Are Boosted Boards Water Resistant or Waterproof


Are Boosted Boards Water Resistant or Waterproof? – some infomation to you

These boards can withstand water immersion. In an effort to protect their boards from water damage, Boosted has made sure that the most critical components, such as the battery and motor, are protected.

It is extremely difficult to create an electrical device that is completely waterproof, especially if it is not intended for use near water. When it comes to water exposure, Boosted has safety measures in place, but this does not guarantee that your board will not be damaged over time.

It would be safer for you and your board to walk or ride a car on wet roads because the terrain would be more unpredictable and slick.

Boosted Boards

Boosted Mini

Boosted has developed a smaller, more affordable prototype, the Boosted Mini. The Mini, despite being smaller, does not fall short in terms of performance, according to the brand. It has an advantage over other hub-drive electric skateboards in the same price range because it uses a belt-driven motor system.

It’s also easier to clean and maintain thanks to the deep dish deck and water-resistant board. In comparison to other electric skateboards of a similar size and price range, Boosted Mini still manages to outperform them.

Boosted Mini S

The mighty Boosted Mini S is just 29.5 inches long, making it easy to stash and go wherever you go. In close quarters, it has a kicktail design that allows for quick pivoting while maintaining control, and a custom-designed composite deck. This board’s acceleration and braking are on par with higher-end Boosted board models, and it’s easy to use.

Boosted Stealth

For comfort, performance, and long-term durability, the Boosted Stealth longboard is the right choice. It’s easy to ride in a variety of environments thanks to the board’s adaptable Super Flex composite deck.

Boosted’s latest drivetrain improvement mechanisms, which feature rigorous CNC trucks for bigger push and pull when you need it most, have e-skaters vouching for Stealth’s long-term reliability when going from a steep 25% grade to a crowded city.

Boosted Plus V3

Electric skateboarders will love the plus because it’s made from the original Boosted Board (longboard) and offers a smooth ride with plenty of power. It has a streamlined design that allows you to travel quickly and safely.

This electric skateboard is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, and the Boosted Plus V3 is a testament to that fact. Strength and vibration dampening are provided by a new composite deck and deep carving capabilities.

It is an instant classic thanks to its advanced safety features, which include an industry-leading remote control and firmware that ensures safe, secure braking and total control.

Boosted V2 Plus

There is no better way to get around than with the Boosted V2 Plus. You can get up to 7 miles out of the stock motor driver on a full battery charge. It also has a four-speed remote and regenerative braking system that allows for total control over acceleration and deceleration. It’s capable of 22 mph top speed and a 25 percent grade hill climb.

IP Ratings

Ingress Progression Ratings, or IP Ratings, are used to determine the sealing effectiveness for electrical enclosures against foreign bodies like dust and moisture.

Dust and other particle resistance is measured using a number from 0 to 6, with a value of 6 representing the highest level of resistance. Water and other liquid resistance is indicated by the second digit, which can go from 0 to 9.

In spite of the fact that this rating system has a proven track record of accuracy, few electric skateboard manufacturers employ it. One of these companies is Boosted Boards. Despite the fact that they do not have official IP ratings, many of their regular customers have stated that they can tolerate a small amount of exposure.

It’s a no-brainer that water and electricity don’t mix. Electric skateboards, on the other hand, are not IP68 rated and therefore cannot be used in wet conditions.

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Your Boosted Board needs to be protected from the rain (DIY)

Switching from a Boosted board to a completely waterproof board in the market may be a waste of time and effort. Due to the fact that it is still the gold standard for electric skateboards, Boosted Board has retained its position in the market.

Instead, read on for some pointers on how to keep your Boosted board dry:

In the rear and base of the deck, seal any gaps, cracks, or openings with a high-quality waterproof silicone or sealant. Avoid obstructing any wires while you’re at it.

Use neoprene foam for your next project. One of the best ways to keep your gear dry is to use this waterproof material. As a bonus, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and can be paired with a wide range of other designs.

Waterproofing of the boosted mini S

Waterproofing is not an option for the Boosted Mini S. Although it can withstand puddles, splashes, and light rain, its motor would be ruined if submerged completely. It is only water-resistant.


The question is whether or not the boosted boards are waterproof. No. However, this can be said for the majority of the e-boards currently available on the market. They are designed for the drylands and can withstand rough terrain, but they aren’t the best option for water travel. In addition, our experts say that Boosted boards are at least partially water-resistant. In the absence of IP certifications, these expensive boards should be avoided.


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