Are boosted boards waterproof


Are boosted boards waterproof – all things you need

Water is the number one enemy of electronics; even a small drop of water can produce a short circuit and do a lot of damage, so picture what rain or puddles may do to your electric skateboard!

Nowadays, we fantasize about making all electronics, even the tiniest ones, waterproof in order to prevent having to pay a lot of money over and over again.

But now I’m going to concentrate on one particular form of electric equipment or vehicle, namely your Boosted Board.

Let’s have a look at how waterproof your Boosted Board is.

Is it possible to ride a Boosted Board in the rain or in the snow?

No, maybe in mild rain, but other skaters will warn you against it; the wheels will keep spinning, making it difficult to go, and you’ll eventually lose traction and control; in addition, the deck’s wood will absorb the water and warp.

If the deck itself is watertight, that’s great, but if the bearings get wet, they’ll rot.

Snow will exacerbate the situation; you won’t be able to go very quickly on snowy roads, particularly if your skateboard is too close to the ground.

I haven’t discussed the safety aspect; when it rains, the road becomes extremely slick; if you aren’t skilled enough, you may fall off the board and injure yourself; thus, be cautious.

Riding skateboards, whether electric or non-electric, on rainy or snowy days is a no-no.

Is it true that Boosted Boards are waterproof?

They’re water-resistant; Boosted tried to protect its boards from water by making essential parts like the battery and the motor water-resistant; however, just because they’re water-resistant doesn’t mean you can go through puddles all the time; remember, water is the enemy of electronics; even if Boosted claims it’s waterproofed, avoid water at all costs.

Is the Boosted mini a water-resistant device?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many videos on YouTube that demonstrate whether or not the Boosted mini is waterproof, but some people on Reddit have discussed it, and one person mentioned that someone at a demo event fell off and his mini s flew into a pond, but it was back up and running after 30 minutes of drying.

You can save your Boosted mini or mini s if you’re lucky and quick enough.

Is the Stealth Boosted Board waterproof?

The same is true for this type; it’s water-resistant but not waterproof. The reason for this is that it’s extremely difficult to manufacture a fully waterproof electrical device; it’s simply not possible. Even if you waterproof the main parts like the battery and motor, the bearings and deck remain exposed.

If you want some water resistance, go for IP65; however, keep in mind that the guarantee won’t cover any damage if you drop it in a pool.

What about other types of models? 

Let’s evaluate the water resistance and other features of many boosted board models, such as the Mini, Mini S, Stealth, Plus V3, V2 Plus. I jot down all of them on the table.

There’s also a feature that pertains to driving and your safety. It’s possible that you’ll lose adhesion to the board’s and ground’s surfaces. As a result, you run the danger of losing command over the tool. As a result, you risk falling and injuring yourself.

IP Ratings 

IP Ratings sometimes known as Ingress Progression Ratings, are used to measure the level of sealing efficacy of electrical enclosures against foreign bodies such as dust and moisture.

The first digit following the IP shows its dust and other particle resistance level, which varies from 0 to 6, with 6 being the most effective. Meanwhile, the second value, which goes from 0 to 9, denotes their resistance to water and other liquids.

Many electric skateboard manufacturers do not employ this grading system, despite its reliability. One of these companies is Boosted Boards. Although they do not have official IP ratings, their faithful users attest to the fact that they can tolerate a certain degree of exposure.

Electrical wiring and water, in general, do not mix well. It’s also worth noting that no actual IP68-rated electric skateboards exist, as they can’t withstand being submerged in water.

Protecting your Boosted Board from the elements (DIY)

Switching from your Boosted board to a truly waterproof board available on the market may seem unproductive and unneeded. After all, Boosted Board is still the industry leader in electric skateboards.

Instead, here are some waterproofing ideas for your Boosted board:

Fill gaps, cracks, or any openings in the back and base of the deck with a high-rated waterproof silicone or sealer. Make sure you’re not obstructing any wiring in the process.

Make use of neoprene foam. This is a water-resistant material, and it is one of the greatest ways to keep your goods dry. It also has a streamlined appearance and blends well with most base designs. 

Is it possible to protect my electric skateboard from water?

The primary components’ impermeability is guaranteed by the manufacturers. What should we do with the board, wheels, and bearings, on the other hand? They’re nevertheless vulnerable to becoming wet and destroyed. I’ll give you some pointers on how to waterproof an electric skateboard.

The use of neoprene foam is water resistant. It can be used for your deck.

Some gaps and holes can be filled with silicone, adhesive, and sealer.

If you don’t have a specialist cover, a basic polyethylene film can help to decrease the impact of rain.

Skaters on Boosted Boards Should Know:

Skateboarding can sometimes result in injuries to the knees or other regions of the body. As a result, it is preferable not to drive without safety equipment.

You should still clean and dry your skate after it has been wet. Cleaning bearings and wheels, which can build dirt after rainy roads, is especially important.

If it’s raining heavily, don’t go outside. Also, never ride across a puddle and never throw your tool into the water. It’s possible that your deck will still become soaked. Do you wish to replace the battery, motor, or board before it’s time? No, I don’t believe so.

The boosted board went out of operation in 2020 for a variety of reasons. The remaining goods were purchased by Boosted USA. It does not, as far as I am aware, produce new products. It is up to you to pay attention to the current stock range. Of course, if you’re interested in purchasing the board.


Is the boosted mini S a water-resistant device?

No, the Boosted Mini S is not water resistant. It is just water-resistant, which means it can endure puddles, splashes, and even light rainfall, but it cannot be submerged completely in water since the engine will be fried.


Is it true that boosted boards are waterproof? No. But then again, so are the majority of e-boards on the market. They’re designed for dryland travel and are engineered to withstand rough terrain, but they’re not the best vehicle for water travel. Boosted boards are also water resistant to some extent, according to our specialists. However, without IP ratings to certify these expensive boards, it is advised not to risk them.

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