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Are Globe longboards good – The board You Need To Ride

  1. The year a wooden board with wheels was invented, giving rise to the skateboard we know today. There have since been several additional types of skateboards, such as the cruiser and the longboard (like the popular Globe longboards). Each of these boards has a distinct purpose and performs a specific job.

It’s not only a skateboard, cruiser or longboard that you should be aware of. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at a popular longboard brand that’s making waves in the industry — Globe longboards.

What’s the Difference between skateboard, cruiser and longboard

Decided to try your hand at skateboarding on wheels? That’s an excellent decision. You must first grasp the three primary types of boards in order to make an educated choice about where to begin your board building journey.


The modern sport and pleasure of doing tricks on naturally occurring street obstacles or at skate parks is commonly referred to as “skateboarding” or “skateboarding.”. The shape, size, and wheels of modern skateboards are all the same (approx. 50mm). Smooth pavement and skate parks are the most common places where you’ll see skateboarders. Skateboards, with their small, rough wheels, aren’t the best mode of transportation for long distances.


A cruiser is a board designed for cruising rather than for performing feats. An typical cruiser skateboard is about an inch longer than an average longboard. A cruiser’s deck can have a number of forms and measurements.

Mini cruisers are the common name for the smaller models. Even a skateboard can be transformed into a cruiser if it is fitted with softer cruiser wheels (often 55-65mm). In spite of cruisers’ portability, they aren’t tough enough for some of the grueling disciplines that longboards are used for.


The longboard, in my opinion, is one of the best boards out there. They are known as longboards because they have decks that are at least 36 inches in length. Wheels with diameters more than 70mm are also available. Their soft wheels, like cruisers, allow them to go across rough terrain. There are also alternative trucks for longboards, which are taller and allow the board to turn more quickly. The Globe longboard line is a good example of what a longboard is made of, given what we’ve just learned about what it is.

Globe Longboards – Riding Since the ’80s

Founded in the 1980s, Globe Longboards is one of the oldest longboard manufacturing firms in existence. If Globe longboards were founded by three Hill brothers, it’s a sure clue that they’re great for downhilling.

They were frustrated when they couldn’t get high-quality longboards and accessories in the 1980s, so they decided to make their own. Longboards, skateboards, and other accessories were made by them. The company’s name is Globe, and it has a large presence around the world, not just in Australia but in the United States and Europe.

Over the years, Globe Longboards have built a reputation for offering the best possible longboarding experience while also providing exceptional longevity. Come on, let’s have a look at some of the stuff they’ve got!

Which Are The Most Remarkable Globe Longboards?

Let’s take a look at three of Globe Longboards’ most popular longboards. These boards are, in a word, manufactured with high-quality materials and designed to provide you with unforgettable memories.

Hewlett-Packard Company

According to the sales of Globe’s latest longboard, this is their greatest ever.

An excellent longboard with a 41-inch-long deck, the Globe HG Geminon has a concave shape for your feet thanks to a symmetrical deck that slopes down gently. It doesn’t drop down like other boards (like the Atom Longboard Micro Drop). There is an in-house bottom sheet, known as the Blue Diamond bottom sheet, on the Globe HG Geminon. Stiffness and sturdiness are improved as a result.

180mm Slant Reverse Kingpin trucks, 72mm 78A wheels, and Abec 7 bearings come standard on the Globe HG Geminon. The trucks and wheels are well-designed to help you turn quickly and comfortably, while the wheels absorb vibrations well enough to provide you a comfortable ride. Freeriding and other tricks may be performed on the board’s symmetrical deck due to its superb balance.

You’ll want to know more.

The Geminon is a wonderful longboard for both beginners and advanced riders because it has the appropriate mix of components to build a terrific longboard. For example, the board’s construction keeps it closer to the ground, which increases its stability regardless of how fast you’re travelling. The Geminon is also easier for beginners to modify their stance on the downhill because it takes a little longer to get going than a higher-mounted board.

It will still reach the highest speeds of the other boards, but with less speed wobbles because to its low deck, after it gains momentum.

The Geminon’s biggest flaw is that it doesn’t lower as dramatically as other boards. Because of the unique shape, it’s a little more difficult to slide on this board than on others. Globe employs a sophisticated grip tape to make up for this and keep your feet comfortable throughout the slide.

The Globe Geminon’s design and performance make it ideal for downhill runs with a lot of twists and turns. Fast downhill runs are no problem for this vehicle’s remarkable stability and excellent cutting abilities. The Globe HG Geminion drop down longboard is a terrific option for those who are just getting into longboarding, or who are seeking for a board that provides exceptional stability at high speeds, or even a trick longboard. As far as carving is concerned, this is the monster to conquer the curves. All of this excitement comes at a price, but it’s well worth it.

The Longboard of Your Dreams Is Here With Globe Longboards

Do not neglect Globe longboards if you’re looking for the greatest longboard for your commute or just for fun on the weekends. In fact, placing them at the top of your list will be in your best advantage. This type of longboard is enjoyable, functional, and offers some of the best rides a longboard can provide.


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