Best longboard for commuting

Best longboards for commuting to look for

Your love for longboarding awakens and you are looking for a desired one. However, it seems to be a difficult task. As a newbie, you have no idea of which longboard is suitable for you. Consider both quality, performance and price, here are the best longboards for commuting.

Best longboards for commuting reviews

The excessive number of longboards in the market leaves it hard to make a decision over which is the best longboard for commuting. For the best longboarding experience, here are those you should consider.

Magneto 44 Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Occupying t he first place in the list of best longboard for commuting is the Magneto 44 inch Kicktail Cruiser longboard – the one which is too familiar to longboarding lovers. This Magneto Kicktail longboard may not be the most expensive and coolest longboard you can see on the street, but it is the one many boys opt for. The longboard has been in the top-selling longboards on amazon, with many positive from customers.

This best longboard for commuting is highly recommended for newbies for its stable and marvelous deck. Its stability makes it much easier and safer to ride. If you expect extra grip while turning as well as smooth rides over rough roads, this longboard, with its nice and soft wheels, are what you need.

Its deck is just amazing as a combination of bamboo veneer on top and maple core at the bottom to add strength and stiffness. Besides, its durability and beauty are no doubt real thanks to the materials, grit finish and bamboo design.

What we like What we do not like
Good customer reviewsStunning appearance

Large wheels

Long wheelbase

Less flexible in the boardQuite expensive, but worth the money


Volador 42 Inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

Ranking second in the list of the best longboard for commuting is the 42 inch Freeride from Volador – a reputable longboard manufacturer. This longboard wins not only because of its excellent riding experiences but also because of its attractive appearance. With plenty of shock absorption as well as large wheels of 70mm, you can ride this longboard on rough terrain with no difficulty. The optimum hardness of 78a and top quality bearings are ready for a smooth glide.

Great balance and stability are also obtained thanks to the long wheelbase coming at both the nose and the tail ends. The best longboard for commuting is made in an environmentally friendly way, containing things like sustainable woods, recycling offcuts,… This makes it outstanding from its peers.

What we like What we do not like
Large wheels of 70mmExcellent shock absorption


Environmental friendly

Not the best option for doing longboarding tricks, thus it is preferred by new riders more


Magneto Longboards Bamboo Longboard For Cruising, Carving, Free-Style, Downhill And Dancing

Another candidate from the Magneto manufacturer is the Magneto bamboo longboard. Bamboo is strong and is increasingly a material used in longboard manufacturing for its friendliness to the environment. And the combination of bamboo and fiberglass is amazing enough to give the longboard both outstanding strength and perfect flexibility.

The dimension of this Magneto longboard is 42inch x 9 inches, making it suitable for fun carving and tight turns. The shallow concave contributes to a pleasure to ride while the chamber leaves it more lively and amazingly responsive.

What we like What we do not like
 Lightweight – easy to use, move and storeSuper flexibility


Fantastic graphic

Suitable for any ages

Bearings and wheels might loose


Sector 9 Lookout Complete Longboard Skateboard

A longboard with unique graphics should not be dismissed from the list of best longboard for commuting. As an amazing combination of flexibility and stability, the Sector 9 Lookout is just so great. Those who look to experience sharp curves, new freestyle and bomb down some moderately sized hills will find this longboard a perfect one to have.

Its quite larger size of 41 inches x 4.6 inches allows it easier for a beginner to find their footage and experiment with crossover and flatland tricks. Thanks to the board’s low center of gravity, new riders do not need to push the board so hard.

The state-of-the-art 78a Nineball wheels and ABEC-5 bearings, giving riders control and safety when riding downhill or cruising.

What is more? Extreme versatility. The longboard gives a newbie a feeling of engaging in a different longboard riding style.

What we like What we do not like
 Great maneuverabilityLightweight deck

Suitable for all ages

Sparkling graphic design


Not good for flippingThe standard clear grip tape which is easily dirty after several uses

Not as durable as maple


Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo And Maple 44 Inch Longboard

This 44 inches longboard is just amazing to ride, leaving it one of the best longboards for commuting. With kicktails upward bent tips of a longboard deck, you can turn quickly. Longboarding would be fun and commuting from one place to another would be easy and quick since this longboard is lightweight. Add to this, you can expect more balance while riding on an uneven surface thanks to this unrivaled engineering.

This longboard’s bearings are a bit slower than that of other longboards in the market. This offers riders great precession for a comfortable ride, but you will find it a bit struggle to control speed and make turns.

What we like What we do not like
Suitable for different riding stylesAmazing design

Reach desired speed fast


Not suitable for kids and femaleStiff



Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

The next best longboard for commuting is the Loaded Boards Dervish Sama bamboo longboard. This longboard can fit any riding style, including carving, freestyle, pumping and commuting. With the low design, together with a curved nose and tail kicks, riders can create more tricks and dance moves while ensuring great control and balance.

Its design is just so funky with the mix of tropical colors or orange and green with the black and grey contrast. This best longboard for commuting has different flex ratings to fit the rider’s styles and weight. Thanks to its maximum wheel clearance, you can make deep carves and tight turns.

What we like What we do not like
Easy to rideDual kick tails and long nose, making tricks for funnier

More stability thanks to a drop-through deck


Flex is not great for downhill rides


Things to know to get the best longboard for commuting

Getting the best longboard for commuting sometimes can be troublesome to people, especially new longboarders. If you are about to get a longboard to go to class, work,… (flat ground), you might need a smaller longboard for easier navigating through the crowds and sidewalks.  In case pedestrians are not the thing you concern about or you want a longboard for your outdoor activities, a longer one would be much more suitable for the better stability and shred-ability it can offer.

While you are riding a longboard, things are not only about the excellent experience but also safety on the road. Thus, you must be acknowledged of it so to choose the best longboard for commuting. Here are different factors needed to consider.


When it comes to choosing a longboard, the construction material is one of the most important factors to consider. Your choice will decide whether your longboard is durable and firm over time. Most longboards available in the market are made of one of these three materials: maple, bamboo, carbon fiber, though maple is still the most common one. A longboard deck made of maple offers great durability and reliability since maple creates a solid and thick set up. Therefore, you can expect it to last for an extremely long time, even when you use it frequently.

Bamboo has been increasingly used to make longboard decks because it is less heavy than maple while offering a lot of flex. Also, a bamboo longboard’s deck is thinner than that of a maple longboard, leaving it the best choice for the best longboard for commuting on the street.

Carbon fiber is not preferred by most longboard fans because of its high price – the most expensive one. The foam core aims at reducing the weight of the longboard so to help you to push off the start line faster as well as moving effortlessly around turns and slides..

Longboard’s deck shape is another factor to consider. You should choose the shape considering the usage:

  • Directional longboards: These longboards aim to go in one direction – forward
  • Twin (symmetrical) longboards: These longboards are the same as the directional longboards when it comes to their appearance and their experience. If you love freeriding and freestyle, especially 180 slides, this longboard is what you are looking for


A rule of thumb is that the longer, the more stable the longboard. However, this does not mean that you always have to choose a long one for better stability of the longboard. Actually, the length of the best longboard for commuting should be decided also based on the height of the riders.

  • Long size: A long longboard is more suitable for longer and faster-relaxed rides and taller people
  • Midsize: A midsize one just goes well with any riding types
  • Short: A short longboard is more suitable for young and small riders


The best longboard for commuting is the one that does not require riders a lot of pushing, no matter it comes to strength or frequency. A common fact is that a good one allows you to speed up very quickly and maintains that high speed for a long distance.


Wheelbase dimensions are the key number indicating how the deck will skate, thus you must pay attention to the wheelbase to choose the best longboard for commuting.

The longer wheelbase (25² plus) Shorter wheelbase (sub 25²)
·        More stable·        Slower to turn

·        Easier to control

·        More predictable in a slide

·        Slider

·        Less stable·        Faster to run (more responsive)

·        Harder to control

·        Less predictable in a slide

·        Grippier

Those who just have started with longboarding are highly recommended to choose the one with a longer wheelbase for the extra stability in every ride. On the other hand, those advanced riders can go for a shorter wheelbase if they wish to make more technical moves with no difficulty.

longboard wheels for rough road


One thing you should seek in the best longboard for commuting is its bearings – the most essential factor, deciding smooth riding. You can consider the stainless steel bearings as they just go well with your commuting style. The better the bearing is, the more enjoyable experience you can gain.

Acknowledge more about the tolerance rating system of each longboard will help you choose the most suitable one. The ABEC rating system measures tolerance. If the ABEC of your longboard is high, it means that your board’s bearing is much more precise and accurate. The rating system includes different levels, including 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 – the highest ABEC rating.


Performance is no doubt an important factor to consider when choosing the best longboard for commuting. Without other different features, the board will give you the performance. Different types of longboards offer different performance since they differ in features and work abilities.

Portability and easy storage

You will use your longboard to reach the places you wish. However, there is one thing you must admit: you are not gonna use the longboard all the time because you might have to carry it for a while. For that reason, choosing a longboard with is not too heavy and is designed for easy carry is a must, unless you want to carry something heavy as a way of exercising. Get the best longboard for commuting that is portable that you can withstand carrying it.

Frequently asked questions

What are the accessories needed for longboarding?

If you wish to have a pleasant commuting experience and ensure safety when riding a longboard, gear and accessories are a must. The following gears and accessories (as listed in the following table) are highly recommended for riders.

Helmet A helmet is essential, protecting your head from a possible accident that can happen any time, especially for those who just have started with longboarding.
Shoes Choose the ones that are highly durable and user-friendly to ensure safety during your longboarding.
Backpack Get a durable backpack so that it would be much easier for you to carry the board anywhere you want.
Slide gloves The slide gloves aim at saving your palm of fingertip safe when you have to put your hands on the ground for balancing
Elbow and knee pads Elbow and knee pads allow you to avoid possible scrapers, bruisers or joint injuries.
Land paddle It is only needed if you have a great interest in the land paddle.
Skate tools In case you use the longboard quite regularly, you should buy a set of longboard tools. Therefore, in case there are some problems with the board you can use these tools to fix primary issues.


What are the differences between longboard and skateboard?

There must be something different between longboards and skateboards that they are divided into two different categories despite the similarity in usage and appearance. The thing differentiating a longboard from a skateboard probably is the shape. Paying detailed notice and you will realize that the outlook differences are just clear. While skateboards curve upwards at both ends, longboards have various shapes and forms to choose from. Longboards have no distinct curving like skateboards.

Instead, longboards have two narrow strips at both ends, ensuring a stronger grip. Generally, longboards(35 to 60-inches long and 9-10 inches wide) are bigger than skateboards. The wheel sizes of a longboard are larger than that of a skateboard.

You can do riding tricks on both longboard and skateboard, though the fact that tricks for a longboard are limited. Whereas a skateboard is perfect for technical tricks that require jumps, flips, grinds,…a longboard seems to be a more suitable choice for long distances more than for technical tricks. However, a longboard still can do rudimentary tricks like power slides, carving and pumping.

Longboards have always been the best choice for cruising as you can use minimum effort. There is no need to worry about rocks and small objects on the road since you can balance on a longboard much easier than doing so on a skateboard. This fact makes longboards are the one many newbies opt for.

Riding which is simpler? Longboard or skateboard?

You can ride a longboard for a considerable length of time without exhaustion as when riding a skateboard. Longboards are designed in a way to gather and hold speed better than a skateboard. Riding a skateboard might require more kicking the ground while things come much simpler when using a longboard. When considering shape, longboards have more assortment.

What is more secure? Longboard or skateboard?

Human is actually a decisive factor when it comes to safety. Those who ride both skateboards and longboards will know it better. We have an interview with them in discussing this issue. According to them, longboards are much more secure and steady to ride. Despite that fact, potential risks should be avoided for a better and more secure riding experience.

Not only are longboards dynamic but they are also cool and environmental-friendly. This is the reason why the longboard market has seen more and more enthusiasts who are looking for the best longboards for commuting.


Did you find the article about the best longboard for commuting useful? We have collected and aggregated reviews of longboard users so to make the information listed useful for you. All items in the list of the best longboard for commuting have been tested to make sure they deserve the very first positions when it comes to longboarding.

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