Are ghost longboards good


Are ghost longboards good in 2022

These transparent ghost longboards have probably been spotted all over the internet.

Now you’re probably wondering if they’re worth your hard-earned cash.

I was intrigued, so I purchased their 40-inch Platypus, dismantled it, and put it to the test.

Are ghost longboard good, or are they just a gimmick? That’s what this ghost longboard review will be about. 

Who Is It Most Appropriate For?

These are basic cruiser longboards that a lot of people use as fashion accessories.

These boards are great if you just want to get from point A to point B without having to do anything spectacular. If you plan on doing tricks or bombing hills, don’t get these.

Another reason I can see individuals purchasing these types of boards is to use them as an art piece in their office or bedroom. The best thing about them is that you can almost completely personalize the design to your taste. It might be your name, your company logo, or anything else you can think of.

Basic cruisers with a great design and the potential to be used as a work of art.


The deck is now made of plexiglass, which is why everyone freaks out when they see these boards.

They’re just so futuristic, especially when coupled with illuminated wheels. I also like that you may personalize your design. They allow you the freedom to create your own vision, which I believe is fantastic.

It’s quite thick (approximately three-quarters of an inch), which led me to believe that it wouldn’t flex at all, but it does. It goes without saying that a shorter board will bend less.

I did end up hitting the nose of my board a few times, which chipped it, so a nose guard bumper would be a good investment.

It may not look as great, but it will extend the life of your board.

You should never ride in damp weather, but if your feet do get wet, the deck can get slick due to the lack of griptape. There are solutions for this, such as transparent griptape, but griptape is not available by default.

I was anticipating the deck to be slicker than it was, but it’s very grippy as long as you don’t get it wet. 


The hardware, which consists of conventional bolts, nuts, and washers, is next. The nuts contain a self-locking plastic that is always solid to see to ensure they don’t loosen over time. 


The bushings are barrel bushings, the most stable type of bushing. There isn’t much space for improvement here, either, similar to the hardware. Bushings are solid in general. 


They have their own Ghost longboard reverse kingpin trucks for the trucks. They let you turn as much as you want without making you feel unsteady. They’re of good quality, and nothing strikes out as particularly terrible. They’re not the best, but for a simple cruiser, you can’t expect much. 


The bearings are ABEC 7s, which is the industry standard for longboard bearings. They’re double capped, which adds to their durability.

When those white plastic spacers revolve, they light up the wheel.

Overall, I’d say they’re in the center of the quality spectrum – not high-end, but not poor either – and they get the job done. 


The wheels, which are 70mm blue led wheels, give the last touch. There are three varieties of wheels available: light-up led wheels, shark wheels, and regular colored wheels. The led wheels were chosen mostly because they enhance the quality of the footage I obtained for this film. However, if I were buying something primarily for cruising, I would choose either the shark or standard wheels.

If you’re going to use it largely on smooth pavement, the standard ones will suffice. If you’re riding on rougher terrain, though, the shark wheels are the way to go.

One thing I noticed while riding the lead wheels is that they are a little difficult to control because they don’t have as much rubber as the others. As a result, you’ll notice more bumps and cracks while riding. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s something I noticed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Okay, after going over every aspect of this board, here are some advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the pros…

  • Aesthetic Individuality

In terms of advantages, I adore the distinctive aesthetic. This is one of the reasons why these boards are so popular; they simply look nice.

  • Customization

I really appreciate the idea that you can personalize your board. They may engrave your name or your company’s name on anything. Even if you have a bizarre pattern, they will very certainly be able to complete it.

  • Stability

Because they’re heavier, feature barrel bushings, and reverse kingpin trucks, these boards are quite stable for cruising. If you’re a novice looking for a stable platform, I’d recommend it.

  • Easily Chips

If you bump it on the curb or the pavement, the nose and tail chip easily. One neat feature is that they now sell rubber nose protectors to keep them from chipping. However, as compared to a typical hardwood longboard, I would consider this a disadvantage.

  • Cleaning Is Difficult

The boards are more difficult to keep clean because they are transparent. Fingerprints and grime are more visible. From a distance, you might not notice anything, but up close, you can obviously see it.

  • Heavy

The overall weight of Ghost boards is higher since the decks are thicker than typical. So if you’re going to stroll around town with it, I wouldn’t recommend getting one of these.

You could get a smaller one, but if you need something lightweight and portable, there are better options. Consider purchasing a Landyachtz Dinghy or Landyachtz Tugboat. 


  • Is it True That Ghost Longboards Have Grip?

Traditional grip tape isn’t present on Ghost longboards, but it’s not necessary because they’re designed for basic cruising. The grip is sufficient without grip tape as long as they are not damp.

  • Is It Safe To Ride A Ghost Longboard If You’re A Beginner?

They’re actually not bad for beginners, especially if all you want to do is perform some simple cruising about your neighborhood. Just keep in mind that they are heavier than the majority of other longboards. I wouldn’t recommend a Ghost Longboard if you expect to do anything other than basic cruising.

  • Is it possible to do tricks on a Ghost Longboard?

If you want to do tricks on your board, you shouldn’t acquire a Ghost Longboard. If you acquire a longer deck, you might be able to do some dance on them, but it’s not ideal. I’d only recommend obtaining a Ghost if you’re looking for a simple way to get from point A to point B.

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