Are Arbor Skateboards Good?

Bob Carlson founded Arbor, which is a collective name for the company. Snowboarding was its initial offering when it launched in 1995. Skateboards and other soft products soon followed.

For decades, Arbor has developed a wide variety of skateboards crafted from high-quality wood that come in a variety of shapes. When it comes to eco-friendly building materials, Arbor is setting the standard. Recycled materials and sustainably harvested wood and bamboo are the primary emphasis of this design. Arbor’s goal is to provide high-end lifestyle skateboards with the fewest environmental footprints possible.

We can confidently say that Arbor skateboards are a high-quality product based on hundreds of user reviews. They are lightweight, versatile, and long-lasting. Arbor skateboards are known for their high-quality decks, wheels, bearings, and trucks.

As a bonus, Arbor goods come with a 3-year warranty, which makes the customer’s experience even more pleasant. To sum it up, Arbor may be considered one of the top brands when it comes to combining high quality, high performance, and environmentally friendly materials.


What are Arbor skateboards made of?

High-quality wood and bamboo components from well-managed forests are used in Arbor skateboards. At Arbor, we’ve also increased our reliance on renewable and recyclable resources like bio-urethane and bioplastic.

Are Arbor skateboards eco-friendly?

This emphasis on the three R’s is evident in Arbor’s skateboards. In keeping with Arbor’s principle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, the company utilizes the most environmentally friendly components. Almost all of the building decks are made from recycled materials, and advanced processing procedures stretch every product used here.

Arbor goods are made with recycled materials to minimize their environmental impact, and the by-products of the manufacturing process are repurposed for use in future Arbor products. A portion of Arbor’s sales was donated to the Koa Forests of Hawaii under the “Returning Roots” initiative.

Where are Arbor skateboards made?

It was in San Diego, California, that Arbor skateboards were conceived and manufactured. Arbor Snowboards began distribution to stores in Canada, Europe, and India in 2013 after moving production to SWS in Dubai.

Are Arbor skateboards expensive?

Arbor skateboards are, in fact, pricey luxuries. An Arbor skateboard can cost anywhere from $70 to $230, depending on its style, size, and material. However, in terms of performance, this is a great deal.

Are Arbor skateboards good for beginners?

Arbors’ durable skateboard and appealing design are ideal for novices.. First-timers will find it easier to maintain a stable position thanks to its wide decks and lengthy wheelbases.

Are Arbor skateboards good for tricks?

For low-speed carving and cruising about the city, Arbor skateboards are ideal. It is possible to ride Arbor skateboards without feeling the bumps thanks to its momentum core. This skateboard’s Venice recipe offers smooth cruising even on rocky roads. In terms of smoothness, this entire skateboard is head and shoulders above the competition.

Does Arbor make good snowboards?

Arbor produces a wide variety of high-quality snowboards that are both durable and exciting to ride. A parabolic camber, grip technology, and Up-Rise-Fenders give Arbor’s Camber system a bouncy ride.

Improved edge to snow contact is achieved by its positive arc and by up-rising fenders that increase the outside contact points by 3°. Features such as grip tech side cut add four ergonomic touch points underfoot for additional control on Arbor snowboards.

Do Arbor boards have grip tape?

The grip tape that comes with Arbor boards is, in fact, included. From deck to deck, the boards have a distinct grip feature. Concave, W concave, rocker, wheel flares, cut-out, and kick tails are all options for boards. Additional features include 24′′ rockered platform, partially flush-mounted trucks to keep the turning angle and provide better slide control..

Are Arbor wheels good?

Arbor makes a wide variety of wheels for a variety of riding styles. While cycling, arbor wheels are extremely stable on the road and will not sway. A smooth and pleasant ride is what you can anticipate from these wheels either carving, skating downhill, or cruising. In order to prevent wheel biting, arbor wheel wells provide a larger distance between wheel and deck. It can make sharper turns because of the increased wheel clearance.

Are Arbor cruiser skateboards good?

The cruiser boards from Arbor are well-made and a lot of fun. Smoother wheels, bearings, Paris trucks, and a dynamic deck are all included in the package. Carving, downhilling, and bumpy roads are no problem for Arbor cruiser skateboards. With their mini-cruise wheels, Arbors is making it easier to get around town in a smoother fashion.

Are Arbor Longboards good?

High-quality materials make Arbor Longboards perfect for freestyling, freeriding and downhill sledding. Arbor longboards are suitable for skaters of all levels, from beginners to experts. Bamboo longboards, Arbor Koa fish, and bamboo pintails are some of Arbor’s traditional Pintail models, as are the latter two’s koa counterparts.

What is the Arbor bamboo collection?

Bamboo and Maple from sustainable sources are used in the Arbor bamboo collection and a wood waste is used in the other products. As well as a wide range of other sets such as the Pocket Rocket Bamboo Deck and the Pilsner Bamboo Deck and the Sizzler Bamboo Deck and the Zeppelin Bamboo Deck and the Axis 40 Bamboo Deck.

Does Arbor make good decks?    

Longboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding all benefit from the use of Arbor’s decks. To shred big transitions, Arbor decks have a wide platform and mid-length wheelbase. Designed for skate parks, streets, and even as a cruiser, its hybrid layout is the perfect size for all three.

What is the Arbor Solstice collection?

Arbor Solstice, a benefit for breast cancer patients, is organized by the ladies of Arbor. These Solstice models not only look good, but they also provide a thrilling driving experience thanks to their quickness and agility. They have a broad variety of collections, such as Axis 37, Fish Solstice, and Cucharon Solstice.

Do Arbor Skateboards Have A Weight Limit?

A heavy-duty drop cruiser, the Arbors Drop Cruiser flagship, was built for you. Heavy riders up to 400 lbs. are best suited for the nine-ply Canadian hard rock maple with soft and grippy wheels.

Is the Arbor Mini Skateboard Good?

Hard rock maple with a solid top sheet is used to construct the Arbor small skateboards, which are made using sustainable forestry practices. The recycled glass and grip tape on these stylish tiny skateboards are long-lasting and give strong traction without cutting up your feet. At high speeds, the Arbor Mini skateboard truck provides excellent stability and excellent turning ability.

Where can you buy Arbor Skateboards?

Arbor skateboards may be purchased on Amazon,, eBay, and Retailers for Arbor products can be found throughout the world. In addition to Empire, Blue Tomato, Sport Conrad, and Planet Sports, they may be purchased at

What Should I Do If My Skateboard Is Defective?

Arbor goods come with a three-year warranty period. To get a replacement or repair for an Arbor skateboard if it’s defective, you can contact an authorized Arbor dealer.


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