Atom Drop Through Longboard Review 2023


Atom Drop Through Longboard Review (Newest 2023)

You take plenty of time to look for a suitable longboard.

As a result, your choice is the model from Atom Longboards. Once of top 8 longboards for kids

Well, congratulation to you! You have found the right content.

In our following Atom Drop Through Longboard review, we will provide you with the features, pros, and cons related to this model.

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Atom Drop Through Longboard Review – Outstanding Features


Just like many other skate companies, several longboarders and friends released boards named their own brand.

Since 2005, Atom, which especially supplied the boards with a reasonable price and durable quality, was founded in the USA.

Initially, a group of the consumer is aimed at beginners and intermediate longboarders.

But now they expended to electric models.

This sure is one of the reliable brands on the market today that you can put belief.


Atom Longboards has constructed the sturdy, stable, and comfortable deck for their Drop Through 14-inch model.

Built-up with the high-quality full maple laminate – a robust material, the deck of this longboard provides stability and comfort in the 41.7” x 4.7” x 10.6” dimensions.


The 41-inch deck is stable enough for any longboarder.

Yes, when talking about Drop-Through boards, either the manufacturers or skaters comment the nice words because they offer many advantages for riders.

Typically, the hardware is designed on the top of the board, instead of locating on the bottom (the usual place).

This makes you closer to the ground. And so, you can comfortably perform your fantastic skills in safety.

In case you ride the longboard over small rocks, the lower deck to the ground will help to minimize the risk of falling over.

You do not also have to worry about falling off the board or losing control while going downhill.

Maneuverability & Wheels

The Atom Drop Through Longboard is ideal for cruising, many customers pointed out.

That’s due to the wheels constructed with high-quality.

These round wheels promise to bring a smooth longboarding experience and a significant rebound.

But, only the wheels are not enough for maneuverability of a longboard.

We cannot disregard a noticeable feature – the  Reverse Kingpin Trucks with 245mm axles.

It is efficient at cruising around and riding downhill.

You can even ride and perform sharp turns over rocks or around trees, not fazing.


You may ride the board with a stable speed that is a result of excellent bearings lubricated adequately.

Well, Atom Longboards take great pride in being their high-quality bearings.

The Atom Drop Through Longboard comes with superior bearings.

They allow you to ride on the road safely and go cruising around the town smoothly.

However, if you are a fastidious longboarder, you can be going to want to replace other higher-quality ones because these bearings are not the top options.

Ideal for Novices and Experts

For those who are an on-the-job trainee in longboarding, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is a perfect choice to begin.

It has full of optimal features to make itself more suitable for someone who is searching for a board to start.

The most outstanding advantage for the novice is stability, and it has proven that through the parts designed.

Furthermore, you can achieve fast riding speed if you are a professional longboarder.

From our point of view, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is a shockingly fantastic board in the price range so that both experts and beginners can get joy from longboarding.

Pros & Cons When Using Atom Drop Through Longboard


  • Deck made from the solid material for high durability
  • Slightly cone-shaped bushings
  • Nice, grippy wheels for turning at fast speed
  • Flexible board offering a smooth ride
  • Affordable price for a limited budget
  • Great for going downhill and even cruising


  • Non-warped deck (concave or camber)
  • No kick tail
  • Bearings probably need to be upgraded

→ In general, the Atom Drop Through Longboard is fantastic.

It is way to flexible and stable when riding, going downhill, turning, or cruising, due to the length of the deck.

For the drawbacks of this board, you can upgrade each part if need..



What are longboards and cruisers different?

Longboards and cruisers have the same parts. The difference between both is for distances.

With the longboards, it is designed for long distances while cruisers are utilized for short commutes.

What can you use the Atom Drop Through Longboard for?

The Atom Drop Through Longboard is used for beginners, traveling, downhill racing, and cruising.

Besides that, the atom is also used for heavy riders, click here to see more

You can even ride this board to dance or do freestyle actions, which are quite popular and easy to perform like using a skateboard.

How to clean a longboard?

First of all, you need to clean the deck by wiping it with water or the usual cleaning solution. If there are tough dirt on the surface of the deck, you can utilize a softer brush to remove it.

Next, don’t forget to lubricate the bearings. After a period of use, the longboard bearings will become sticky, and you can hear squeaky sounds. Yes, it’s high time to grease your bearings. The best plan would be to do this regularly to protect bearings from rusting and run the board effectively.

Finally, there is a quickly wear-out part – wheels. If possible, you should rotate wheels on the different sides to make sure the sides used evenly. In case the wheels worse out too much, it would be best to replace new ones.

Is the Atom Drop Through Longboard fully assembled?

The longboard from Atom is completely assembled. You can only need a wrench to loosen or tighten the wheels/ kingpin as desired.

What makes the Atom Drop-Through Longboard a popular choice among riders?

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard is a popular choice among riders for several reasons. Firstly, its drop-through design allows for a lower center of gravity, providing increased stability and easier pushing. This design also makes it easier to slide and carve, making it a great option for riders interested in freeriding or downhill riding. Additionally, the longboard’s construction features high-quality materials, such as a durable maple deck and sturdy trucks, ensuring its durability and longevity. The Atom Drop-Through Longboard also offers a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its large wheels and reliable bearings.

What type of riding is the Atom Drop-Through Longboard suitable for?

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard is suitable for various types of riding. Its design and features make it particularly well-suited for freeriding, downhill riding, and cruising. The drop-through design and low center of gravity offer stability at higher speeds, making it ideal for downhill riding. The longboard’s responsive trucks and smooth wheels allow for easy sliding and carving, making it a great option for freeriding. Additionally, the comfortable ride provided by the Atom Drop-Through Longboard makes it suitable for leisurely cruising and commuting as well.

Is the Atom Drop-Through Longboard suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Atom Drop-Through Longboard can be a suitable option for beginners. Its stability and ease of pushing, thanks to the drop-through design, make it more forgiving for novice riders. The longboard’s construction also ensures durability, which is essential for beginners who may be still learning how to ride and control their board. However, it’s important for beginners to wear proper safety gear and practice caution while riding, as learning to ride any longboard requires time and practice.

What are the size options available for the Atom Drop-Through Longboard?

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard comes in different size options to accommodate riders of varying preferences and needs. Typically, it is available in two main sizes: 36 inches and 40 inches. The 36-inch version is more compact and maneuverable, making it suitable for riders who prioritize agility and responsiveness. On the other hand, the 40-inch version provides a longer deck, offering more stability and foot space, which can be advantageous for riders who prioritize comfort and stability during longer rides or downhill runs.

Can the Atom Drop-Through Longboard handle rough terrain or off-road riding?

The Atom Drop-Through Longboard is primarily designed for smooth pavement and urban environments. While it can handle minor cracks and bumps in the road, it is not specifically built for rough terrain or off-road riding. Riders looking for a longboard specifically designed for off-road adventures or rough terrain may want to consider other options that feature larger wheels, specialized trucks, and deck designs that provide more suspension and shock absorption. It’s important to choose a longboard that matches the terrain and riding style you intend to pursue to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Why Should Choose the Atom Drop Through Longboard?

Looking at our Atom Drop Through Longboard review in great detail above, we recognize that this board is closer to the ground. It allows riders to push with fast speed when cruising.

Moreover, the price is a hard-to-beat advantage. You can try finding the longboard with the same quality in the price range under $100. It isn’t easy to get one. you can read this post to see one of the best longboard under 100$

Although this longboard has some disadvantages, it is acceptable. It is noticeable that you are a beginner; it will be a perfect selection to learn and start with.

Let’s try, and then you’ll be amazing!

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