Acetone to Clean Bearings


Acetone to Clean Bearings – A Cure for Slow Skateboard Wheels

One of life’s most crucial investments is in the upkeep of your wheels.

Your stability on any surface depends on the wheels of your car, scooter, or skateboard; if they are damaged, you run the danger of being in an accident.

Although enough has been stated about cars and scooters, it is important that you understand this if you have a skateboard.

When it comes to wheel upkeep, the majority of novice skaters wonder, “How can I make my wheels better?” “Can I clean my skate bearings with acetone?”

Well, this essay has the solutions to such queries.

Your skateboard’s wheels are made up of a number of components that improve movement. However, the bearing is the most crucial component. Additionally, it is the most fragile area of the wheels.

The accuracy of your bearing impacts how fast you go.

Your speed will increase if your bearing is clean, whereas it will decrease if it is unclean.

As your bearing makes touch with various surfaces, it becomes more prone to catching dirt and crud. The ball bearings might freeze up and restrict movement if they are not cleaned correctly.

Various Bearing Types

According to the material, skateboard bearings typically come in a variety of varieties. They consist of:

  • Steel

Steel bearings are among the most resilient options; they are rather common. They are also affordable.

The only issue with steel bearings is that moisture causes them to corrode. However, they may maintain their quality and continue to function well by using lubrication.

  • Ceramic

This bearing type is rather complicated. Stronger than steel, it.

Additionally, it resists corrosion and heat.

It is not the best choice for stair sets and has just a few uses.

  • Titanium

The sturdiest and longest-lasting options are titanium bearings. Additionally, they are lightweight and resistant to a variety of weather conditions.

However, titanium bearings require ongoing lubrication.

Can you clean skateboard bearings with 100 percent acetone?

Cleaning your skate bearings is a crucial chore that necessitates gathering the required supplies, as was already explained.

You’ll need a solvent or dirt remover, among other things. Acetone is a fantastic option for cleaning the ball bearings of debris and sludge.

To thoroughly eliminate the dirt in the bearings, you only need to immerse the wheels in the acetone for a few minutes.

Keep in mind that acetone works best at greater concentrations.

You may also use isopropyl alcohol, mineral spirits, or nail polish remover as fantastic substitutes.

Can you clean the bearing with speed cream?

It is only necessary to use the bones cream as a lubricant after carefully cleaning your bearings.

It is not a cleaning agent, therefore.

How to use acetone to clean a bearing

You should be able to thoroughly and stress-free clean your skateboard bearings by carefully following the steps listed below.

Gather Your Materials in Step 1

Make sure you have all the equipment and supplies needed to complete the bearing cleaning process smoothly before you begin. These are the items you will require.

  • a wrench made specifically for skates
  • a tray or toolbox
  • a pen knife or a razor blade
  • a towel, brush, or item of clothing
  • alcohol solution or acetone
  • A bowl
  • a grease for bearings

Step 2: Take the wheels off.

Laying your skate on its back is where you should start as soon as you have your equipment and materials ready.

You may unfasten the axle nut securing the wheels to the board with your skate wrench.

However, you must be cautious here; pay attention to the washers that are situated between the axle nut and the bearings.

Once every axle nut has been removed, store them in your tray or box to prevent loss.

Step 3: Remove the ball bearings and their shields in.

The ball bearings must now be taken out of your wheels once the axle bolts have been removed.

The wheel’s bearings must be gently pryed out using a pry bar. This may be accomplished by moving the wheel halfway to the axle’s end.

In order to turn the bearings outward, keep turning the wheel.

Finally, flip the wheel over so that the bearings may be removed.

After the bearings have been removed, the ball bearings must be separated from their shields using a razor blade or penknife. The shields must also be handled carefully because doing so might lead to form distortion.

Keep the shields in the tray or toolbox as well.

Step 4 is to submerge the bearings in a solvent solution.

The following step, which entails carefully cleaning your bearings, is the most crucial.

You should submerge your bearings in a bowl or other container for a few minutes, depending on the type of solvent you choose.

To remove dirt from some areas, you can also reach in with a dry towel or brush.

You may also use the spinning technique. It implies that you must spin in your palm and touch the bearings with the bowl’s bottom. You shouldn’t stop until they are grit-free.

To prevent skin contact with the solution, it is crucial that you wear gloves.

Water would scarcely do anything, so you shouldn’t try to utilize it as well.

Step 5: Re-Lubricate with Bones Cream after Drying

Once the bearings are clean and free of debris, the following step is to dry them with a dry cloth or piece of paper.

It would also work well to remove moisture from the bearings if you had a hairdryer.

Additionally, you should lubricate the bearings with a Bones Speed Cream to help reduce friction since dry bearings produce harmful friction.

Step 6: Reassemble

The wheels on your skates should then be put back together.

Before reinstalling the bearings into the wheels, first secure the shields to them.

Your skateboard is now ready for use; simply secure the nuts to the axle with your skate wrench.


You alone are responsible for the bearings on your skateboard. You must spend money on their upkeep if you want them to function exceptionally effectively.

To keep them operating with less friction, use a superb lubricant and a decent solvent solution for cleaning.

Every skateboarder’s goal is to be able to move quickly and without restriction, and what better way to realize this ambition than by giving the board and its bearings frequent cleaning and maintenance?

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