for sliding

4. Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard

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As the name already reveals, this Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard is the high-performance loaded broad for both beginners and pro riders – as long as you understand and use the board in the right way.

Made of bamboo and two layers of sandwiched fiberglass, the Dervish Sama is lightweight, yet still responsively flexy for carving and pumping riders. The dimensions are truly spacious at 42.8*9 inches. The wheelbase is 31.5 inches large and the wheels are 75mm 83A. There are even three different flex ratings for your choice. As a big rider, you should go for a lower flex to ensure the riding safety.

All measurements mean you can use the longboard over multiple terrains, meanwhile, the Dervish Sama can still be balanced and not worn out.


  • Built-to-last and comfortably wide deck
  • 3 different flex ratings
  • The symmetrical design
  • High-quality hardware and accessories


  • Very pricey
  • Not for sliding techniques

5. Kahuna Creations Longboards

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Kahuna Creations Longboards is the last on the list, but it is one of the most recommended longboards for heavy riders. Overall, the board features a heavy and durable deck, sturdy trucks, and a nice paint job.

Do not be surprised, knowing that the board is as large as 47 inches long and 10 inches wide and the weight capacity is around 260 lbs. The taco concave shape is optimized to control the speed and turns with ease. Even you are running over bumps, you will just find a little shake of your body and can get the balance shortly after.

Another good to mention, this longboard is 100% US-made.


  • Very high weight limit
  • High-performance with large deck, reliable trucks, and more
  • Stable smooth board for effortless carving
  • The guaranteed US-made


  • A few paint chips
  • Loosen and squeaky trucks

6. Bamboo Longboard 

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The Bamboo Longboard the next widespread board to introduce. At a glance, you might figure out that the board is very basic and high-quality crafted.

And, we confirm that the White Wave is truly worth your money with a wealth of features for big riders.

First off, the deck is made of the durable bamboo and maple. The two materials are eco-friendly and durable enough to withstand 190lbs and more. Besides the 40-inch standard length is wide enough for you to stand on and push with comfort.

Plus, the truck is 5-inch aluminum. This will reduce the overall weight of the board whilst it still provides excellent support during the game. Just for your note, the trucks might turn out to be a little squeaky and noisy because of the bushing. To fix, you should lubricate outside the trucks frequently.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Durable and lightweight 9-ply bamboo and maple
  • Comfortable drop-down deck
  • High-quality ABEC-9 bearings and aluminum trucks


  • Squeaky and loosen trucks
  • Basic design

7. Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboards

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Even when you are the beginner riders, you might have heard of Magneto Longboard Bamboo before. Truly told, the high-quality of this board sells itself, making it ideal for various riding styles from cruising to dancing.

More excitingly, your weight is almost no matter to worry about.

Looking into the deck materials and construction and you will agree with us. The deck is made of 3-ply bamboo which provides a great flexibility, blended with fiberglass which helps reinforce the overall durability.

Also, the board flex is at the right amount – neither too stiff nor too soft, resulting in lively and responsive ridings. You can both maintain speed and push out for carves and turns.

The shallow concave is also a big plus. The arched camber, going with the subtle kick tails, offer an extra comfort under your foot.


  • A well-known branded longboard
  • A wide and comfortable deck
  • The superb durable combination of materials
  • The camber design ideal for cruising and freestyles
  • The flex board reasonably enough for heavy riders


  • Loosen trunks for heavy riders – you need to tighten them a bit

8. WiiSHAM Longboards 42 inches Complete

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At the very first sight, the WiiSHAM Longboảds 42 inches is quite similar to the VOLADOR 42inch, for example, the symmetrical deck and impressive illustration art on the deck.

Then, the two are exactly good alternatives to each other, in terms of price and quality.

Similarly, the WiiSHAM longboard is also crafted with high-quality Canadian maple, along with ABEC-9 bearings. Moreover, the deck is also as wide as 42 inches long and 9 inches wide.

A small difference is the wheels, which feature the hardness of 83A – much higher than the VOLADOR 42inch. These hard wheels support a better slide on the asphalt and on the streets.

Also, the additional features like the aluminum alloy stents and the complete packaging are small but very thoughtful.


  • Be among the cheapest high-quality longboard
  • The tough and durable board deck
  • High-quality trucks, wheels, and bearings
  • Thoughtful additional features


  • A bit slower than other longboards



How can big guys play carving on longboards?

Carving is a really fun technique but it is also challenging, which is involved in quick and successive turns in an S-line trajectory. To play, you need to maintain an excellent balance and speed at the same time.

Truth be told, this is a bit hard for heavy riders, who are less flexible to turn back and forth quickly.

Fortunately, a suitable longboard will help in this case. To be specific, go for a large truck that offers more stability and less wheel bite. The height of the truck is also a problem: the higher, the better. Also, you should choose either a top-mount or drop-through deck. In terms of bearings, ABEC 7 or 9 is recommended for smooth rolling.

Moreover, take notes of some carving tips:

  • Engage your body in a wave-like motion, from your head to your legs, to achieve a fluid transition. Next, shift your weight into the edge of the board, one by one, while pressing the toes and heels into the board rail. However, do not let the heels come off the deck.
  • Lower the gravity center when entering each turn and lighten up when exiting the turn.
  • Practice makes you better. Once you master basic carving techniques as above, you will get a more natural control over your body and minimize the movement.

How to stand on a longboard?

Standing on a longboard is the very first step to get familiar with and control the board, in which you must consider where to place your feet and how to maintain the remainder of the whole body.

First off, take your natural stance in mind. Whether you are a regular rider or a goofy one?

Riders with the regular stance stand on the board with their left foot forward. In contrast, the goofy riders have their right foot forward the direction they are heading to.

Secondly, stand in the center of the board and a little bend your knees to guarantee a solid base and a low gravity center. Your feet should be directly beneath and wider than the shoulders.

When going fast, you had better tuck a bit and lean forward to keep the balance.

How do you make your longboard?

Honestly, if you are beginners to heavy-rider longboards, we do not recommend making a DIY board because it might not safe enough for your sake.

Anyway, as you already want to know, you can follow the comprehensive instruction by Eric Lindberg as above.

What sizes should heavy riders choose for their longboards?

It depends, mostly on your height and shoe sizes, as well as your riding styles. You should choose a size that you can stand on the board and make turns comfortably. Also, consider the weight limit of that size.

For your reference, we provide a size chart here:

Riding styles Cruising Downhill Freeride Freestyle
Board lengths (inch) 28 – 46 36 and more 38 – 42 No limit

What materials are recommended to paint on the longboard?

How to keep the painting on longboard durable?

How cool it is to customize your longboard with a unique design and on your own. Simply put, you can use acrylic paint, house paint, sharpie, or color pencil. However, we most recommend oil-based paints because of their luminous and rich colors. Not to mention, these paints are durable and easy to blend.

Moreover, you can apply some adhesive-backed vinyl with painter’s tape or electrical tape before painting over the tape.

Are there specific longboard shapes or designs recommended for heavy riders?

While there isn’t a specific shape or design that’s exclusively for heavy riders, certain characteristics can benefit riders with more weight:

Wider decks: Look for longboards with wider decks as they offer a larger surface area for your feet, providing better stability and balance. A wider deck can distribute your weight more evenly, making it easier to maintain control while riding.

Lower center of gravity: Longboards with a lower ride height or dropped platform can be advantageous for heavier riders. They offer a lower center of gravity, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of wobbles or speed wobbles.

Directional shapes: Consider longboards with directional shapes, such as pintails or top mounts. These shapes are designed for cruising and carving, providing better maneuverability and control, which can be beneficial for heavier riders.

Are there any specific longboard brands known for producing boards suitable for heavy riders?

While several longboard brands offer models suitable for heavy riders, some brands are known for their emphasis on durability and weight capacity. Some popular brands to consider include Loaded Boards, Landyachtz, Rayne Longboards, and Sector 9. These brands have a reputation for producing quality longboards with strong decks, high weight capacities, and reliable components.

What are some safety considerations for heavy riders when using a longboard?

Safety is crucial for any rider, regardless of weight. Here are a few safety considerations for heavy riders:

Check weight capacity: Always ensure that your longboard’s weight capacity exceeds your weight to prevent potential accidents or damage to the board.

Inspect the components: Regularly inspect your longboard’s components, including the deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings, for any signs of wear and tear. Replace any worn-out or damaged parts promptly to maintain optimal safety.

Wear protective gear: Regardless of weight, it’s essential to wear appropriate protective gear, such as a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. This will help minimize the risk of injuries in case of falls or accidents.

Start with gradual progression: If you’re new to longboarding or have recently gained weight, it’s advisable to start with gradual progression. Begin with shorter rides, practice balancing, and gradually increase your speed and distance to ensure you’re comfortable and confident on the longboard.

Can I customize my longboard for better performance as a heavy rider?

Yes, customization can improve the performance of your longboard as a heavy rider. Here are some customization options to consider:

Upgraded trucks: Investing in heavy-duty trucks with a higher weight capacity can provide better stability and control. Look for trucks specifically designed for heavier riders or those made from durable materials like aluminum.

Stiffer bushings: Upgrading to stiffer bushings can help improve stability and responsiveness. Heavy riders may find that stock bushings are too soft and can lead to instability. Opting for stiffer bushings can provide a more controlled ride.

Harder wheels: If you find that your wheels are too soft and prone to deformation, consider switching to harder wheels. Harder durometer wheels (80A and above) are less likely to deform under the weight of a heavy rider, providing a smoother ride.

Bearings: Upgrading to high-quality bearings can enhance the overall performance of your longboard. Look for bearings with a higher ABEC rating, as they offer better precision and speed. Smooth-rolling bearings can help reduce resistance and make pushing and cruising easier.

Deck reinforcement: If you’re concerned about the durability of your deck, you can reinforce it by adding additional layers of fiberglass or carbon fiber. This can enhance the strength and rigidity of the deck, making it better equipped to handle heavier loads.

It’s important to note that while customization can enhance your longboard’s performance, it’s essential to choose compatible components and make changes gradually. Experimenting with different setups and seeking advice from experienced riders or professionals can help you find the optimal customization options for your specific needs and preferences.

Remember to always prioritize safety and follow proper maintenance practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

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Wrapping Up

Feel free to pick up one of the 8 best longboards for heavy riders as above. If you still can’t make a choice and want to search any further. then you should also take our buying guide with you so that you can spend your money in the right place.

We wish you always enjoy the game and have fun in your free time!


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