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4 of the best longboard brands & companies in the market

Longboarding can be intimidating, especially to those who are just getting started. Many longboard companies and brands exist in the market. Furthermore, there is a great deal of garbage in circulation. We’ve put together a list of the best longboard brands to help you make an informed decision. so that you can focus on what’s important, avoid wasting time, and get longboarding as soon as possible!

If you’re looking for a quick answer, these are the top longboard brands that are worth your attention: Longboards made by Landyachtz, Sector 9, Rayne, Loaded, Arbor Collective, Madrid, Bustin & Riviera. Atom and SCSK8 are two other brands that produce high-quality longboards at a lower price point. Consider your options carefully before purchasing an unrecognized longboard, especially if it is extremely cheap.


Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of Landyachtz. It’s a well-known Canadian company in the longboarding world. Landyachtz has been in business since 1997, when it was founded in Vancouver. You can see some of their most famous longboards here – 20 years of Landyacthz catalog – if you’d like.

Among the longboard community, Landyachtz is widely regarded as making the best boards. Most of the company’s boards receive the highest possible ratings and reviews from riders. No wonder, since the company itself was founded by skateboarders, who understand the needs of their customers.

In addition to cruisers and mini cruisers, Landyachtz also makes freeride and downhill boards. From novices to professionals, there is a board for everyone. In addition to producing skateboards, this company also makes trucks, wheels, and bearings. Their wheels are called Hawgs, their trucks are Bear Grizzlies, and their bearings are called Spaceballs. If you’re looking to upgrade your board, these are high-quality products that would be a good fit. The Landyachtz Dinghy is also made by them, and you can read my review of it here.

Skateboarding is good for the environment and a good mode of transportation, according to this company. They believe in longboarding, but they also believe in sustainability and back it up with action. When you buy a longboard from Landyachtz, they plant a maple tree. Longboards can be made from one maple tree, and the company promises to plant 60 more trees once the product is sold. Additionally, Landyachtz sponsors numerous events and has a team of professional longboarders who travel the world to spread the word about the brand.

To sum up, Landyachtz is an excellent choice for a board regardless of your level of experience, whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced rider. There is only one drawback to this brand: the boards are pricey. Quality is more important than quantity in the long run, so keep that in mind

Sector 9

Sector 9 is a California-based brand that we’ve included on our list. Even though Landyachtz was founded later, skateboarders started manufacturing their own boards long before Landyachtz did, which is how Sector 9 got its start. In time, the company grew and grew until it is currently at its current size.

Sector 9 is regarded as a great brand for novices in the longboarding community. Those who are new to the sport may even argue that it is the greatest option for them. A wide range of boards are produced by Sector 9 – from cruisers to bamboo boards to downhill boards. They also make trucks, wheels, and other high-quality accessories in addition to their skateboards. A few noteworthy Sector 9 products will be discussed. In terms of trucks, the Gullwing Sidewinder is a top contender. They also make Nineballs wheels, one of the best for cruising (for more information, visit our entire longboard wheel guide).

Riders, surfers, and skateboarders from all over the world make up Sector 9’s diverse roster of athletes. They also have a ‘Youth’ team, which teaches and supports young people interested in longboarding, surfing, and skateboarding.

The tale behind the company’s name is amusing. While growing up, my buddies and I used to live in a house that had an indoor quarter pipe where we could practice our skateboarding skills. The pool table in a skateboarder’s house earned the guests the nickname “nineballs.” Skater: “What is going on over there in Sector9?” When no one answered the phone, he left a message in the answering machine. That was the beginning of everything.


Rayne is the next name on our list. The second one is based in Canada, as is this one. Comparatively speaking, Rayne is a more recent start-up than Landyachtz or Sector9. Established in 2004, it has a long history. But it’s also one of the market’s most prestigious brands.

In the longboarding community, Rayne is regarded as a pioneer. Founder Graham Buksa led Rayne to pioneer several of the longboarding industry’s most innovative designs and technology advancements. Rayne uses bamboo and laminate construction for the majority of its longboards, resulting in a high-quality longboard that is also waterproof.

Longboard models from Rayne include little cruisers, full-size cruising boards (freeride), and downhill boards for dancers as well as various sorts of longboards. Despite the fact that they make all of them, they seem to place a greater emphasis on downhill boards, or at least those that are of the greatest quality. For many years, downhill pros all around the world have relied on Rayne boards. It’s no surprise that these boards are of excellent quality.

People who are new to longboarding are more likely to hear about Landyachtz, Loaded, and Sector9 than Rayne. The fact that Rayne doesn’t promote itself as much as other games doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.


We’ve also included Loaded as one of our top longboarding brands. If you’ve ever seen a viral video of these guys or someone pushing a Loaded board down the street, you know what I mean. In the longboarding industry, this is one of the most well-known and popular brands.

Founded in California in 2000, the business was officially launched in September of that year. However, it didn’t take off right away. Loaded launched its first board, ‘The Vanguard,’ in 2002, although it was not well received or garnered much attention at the time. Loaded came perilously close to closing shop and going out of business several times between 2002 and 2009. In 2009, however, they were able to solidify their position in the market and gained the attention of the longboarding community.

Throughout the years, Loaded has established itself as a leading longboarding brand. Freestyle, dance, freeride, and downhill longboards are all produced by the firm. Their longboards are instantly recognizable because of their unique design, which isn’t available from other manufacturers. It’s also worth noting that Loaded’s fan base is incredibly loyal, despite the fact that Loaded is more expensive than most of the other Premium brands.

Longboards, snowboards, sliding gloves, protective gear, and wheels are all manufactured by Loaded. In addition, their Orangatang wheels are among the best on the market, receiving consistently excellent marks and glowing endorsements from customers. Orangatang wheels come in a variety of vivid hues, with the most prominent one being brilliant orange.

Stoked, Boarding for Breast Cancer, and Longboarding for Peace are just a handful of the organizations supported by the company.


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