Are Boosted Boards Worth It


Are Boosted Boards Worth It – Some things you need to knows

In the realm of electric skateboarding, boosted boards have become a craze, and you’ve probably heard of them. You’ve probably heard that the price is outrageous, and we don’t want you to waste your money on something you won’t use or like. As a result, we’ve assembled a team of experts to assist you in answering the question “Are boosted boards worth it nowadays?”

What Is It About Their Electric Skateboards That Makes Them So Popular?

Despite the fact that there are several alternatives, Boosted Board skateboards are still considered one of the best on the market. Other firms have developed their own versions that are, in some ways, superior than any of Boosted’s machines. They can’t, however, continue to lag behind in terms of market share.

The basic and modular approach to Boosted boards is the aspect that most users appreciate the most. The design is so simple to put together that if you know how to put things together, you can easily change and update the parts.

The smoothness, stability, and dependability of their electric skateboards are also well-known. That is why people prefer to buy Boosted skateboards instead of getting one from a competition.


Because of their sleek design, adaptability, and reputation for dependability and longevity, many skaters favor boosted boards.

On a boosted board, there is no better way to get around. These boards provide a safer and more ecologically responsible means of transportation because to its remote control and regenerative brakes.

This device is not only light and portable, but it is also environmentally beneficial. According to the inventor, this skateboard uses 20 times less energy per mile than a car. As a result, the quantity of energy required to move goods and people is reduced.

Features of Safety

Is using a boosted board safe?

When novice skaters inquire if Boosted was removed off the market due to safety concerns, the answer is a resounding no.

Boosted Boards’ regenerative brakes were a major changer for the electric skateboarding world. Our experts regularly lauded its forward and reverse braking accuracy. It’s spot on and shines through in every circumstance.

The motors on the Boosted are operated by handheld remotes, like they are on other electric skateboards. It has a built-in shock-absorber and may accelerate or decelerate at the user’s command.

  • The Motor and the Speed

Boosted boards use cutting-edge motors with a range of 20-24 mph and a 15 percent to 25% hill-climbing range. One of their key reasons of uniqueness is the motors on Boosted boards, which have a competitive build that can outlive and exceed those on most other brands.

With the correct modifications and upkeep, many Boosted board owners, including members of our own team, can attest to the board’s capacity to fly to new heights and achieve new distances.

Check out this website to learn more about the motor and speed of a Boosted board.

  • Durability

Since its inception in 2012, Boosted has been producing electric skateboards with a vehicle-like quality. According to Boosted users, if properly maintained, the board can last up to three years. E-skaters have claimed that their boards have been ridden for more than 3,000 miles and still look brand new. Our specialists discovered that Boosted did not cut corners when it came to supplies, even if it meant generating inferior outcomes.

  • Pricing

Boosted boards range in price from $7xx to $1,5xx dollars. The Boosted Mini S is the cheapest, while the Boosted V3 plus is the most expensive.

As a result, is Boosted really worth it, given that it’s one of the more expensive electric skateboard brands?

Yes, it is relatively affordable when compared to other autos. The qualities of these skateboards more than compensate for their hefty price.

If you’re seeking for the greatest electric skateboard under $300, look no further just checking on Google.

What are the Benefits of a Boosted Board?

When it comes to electric skateboards, Boosted is the name to remember. It appears like they have mastered the technique. Sure, it took years and a few versions to knock it out of the park, but having a leg up on the competition certainly helped. How did Boosted manage to get it so right? What distinguishes their skateboards as the greatest in their classes?

  • The Boosted Belt Drive

Is a type of belt drive that is used to increase the speed

Belt drives are used in Boosted’s electric skateboards. These motors use gears and a toothed belt to efficiently transfer power from the motor to the wheels, resulting in improved acceleration, braking, and hill climbing. Belt drives offer more torque, which allows for better control even at high speeds. Boosted skateboards may also climb hills up to 25% faster because to this torque.

  • Deck that is adaptable

Boosted board decks are constructed from a combination of wood and composite components to provide strength without losing flexibility. The vibrations from uneven roads are dampened by a flexible deck, which works as a suspension system. This helps your legs to relax while cycling, making even high-speed rides more comfortable.

  • Ergonomic Remote Control

The ergonomic design of the remote is everyone’s favorite aspect of Boosted boards. It’s simple to use and makes controlling your skateboard more easier, making your ride much safer. It is also really responsive and coupled with its own patented Boosted Jerk Filter that prevents unnecessary movements, so you stay on top of your board at all times.

  • Various Speed Modes

Multiple speed options are available on boosted boards for a variety of riding sensations. You can personalize your entire vacation to meet your specific requirements. Select the lowest riding settings, such as Eco or Pro, if you want a pleasant long ride and want to squeeze out the extra range. If you’re going to take things up a notch, you can choose the Expert or Hyper (on the Boosted Stealth) to reach speeds of up to 24 miles an hour.

These riding modes allow you to customize your ride and are very useful when learning to ride your new Boosted skateboard.

  • Quick Charging

On electric skateboards, Boosted has some of the quickest charging times. Usually, it averages at around 1 hour and 45 minutes, give or take a few minutes, but in about two hours your skateboard is fully charged. This provides you with a lot of riding flexibility since you can plan out your long trips and stop at different places for quick charging stops.

To put things into perspective, you can think that every 15 minutes of charge time equates to about two miles of range. So even when you’re in a rush, you can estimate how much you need and charge the appropriate time.


Depending on your needs, there is an appropriate Boosted electric skateboard. Boosted has you covered whether you’re looking for a tiny machine, an all-time classic, or a high-performance machine. All of their boards are perfect for commuting and as last-mile solutions. Their long range makes them ideal for long travels because they are really pleasant to ride in.

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