Best Longboard For Cruising


The Best Longboard For Cruising – Ultimate Buying Guide


Are you familiar with conventional vehicles such as cars and motorbikes? You want a new experience when traveling on the road? What about the best longboard for cruising? We believe you will find it very interesting.

In this article, we want to show you top 6 products that sell like hot cakes and guide you how to choose the best one. If you want to change your habits, practice a new sport, or simply protect the environment, read this article now!

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Longboards for Cruising

In order to own the best longboard for cruising, you should notice some important factors to learn how to choose them. We will not let you wait any longer, let’s get started now!

Deck styles

This seems to be the most important factor that you need to consider first.  deck style plays an indispensable role in deciding whether the longboard is stable, easy to move, and easy to stop.

On the market today, there are 4 main different types of deck styles. Each type will have its own characteristics and prices which are suitable for each object and your needs. Here are 4 types of deck styles you can consider.

  • Top mount: This type has a high center of gravity, so it is hard to keep a balance. However, it is quite fast and often used by experts. Their prices are usually low.
  • Drop deck: This type of center of gravity is lower, more stable, and also helps the user to easily decelerate and brake. Drop deck has a low average price and their feature is suitable for both experts and beginners.
  • Drop through: Similar to Drop through but this style is thicker. It is suitable for commuting, downhill, and freeride, which is born for beginners.
  • Double deck: Compared to the above 3 types, Double deck has the lowest center of gravity and is also the most stable. This type is often used by professionals and the price is quite high.

Board Shapes

In general, the longboard has two shapes, which are symmetrical and directional. However, we recommend you choose the second one because it is extremely easy to use. In other words, “directional” means going forward, which helps you to simply control the direction and speed better.

Deck Sizes

Longboard has many different sizes, ranging from 32 “to 42”. The choice of the length of the longboard depends on many factors such as your weight, skill improvement or easy moving ability.

If you are a beginner, sizes from 32 ”-39” are the right choice. However, if you use the longboard to race and compete, we recommend a skateboard about 43 ”-44” long.

Remember, the longer the skateboards, the heavier their weight. Therefore, to increase the difficulty and improve skills, many people have changed boards frequently.


If you are a good racer or an expert, you will be familiar with this fact: The more flexible the board is, the easier it is to balance it across different terrains. Then, your racing speed will be faster.

There are 3 types of flex: soft, medium, and stiff.

  • Soft flex: best for special board tricks and mellow cruising
  • Medium flex: use for moderate speed cruising, commuting, and carving
  • Stiff flex: suitable for freeriding, going fast or bombing hills


You have two choices about the truck: 150mm and 180mm. When the deck is narrow, its truck will also be narrow too.


To be able to choose the right wheel, you should rely on its diameter, hardness, and shape.

The bigger the board, the larger the diameter of the wheel. You can see the size on the packaging.

According to hardness, finding it based on body weight is easier than ever. For example, if you weigh about 60 pounds, the ideal stiffness of the wheel should be 78a to 80a. If you weigh more than 60 pounds, you need higher hardness.

Wheels have 2 popular shapes which are square and round. The square option is better due to the right edge of the wheel and direct contact with the ground. So you can move quickly without worrying about slipping.


Bearings play a role to keep the wheels going long distances without being worn down. If you want to cruise, you should choose ABEC-3 bearings. On the other hand, if you are an expert and want to cruise, carve, race; the ABEC 5, ABEC 7, or up are great choices.

Top 6 best longboard for cruising on the market

Sector 9 Mens Pinnacle Lookout

Sector 9 Mens Pinnacle Lookout

We have to admit that the Sector 9 Mens Pinnacle Lookout is one of the most supportive boards for beginners. Staying low from the ground when longboarding is always your dream? Now it’s time your dream comes true, as long as you have Sector 9 Mens Pinnacle Lookout by your side. With a unique construction, the product allows you to push strongly.

On the other hand, this Sector 9 Lookout has a flexy bamboo deck. This design gives you more space and thanks to that, you can slide more comfortably than ever.

A truth that every skater has confirmed is, skating is fun because you can enjoy moving at high speed. Such a great experience, huh? With this Sector 9, that experience can even be greater.

To be specific, the 4 sturdy wheels will spin powerfully in order to deliver the board the highest speed. However, these wheels are not so durable. As the ground creates much pressure on them, they can wear out so quickly.

Wanna keep balance well? While riding this item, keeping your balance is easy as pie. What is the magic behind? Because of the firm deck flex and the wheels, you will feel really safe to go.

In fact, this board even gives you more confidence to keep pushing harder and harder. No wonder why it is always the apple of new skaters’ eyes.

When it comes to turning, we bet that this Sector 9 Lookout will not make you disappointed. Its truck is so greatly responsive that you can do the turning quickly and smoothly.

Especially, immediately after arriving, the product is ready to use. For convenience, the manufacturer has completed all the assembling jobs. Of course, if you want to upgrade the board or replace a few parts of the longboard, you can still make them yourself without the help of a salesperson. But in case you need help, feel free to call them!


  • Nice design
  • Reputable trucks
  • Large wheels
  • Good sliding potential
  • Reasonable price


  • Bad quality of bearings
  • The grip tape gets dirty easily
  • Bad wheels durability


With a combination of beautiful design and supportive construction, this product is always the first choice of any new skaters. If you need more confidence to do the skating, then you should get this board right away! Its deck flex and wheels will work together to blow up your spirit!

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

Taking inspiration from the surfers on Hawaii beaches, the Retrospec company has brought a classic appearance to its Zed Bamboo Longboard. Therefore, when you use this board, you will feel like you are surfing on the beach.

To remind the customers of the great feeling on the waves, the manufacturers have gone out of their way in the design process. Specifically, what they have focused most on is the quality of the bearings. As these ball bearings pass the ABEC-7 test, a high-speed and smooth ride are guaranteed.

In addition, the wheels can provide a superior grip. This feature comes from Anti-Bite technology so that you can stay safe while riding. On the other hand, this wonderful technology also prevents the wear and tear of the wheel while surfing the rugged terrain. This means that you can have a longer time of use.

Another interesting thing that we want to talk about this product is its versatility. When you take the longboard out of its packaging, you will be surprised to see its deck is a little bit flexed from two plies. This design is to make your ride more stable. Thus, you can use this board on any type of terrain without being afraid of losing balance. That is great, right?

However, this board can only withstand a maximum weight of 220 pounds. So if you are heavier, we are sorry to say that this longboard can not become your best friend. The wheels have to take much pressure, then you may be injured or even get some unexpected accidents.


  • Durable wheels
  • Stable ride on different terrains
  • High bearings quality


  • Maximum load of 220 pounds
  • Bad grip tape quality on the front of the board


The Retrospec has successfully brought the atmosphere of the Hawaii beaches to this lovely Zed Bamboo Longboard. As the bearings meet the ABEC-7 standards, they will make your ride to become smooth and safe on any terrain. Truly, it is a perfect choice for anyone who requires high durability.

FLYER 42inch Freeride Longboard

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

This Volador Freeride is a drop-through 42 inches longboard that has an extreme flex and a great ability to absorb shock. When you buy this item, the manufacturer offers you up to 12 styles of the board decks. How cool!

All these decks are built from 8-ply hard rock maple and Epoxy sticky glue. Therefore, you don’t have to think much about the board’s sturdiness.

Besides, the Volador applies many high-quality materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, chrome steel, and PU to build the other parts of the board. Compared to all other products on the market, this one will stand on top of the durability.

Coming back to the design of the board, we have to give a compliment to this company’s artwork. Right from the very beginning, you may have been impressed because of the beautiful graphic on the grip tape. In fact, these graphics are ideas collected from designers from all over the world. Therefore, you can freely choose and find the product you like.

What we don’t like about this product is the sound it makes during riding. As we have mentioned above, the bearings are really solid. So they may tighten the wheels and make some noise while you are riding. However, if you add some oil to them, this problem will be solved without much effort


  • Beautiful grip tape
  • High-quality bearings
  • Reasonable price


  • Spinning noise because the bearings are too tight
  • Maxload of only 250 pounds


No matter which country you come from, which culture your nation has, you can always find a suitable board style of Volador Freeride. The manufacturer offers you 12 different styles of the deck that are collected from the ideas of many designers around the globe.

Slendor Longboard Skateboard 42 inch

Slendor Longboard Skateboard 42 inch

The radius for turning is an important criterion when considering the best longboard for cruising. If the radius is not wide enough, you are not able to skate smoothly. Luckily, this Slendor longboard can help you turn well. Thanks to its 70x51mm 85A PU wheels, you can change the direction without breaking your neck.

The board construction is also a special point that we want to talk about. As the board body is 4.5 inches high from the ground, you are comfortable pushing the longboard strongly for more speed. On another side, thanks to 9 inches wide and 42 inches long deck, the board can provide plenty of space for you to put the feet on.

Perhaps in the battle of price, this product can not win the title “the most affordable longboard of all time”. However, in exchange, you will have no complaint about its quality. While other brands prefer using plastic or cheap materials to build their boards, the Slendor company only chooses the highest-quality ones. From the carbon steel bolts, chrome steel bearings to the PU wheels, aren’t these board parts so solid and durable?

For the first sight impression, this product has a beautiful grip tape design. However, this tape is not as useful as expected. To be more specific, the surface seems to be not very smooth enough and it can not create roughness for your feet to grip on.


  • Wide turning radius
  • Large room to put feet on
  • Beautiful design


  • Loud noise while riding
  • Less roughness of grip tape


Coming up with a 42-inches length and 9-inches width, this product is a good option for anyone who has a couple of big feet. Furthermore, this special longboard is built to provide a wide radius of turning. Hence, you will be able to have the smoothest ride with it.

Kahuna Creations Longboards

Kahuna Creations Longboards

When it comes to a unique shape, impressive style, and color matching of a longboard, we will think immediately of the Kahuna Creations. As you can see, the surface of the board is designed to have a complicated pattern style. To be honest, it is really hard to find another product that can have a unique appearance like this one.

On the other side, the deck is really long (46 inches) that allows you to cruise over a large distance. Don’t quickly jump to the conclusion  that the long deck will make some difficulties for you to keep balanced. Why? In fact, this item has a lower center of gravity so that it can ensure a stable ride.

Another great point is, this product can support heavyweight. Unlike the previous items that can only hold up about 220 – 250 pounds, this board can withstand a weight of up to 400 pounds. Really strong, isn’t it?

Moving such a big board is totally not easy. But luckily, this Kahuna Creation is very light. As this board only has a weight of 13 pounds, you can carry it around without a problem.

On the bad side, the truck bushing of this board is quite soft. So it may not give to the wheels good responsiveness. And the result is, you may get difficulty while turning.

But be assured because every cloud has a silver lining, there is still a solution for this case. All you have to do is go to the manufacturer’s website and look for an alternative truck bushing.


  • Long deck
  • Lightweight
  • Great crafted graphic on the board body
  • Maximal load up to 400 pounds


  • Soft bushing
  • The deck gets dirty easily


Your skating will be much cooler if you have a beautiful board. Of course, this product’s deck has a really amazing crafted graphic which impresses every skater strongly. Besides the design, this item has many more good features that are worth every dollar you spend.

Quest QT-NSC44C

Quest QT-NSC44C

Last but not least, we have Quest QT-NSC44C here – a product that can suit both beginners and experts. In general, this longboard is a great combination of stability, maneuverability, beautiful design, and lightweight.

The first advantage of this board is that it has an elegant and beautiful style. Right from the moment you see this item, we believe that you will immediately take to it.

The 44 inches long deck of this shoe gives you much space to put the feet comfortably on. And with 8.2 pounds of weight, you can move smoothly without feeling any pressure. As the longboard is made of multiple plies of extreme flex Artisan bamboo and hardwood, it will provide for you a smooth turning whenever you want to change your direction.

Unfortunately, this Quest QT-NSC44C is not a great option for a high-speed ride. Do you know the reason why? Actually, the bearings are so tight so they create a drag force to the spinning of the wheels. Therefore, the board will not be able to move fast.

beside that, Quest QT-NSC44C is also one of the best longboard for kid


  • Great stability while riding
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to control
  • Cheap price


  • Bad quality of bearings
  • Weak durability of the truck bushing


After our experience, this product is good for both starters and professionals to use. The long deck and the lightweight will work together to provide a smooth and safe ride. Additionally, its price is not expensive at all! So don’t hesitate to buy it right away!


The process of buying the best longboard for cruising is not that easy and you may have a few questions. Here, we list the top common questions that may be similar to yours.

What does deck height mean?

Deck height means the height from the deck to the ground. The higher the deck height is, the more trouble you kick the ground.

How to brake a longboard?

To brake a longboard, you have to follow a specific procedure. It is not difficult, so you do not need to worry about braking. Whenever you want to stop, you need to go slowly and then make a brake. Remember that if you stop right away, you can lose balance and fall, even get injured.

Why do I need larger wheels on longboards?

As you probably know, small wheels will produce slower speeds than big ones. So if you want to go at a high speed, choose a longboard with large wheels. In addition, longboards with large diameter wheels are generally more durable and last longer.

What is longboard cruising?

Longboard cruising is a way of transportation. When you are cruising, you move from place to place by pushing on the longboard.

What makes a longboard suitable for cruising?

A longboard suitable for cruising should possess certain key features. Firstly, it should have a relatively long deck, usually between 38 and 42 inches, which provides stability and ample foot space. A wider deck is also beneficial for a comfortable cruising experience. Additionally, the longboard should have soft, large wheels that provide a smooth and forgiving ride over various surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete. Soft wheels offer better shock absorption and help to reduce vibrations, enhancing overall comfort. Finally, a longboard designed for cruising should have quality bearings that allow for smooth and effortless gliding.

Are drop-through or top-mount longboards better for cruising?

Both drop-through and top-mount longboards can be suitable for cruising, but they offer different advantages. Drop-through longboards have the trucks mounted through the deck, resulting in a lower center of gravity. This provides greater stability, making them ideal for beginners or riders who prioritize stability while cruising. On the other hand, top-mount longboards have the trucks mounted on top of the deck, offering more maneuverability and responsiveness. These boards are preferred by experienced riders who enjoy carving and making quick turns during their cruising sessions.

Should I choose a flexible or stiff deck for cruising?

The choice between a flexible or stiff deck for cruising depends on personal preference and the type of cruising you enjoy. A flexible deck absorbs more vibrations and provides a smoother ride, making it suitable for long-distance cruising or rougher terrains. It also offers a bit of bounce, making it comfortable for riders who prefer a more relaxed cruising style. Conversely, a stiff deck offers more stability and responsiveness, making it ideal for riders who prioritize precise control and quick turns while cruising in urban environments or crowded areas.

What are the recommended longboard shapes for cruising?

There are several longboard shapes that work well for cruising. The most popular shapes include pintail, cruiser, and drop-through. Pintail longboards have a classic surfboard-inspired shape, featuring a tapered tail and nose. They provide stability and are great for relaxed cruising on flat terrain. Cruiser-shaped longboards have a wider deck and kicktail, offering versatility for cruising and performing tricks. They are suitable for riders who enjoy a mix of cruising and occasional tricks. Drop-through longboards, as mentioned earlier, have the trucks mounted through the deck, providing stability and ease of pushing, making them excellent for long-distance cruising.

What are some recommended longboard brands for cruising?

There are several reputable longboard brands known for producing high-quality boards suitable for cruising. Some popular options include Loaded, Sector 9, Arbor, Landyachtz, and Atom. These brands offer a wide range of longboards designed specifically for cruising, ensuring excellent build quality, durable materials, and reliable components. It’s always recommended to research and read reviews to find a longboard that suits your cruising style, preferences, and budget.

Remember that selecting the best longboard for cruising ultimately depends on your personal preferences, skill level, and the type of cruising experience you seek. Consider factors such as deck length, wheel size and hardness, truck type, and the overall design and construction of the longboard to make an informed decision that will enhance your cruising adventures.

What is the difference between cruising and carving on a longboard?

Cruising and carving are two different impressive longboard riding styles. In particular, we will explain these styles in two separate sections.

Longboard carving

Carving on a longboard is a way of performing skating skills. As you ride the board, by using some body’s movements, you can improve the sliding speed without letting your feet contact the ground.

These movements are similar to the motion that you do while surfing on the waves. By turning your body back and forth, you can build your momentum and increase the speed.

Longboard cruising

While the longboard carving is more about performing skills, the cruising is just riding slowly in a relaxed way. To maintain the riding speed, you have to stand on the board with one foot and push the other foot on the ground.

On another side, longboard cruising can also mean many skating activities such as going downhill, boardwalk riding, long-distance cruising, etc.


In general, the best longboard for cruising is a board that is the most suitable for your needs. And to do this, you need to determine your abilities: are you an expert, a ridiculous racer or just a beginner?

Hopefully, with the products we consider to be the best on the market today, along with a few tips and notes when buying a longboard, you can bring home the greatest item for perfect longboarding experiences.

Good luck and see you next time!

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Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser "The Original"Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44" Longboard Skateboard
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