Best Cheap Longboard Under 100

Top 6 Best Cheap Longboard Under 100 – The Cheapest Is Never The Dearest!


Riding on longboards is a pastime for many people, especially the youth. In addition to entertainment, it will also help you exercise more and move from place to place with less time.

However, buying good longboards at an affordable price is not easy because you’ll usually get what you pay for! Thus, we have researched carefully, and in this article, we’ll reveal to you the top best cheap longboard under 100. If you’re ready, let’s start!

Best Cheap Longboard Under 100

Quest QT-NSC44C – Best Deck Quality – once of top 8 longboard for kids

Quest QT-NSC44C

Usually, people a bit on the plus-sized, for example, over 200lbs, will need to consider carefully when choosing a longboard because they need a sturdy deck that they can comfortably enjoy without worrying about. Thus, Quest QT-NSC44C would be a great savior if that’s what you were looking for.

The deck of this product is made from many layers of maple wood and bamboo. This combination makes it not only solid but also more resilient to withstand strong impacts.

Also, the deck is 44 inches long, making this longboard suitable for everyone, no matter what your body shape is.

In addition to the deck, this product’s wheels also support well when you use it because they have moderate stiffness and work quite smoothly.

However, this product’s bearing isn’t appreciated as it doesn’t work smoothly and can’t support the wheel. One solution here is to replace it with a better bearing.


  • Solid and stable deck
  • Suitable for heavyweight
  • Suitable for everyone


  • Bearing should be replaced


Magneto 44 Inch Kicktail Cruiser – Best Overall

Magneto 44 Inch Kicktail Cruiser

Magneto Cruiser Longboard has consistently ranked among the top-selling products for its near-perfect characteristics.

About the deck, it’s made from maple core combined with bamboo to maintain the durability and flexibility at the same time. The deck also includes a kicktail so you can use this item for different playing styles or do some eye-catching tricks.

The monolithic aluminum components make a truck withstand great gravity without making noise when passing through rough roads.

The wheel is also a commendable highlight in this product. With a size of 70mm and a hardness of 78a, the Magneto Cruiser wheels assist the user with better balance.

For the reasons mentioned above, whether you are a beginner or a professional, this longboard deserves your attention!

However, The Top Mount design makes it lose points since it takes more effort when you ride than Drop-style products.


  • Solid and stable deck
  • Durable and versatile truck
  • Smooth and large wheels


  • You’ll be a little bit tired if ride for a long time

MINORITY Downhill Maple – Best Budget Longboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple

You’re looking for a longboard with consistent quality at a price that is as low as possible? This longboard is worthy of your attention!

In the top quality products priced under $100, this one has the best bargain price. Low price doesn’t mean that the quality of this product is poor, but on the contrary, its advantages will persuade you to pay.

The solid deck is made up of 8 layers of 100% pure maple wood. With 40 inches long and 10 inches wide, this longboard is easy to control, even when you’re a newcomer.

Further, the drop-down design will help lower the center of gravity and increase the player’s ability to balance.

Besides, this product is also praised for wheels and a truck when the low price doesn’t affect their values.

One point that will probably make you unsatisfied with this product is that its truck nuts are not rust-resistant, so rusting can occur after a period of use. Therefore, you can improve this situation by spraying rust on metal parts.


  • Super bargain price
  • Quality deck
  • Easy for beginners


  • Non-rust-resistant truck nuts

Atom Drop Through – Best For Truck And Wheels

Atom Drop Through Longboard

Besides deck, trucks, and wheels are also the main factors determining the longboards’ quality and performance, and Atom Drop-Through has always been appreciated for these two parts.

The truck of this longboard is a product from Kingpin (RKP) with a 245mm shaft that works extremely well that helps a lot in navigation. With this part assisting it, your longboard won’t make a rattling sound or becomes unsteady due to the truck’s instability.

This product’s wheels are also produced with a moderate hardness of 78a, which contributes greatly to minimizing wheelbite, minimizing drag, and providing a smoother ride.

In general, the wonderful truck and wheels make Atom Drop Through more flexible, quieter, and longer-lasting.

However, because of this product’s drop-through design, its maximum speed won’t be as fast as longboards with other top-mount shapes that will make your legs a bit weary if you ride a long distance.


  • This longboard works quietly
  • Versatile and solid truck
  • Flexible and suitable wheel hardness


  • The speed can’t be as fast as others

White Wave Bamboo Longboard – Best For Compact Design

White Wave Bamboo Longboard

If you feel that controlling an overly long up to 40 or 41 inches longboard is a big hurdle for you, then we have a great recommendation here!

Among all the longboards in this article, this is the shortest one, only 28 inches long and 8 inches wide. This compact size will be especially useful for those with small shapes or starters because it won’t be too bulky and lighter to ride.

Also, you’ll feel more flexible and easier to control or navigate with such a compact longboard.

In addition to the small size that supports many amateurs, the deck is also a plus point in this product. It’s a combination of Canadian Maple and Bamboo to create a solid base. This way, you won’t need to worry too much about your weight.

Despite that, when in operation, the truck part will sometimes be a bit noisy and make you feel uncomfortable. So you can lubricate it to reduce the noise.


  • Compact design
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Solid deck


  • The truck works noisily

Retrospec Tidal Drop-Down LongboardBest For Beginners

Retrospec Tidal Longboard

If you don’t know too much about longboards and want to find one that is easy to handle, has stable quality at a reasonable price, then consider this Retrospect’s product carefully.

The deck is the important part that makes it suitable for amateurs. Specifically, it’s made from Canadian maple to ensure the durability and withstand the players’ weight.

Furthermore, because this Retrospec Tidal has a drop-down design, the center of gravity is lower than other flat longboard designs. This will help reduce the feelings of inequality and increase the balance.

And with such a deck design, this longboard’s speed won’t be too fast, making you confused but slower and more stable.

Finally, the grip tape of this longboard is designed to be a rough surface instead of glossy lacquered like other products to help players stick more firmly.

Overall, this longboard is suitable for beginners. However, the bearing isn’t useful enough, and you should replace it with a different one so that this product can work perfectly..


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Solid and stable deck
  • Easy to balance


  • The bearing is a little bit loose

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Cheap Longboards

As mentioned above, choosing a longboard has never been an easy task. Currently, there are too many types at different prices that makes beginners somewhat confused when selecting. Moreover, the under $100 budget will limit your range even further.

To make it easier to choose the one that is right for you, consider the following factors more carefully:


It is often thought that only less reputable brands make cheap longboards, but this isn’t the case. Today, many well-known brands for their low-cost but high-quality longboards such as Magneto, White Wave, and more.

Manufacturers produce low-cost products with stable quality to diversify their product lines as well as approach more customers. And at this price, they usually focus on those who have low budgets or beginners.

Therefore, you can completely choose for yourself a quality product without paying too much and what you need to do is search more meticulously.

Construction And Materials

Usually, the manufacturers will focus on expensive longboards quality. Therefore, there are at least three parts of the cheap longboards that you must pay attention to when choosing: the wheels, the deck, and the trucks.

With a budget under $100, the wheel considers a stable type and as little plastic as possible because the plastic material will reduce performance when sliding. It would be better if the wheels are made from Urethane.

Besides, conventional wheels will be about 40-65mm wide, 70mm in diameter. Larger wheels make it bulkier and compromise the flexibility when you ride. You can overcome this by inserting pads or risers between the wheel and deck to reduce wheelbite.

In general, the choosing wheel depends on the longboard type: carving, speed, free riding, and so on.

About the longboard’s deck, maple and bamboo are recommended for products in this price range for their durability and flexibility. So you might deliberate choosing one made from those.

The number of wood layers is an important factor in addition to materials: the fewer layers, the more flexible when you slide. However, more layers will make your board more sturdy.

And the last one is the truck, which also plays an important role as it significantly determines the longboard’s stability and balance.

The truck’s material is usually made from metal alloy, and aluminum is the most popular since it has high durability, slow rusting time, and makes the board lighter.

Deck Style

On the market, there are three most popular deck styles: Top Mount, Drop Through, and Double Drop.

Top-Mount: This is the most common style, and it will be a bit above the ground than the others. While the high center of gravity will make it harder to balance, it’s more flexible and can make speed higher.

Drop Through: With longboards of this style, trucks will be designed through the deck to be lower and more balanced. It’s suitable for beginners, and its speed won’t be as fast as Top Mount style products.

Double Drop: Compared with the Drop Through style products, the deck of these longboards will be recessed and lower than the truck location. This design aims to reduce the center of gravity maximum and increase balance ability.

Replaceability Of Parts

There are many cases when the longboard still works well, but some parts are damaged, and they can’t be replaced, so you have to throw your board away.

For that reason, when choosing a longboard, pay attention to the replaceability of parts. The more common they are, the easier for you to find the substitutes.

Many products have extremely good quality, but they are quite distinct, and it isn’t easy to find replacement parts. In this case, consider whether you can handle when one part is broken or not.


What Is A Good Price For A Longboard

There exists a fact that not all high priced longboards are of good quality and vice versa. The price of these particular products depends on their material, brand, place of purchase, and so on.

Therefore, in today’s market, longboards have a wide range of price points, from $20 to over $300. And it isn’t easy to choose the best price. It depends entirely on your needs.

Before making a decision, ask yourself how much is your budget? How would you like to have a longboard? Then proceed to consider and choose.

Longboards For Beginners

As a beginner, choosing a longboard is extremely significant, as it can affect both the training process and the outcome in the future. It may even make you don’t want to play longboard anymore.

There are two factors that you should pay attention to when choosing is the balance and whether the longboard is easy to control or not.

As usual, Drop-style longboards are recommended for the amateurs because the player’s center of gravity on boards will be lower, so it’s easier to balance.

From the list of longboards under $100, we have picked up the following products that are suitable for beginners:

Retrospec Tidal 41-inch: This product has a drop-down design to make it easier in balancing, and a stable deck that helps your ride more stable.

White Wave Bamboo: With a small size, this item will help you get used to and practice with the longboard. For manipulations like gliding and navigating will also be easier.

Cheap Entry Level Longboards

All of the longboards in the Top 6 that we recommend are longboards for which you might consider choosing one of them to try playing.

Please choose a longboard with a drop-through or drop-down deck design. As mentioned above, these two will help better balance and stability during playing.

You can consider products such as White Wave Bamboo, MINORITY Downhill, and Retrospec Tidal 41-inch.

Better Premium Quality Longboards

If money isn’t the problem and you’re willing to pay more for a quality long skateboard, we have great suggestions for you!

VOLADOR 42-Inch Freeride Longboard: This product is always on the top of the most popular and best-selling longboard. With the strong deck made of hardwood maple and up to 42 inches long, it’s sturdy, stable, and suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a starter or a professional.

Besides, this item’s parts are also designed with the appropriate size and weight to ensure the longboard works quietly and smoothly.

Playshion Drop Through Longboard: This product’s reliability is always praised, and it’s an ideal choice for beginners. You can easily take control after just a few rides to get used to it.

Also, the soft and large wheels will make it easier for you to balance and reduce shock when riding on uneven roads.

RazorX Longboard Electric: This is a more luxurious and different choice. It will give you new experiences with an electric longboard that supports a motor up to 125 watts.

New, modern, and easier to conquer for the long haul are the extremely outstanding advantages of this product. If you’re looking for something fantastic, don’t miss it!

Customized Longboards For Professional Players

You have mastered playing longboard and want to have one with your mark? Customized longboards will meet your needs!

Currently, some famous websites such as, allow customers to design and choose the shape, color, texture, and more for their one.

You can fully exploit your creativity to bring what you want into a longboard and express your personality.


We have introduced you to the best cheap longboard under 100, and we hope to have provided you with useful and necessary information that can help you in your selection.

To pick up the best one, we highly recommend Magneto 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser Longboard. This product has high-quality parts with a highly supportive design, so it’s suitable for everyone, whether you are a professional or a beginner.

Finally, we hope that you can find out the best one for yourself. Anyway, consider carefully and be a smart buyer!

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